Jerry Reese expects “significant difference” in Giants roster


The Giants have taken care of the immediate future at coach with the extension of coach Tom Coughlin, but the coming months will bring some significant changes to the rest of the team.

Giants General Manager Jerry Resse just told reporters at the Scouting Combine that he expects wide receiver Hakeem Nicks and defensive end Justin Tuck to test the free agent market, and that he expects to add some competition at running back as well.

Promising there would be a “significant difference” on the roster as a whole, Reese indicated some big moves on the horizon.

When discussing Tuck and Nicks, Reese said: “They deserve to see what the market will be.”

Translated, they want to see if they’re worth more than the Giants think they might be.

Reese also expressed optimism about the comeback of running back David Wilson from neck surgery, but said adding a running back was a priority in this draft.

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  1. Great first step bringing in a new OC. Now make the necessary changes to get the GMEN back to the playoffs. Get the offence moving again!

  2. How about stating the “obvious” being a headline? Any team missing the playoffs has to have “significant difference” in their roster.

  3. This is JR’s chance to pull a 2007 draft out of his hat, because as Mayock said, this is the deepest draft in 10 years. He has a broken offensive line, and fortunately for him this draft class of offensive linemen is incredible. There are starters to be had in the 4th round, without reaching or taking a flyer on a QB in the 4th. This isn’t the time for that JR. Trade down that 12th for a later 1st round and pick up another in the 2nd and/or 3rd, then grab the very best interior linemen, none of whom is worth the 12th pick. Guard David Yankey at the end of the 1st, then Guard Xavier Su’a-Filo in the 2nd and Center Weston Richburg in the 2nd or 3rd. Bang. Done. Top draft board interior linemen who will start on day one, and just as importantly, their COMBINED 2014 CAP hit will be about $5M APY. Add Justin Pugh’s $1.8M 2014 CAP hit, and the Giants are shelling out about $7M for FOUR starting linemen, each of whom has every potential for being pro bowl caliber players (I’d like to watch the pro bowl and see 4 NY helmets on the line). Or, go get ONE free agent Guard and pay that same $7M in CAP APY. Baas is hitting the 2014 CAP at $8M. Center Alex Mack would demand $9M. Available CAP room isn’t the entire issue, but instead what all that cost-avoidance can be applied to… like a top FA Corner opposite Prince, and a top FA WR to replace Nicks, and a top FA TE to replace Myers, and a top FA RB like MJD as is suggested above. Do all that, and the offense is ready to go in 2014. Those rookie linemen will play as well as Pugh played, and that’s good enough for Eli to get it done.

  4. Why does everyone want MJD? He is on the downside of his career have you seen the past two years he hasn’t stayed healthy. If the Titans are stupid enough to release Chris Johnson I would rather have him, home run speed and if the Giants fix the line he would work great in McAdoo’s offensive scheme.

  5. I didn’t write I wanted MJD… I wrote that the CAP saved would go to a FA like MJD, or whomever… Chris Johnson… whomever. Not the point. Personally, I wouldn’t take Chris Johnson because he can pass pro about as well as David Wilson. JR should take a rookie RB who can pass pro so Eli can stay upright. Carlos Hyde excels at pass pro, is a punishing runner with incredible stamina and great initial burst… but he has been a workhorse for a while now, and more importantly isn’t a great receiver out of the backfield. The Giants RB MUST be good at pass pro, or forget it.

  6. Agreed… but the O-line is only part of the problem… it’s not just fixing the O-line, it’s fixing BLOCKING/PASS PRO. Sure, the O-line is the largest aspect of that, but let’s not forget the Giants let a good blocking RB go and replaced him with a RB who can’t block at all, and let a very good blocking TE go and replaced him with a TE who can’t block at all. It was the loss of BLOCKING/PASS PRO that ruined the 2013 offense. Fortunately, this draft is deep with rookies who have demonstrated they’re very good blockers and excel in pass protection at every position of need that the Giants have on offense. That’s precisely why I’m not high on the WR in TE clothing Eric Ebron, but I am very high on the bone crushing blocking specialist Troy Niklas, who also is an effective receiver and will move the chains. Fix BLOCKING and PASS PRO in 2014, and all those ex QB Coaches on the Giants staff will get the kinks out of Eli’s mechanics while Eli regains his confidence that he has the protection and therefore the time to be Eli.

  7. This is the year we finally see if Reese can really draft like he was hired to do, from Ernie Accorsi, who picked Eli, btw.
    Only one RB named Tate I would consider, or maybe James Starks which our new OC knows well.
    If Lewen falls to us I would be suprised but after watching the combine, I doubt that, but since we traded away our 7th round pick, maybe we move back, and pick up a pick or two. As Mayock said, “you can find a starter in round four”.
    If somehow we can get Mack, the rest of the O-line should be easy to put together with a blindfold on in this draft.

  8. Reese handles the media well. He’s got some work to do. Even he can’t forecast what will actually happen. Reese is no joke.






  10. Blocking and Pass Protection. Keep saying it to yourself, because the total collapse of Blocking and Pass Protection is the root cause for the “broken” offense. The Blocking and Pass Pro can not be fixed in FA because there isn’t enough CAP room to do that. Blocking and Pass Pro can not be fixed in 2014 by late round projects, who will sit the bench next to the half dozen other late round projects already on the roster. Will a healthy Chris Snee and David Baas fix Blocking and Pass Pro? No. They can’t restore Pass Pro by the RB, or Pass Pro and Blocking by the TE, both of which were significant downgrades in 2013. All these mocks and “best avail picks” that don’t emphasize fixing Pass Pro and Blocking are de facto hoping some miracle occurs and in 2014 it’s all better somehow. Keep Eli upright and give him time to go through his progressions, and establish an effective running game that legitimizes play action, and the 2014 offense will be much, much better. Don’t do that, and 2014 will certainly be another losing season.

  11. Free agent center is what we need and a free agent tackle,draft a tackle problem soved.that leaves pugh and snee inside and lewen and free agent tackle outside .not counting on beatty to be there to start season, if so then now we have depth.

  12. SOLVE O LINE WITH FREE AGENTS AND DRAFT GOOD ,I love the lb from florida st second round T.SMITH guys a beast and should he be there we need that .Oh ya sign beason.did you see mosley against auburn he stunk it up overrated.