Browner gets postseason check, will get Super Bowl ring


Cornerback Brandon Browner didn’t play in the postseason.  He didn’t even appear on the roster, thanks to an indefinite suspension imposed by the NFL under the substance-abuse policy.  He can apply for reinstatement one year after the suspension began.

But thanks to the specific language of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the suspension didn’t keep Browner from getting a portion of the postseason pay he otherwise would have earned.

Per a league source, Browner recently received a check for $131,000.  Of that amount, $44,000 relates to the NFC title game, and $97,000 arises from his role on the Super Bowl-winning team.

Browner was entitled to the money based on the language of Article 37, Section 4(c), which provides that “[a] player who at the time of the game in question is not on the Active List or Inactive List of a Club participating in the game but was on the Active or Inactive List for eight or more games (i.e., regular or postseason) will receive the full amount designated . . . for such game provided he is not under contract to another Club in the same Conference at the time of the game in question.”

Browner wasn’t eligible for compensation arising from the playoff win over the Saints, because Article 37, Section 3 restricts payment for the wild-card and divisional round to “[a] player who is on the Active List, Inactive List, or Injured Reserve List of a Club at the time of the game in question will be paid the full amount designated in Section 2 above for that game.”

Browner also will get a Super Bowl ring from the Seahawks.  Those are awarded at the discretion of the team.

He started eight games in 2013, and Browner appeared on the active roster for six other games.  His suspension became official in December.

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  1. Good..a big part of the genesis and thus reputation of the LOB the last couple years. A group who almost got the team to the NFCC last year, and with no matterthe addition of better LB and a pass rush this year, still had QB’s sweating to throw into the SEA secondary.

    An administrative snafu while he was in the CFL for 4 years after never playing a snap for Denver, meant that the first time he (stupidly) smoked some weed and got caught in, it was strike 3 or 4 instead of 1.

  2. He looks like Shel Silverstein in that pic. And of course he’d get a ring, everyone from the towel boy to the practice squad gets one, why wouldn’t a founding member of the Legion of Boom?

  3. Glad he also is getting a ring. He is part of the Team and part of this year’s success. Wish him well next year and beyond. He will be back with some team and should be successful. I hope it is with the Seahawks, but unlikely at this point.

  4. You imagine the beat down if he had played? Manning would not have completed more than five passes. Nobody would have been open that entire game. Thomas would not have broken the catch record, that’s for sure.

  5. I’m not sure about the playoff money, but Browner was a big part of the Seahawks success over the last two years – I’m glad to see he’s going to get the ring. Best of luck #39.

  6. The Broncos should also get one ….they helped – a lot. Any acceptance speech should start with, “I wanna thank the Denver Broncos, who without, this would not be possible …”

  7. Good for him. He made a poor decision but was also screwed by a flawed system. He deserves the money for the hose job and the ring for his contribution to a championship team. For those who still wish to beat the dead horse that the Seahawks are cheats, please give it a proper burial because it’s getting really annoying. This years champ would have beat the snot out of anyone that was in their way. All the respect in the world, from 3000 miles away!!!!

  8. Beat your fiancé unconscious and face a possible 4 game suspension, smoke some weed and get suspended a year……that makes sense. SMH

    BB did wrong and it’s all on him but how it went down is wrong.

  9. Mad love and respect for Browner from the 206. Founding member of the Legion of Boom. Kam Chancellor has said he worked hard to get up to Browner’s level of physicality, and that BB set the tone for everyone.

    The Seahawks may release Browner this offseason (and they will), but the 12th Man will never forget what he did for us. Browner will always be a legend in the Emerald City.

    And the rest of the NFL would be crazy not to fight over this guy in free agency. BB deserves to get paid like a BOSS.

  10. Thanks for all the yrs BB. Maybe we’ll see you again in a Hawks uni. Enjoy that ring…you deserve the recognition of what you helped to start – the LOB!!!

    Now get your smoking under control and career back in place 🙂

  11. Seriously Qdog? You think the Broncos had anything to do with the outcome of that game? It was one way traffic from the coin toss.

    Broncos are to the Seahawks what the Washington Generals are to the Globetrotters. Cannon fodder.

  12. If people aren’t familiar with Browner’s case you wouldn’t understand why this guy deserves his Super Bowl ring but he does without question.

    He is suspended because he didn’t take the substance abuse testing when he was no longer an employee of the NFL playing in the CFL. This should have been all taken care of before he returned to the league but now its an absolute mess.

    I can’t help but feel for Browner because he worked hard to get back to the NFL and he is still the hardest hitting and most physical CB in football – I think he would bring that to another team without question.

  13. abninf says:
    Feb 22, 2014 1:02 PM
    Got to love unions. Not.

    There are two types of people who deride unions; Rich business owners protecting their own self-interests, and stupid poor people protecting rich business owners’ interest.

    If you hate unions, it’s because you’ve been fooled by people who are much smarter than you are.

  14. FoozieGrooler says: Feb 22, 2014 1:46 PM

    abninf says: “..Got to love unions. Not…”

    Unions are the reason your 7-year kid isn’t working 16-hour days in a coal mine or textile mill, idiot.

    Yes, and also the reason Detroit’s auto industry collapsed and why Chicago is in the hole for hundreds of millions in pension payouts, idiot.

  15. I’m sure the team could have refused but this team plays and feels like a bunch of brothers and many of them said this ring was for browner anyways . He helped build the foundation their , can never take it away . Yes he brought a lot of heat with failed tests but the man was ultra competitive and took the risk to make the team and get a pay day I don’t blame him one bit bc behind him was a couple guys who were nipping at his heels in talent in maxwell and Thurmond , both of which showed to be elite caliber players themselves .

    Competition brings out the best and worst in people sometimes . Exactly the case in Seattle and why so many borderline squad players had ped tests . Almost none were key contributors over the past 4 years ..

  16. rainmaker1982 says:
    Feb 22, 2014 9:24 PM
    I find it odd that Browner was supposed to be pretty good, yet teams couldn’t throw to his side with his absence.
    It’s not that Browner wasn’t good, he was, but it turned out that the guy who ended up taking his place was actually better. Byron Maxwell may not have had Browner’s size or strength, but he had better form when tackling, better cover skills, didn’t interfere as much as Browner did, was quicker, had better hands, and was better at forcing fumbles.

  17. seatownballers says:

    Feb 22, 2014 2:07 PM
    Air tight law suit
    Not really…it’s not his fault the players union negotiated, and agreed with, the contract that Browner had to abide by even though Browner wasn’t part of the NFL/union at the time.

    Do I think it’s bogus. Absolutely!

    But, it’s stupid the NFLPA agreed to have NFL members, and non members, abide by the NFL drug testing rules. Even if said player was no longer an NFL employee, like Browner was when he was in the CFL.

    Per league rules, Browner was a member of the NFL players association until he filed his retirement papers. Which he never did.

    That’s why one of his failed tests, for not showing up, counts.

    Still, it’s stupid that the NFLPA would agree to that kind of stipulation.

  18. dontcensormebro says:
    Feb 22, 2014 5:20 PM
    FoozieGrooler says: Feb 22, 2014 1:46 PM

    abninf says: “..Got to love unions. Not…”

    Unions are the reason your 7-year kid isn’t working 16-hour days in a coal mine or textile mill, idiot.

    Yes, and also the reason Detroit’s auto industry collapsed and why Chicago is in the hole for hundreds of millions in pension payouts, idiot.

    Not even vaguely or remotely accurate. Detroit went belly-up because the big three built disgustingly awful cars for 30 years.

    Don’t blame the workers for the suits’ failures of design, quality, marketing, etc.

    If Dell computers started cutting costs and cutting corners and put out an inferior product, people would stop buying them and start buying another brand. It wouldn’t be the workers fault in this example, so I don’t buy your failed fallacy.

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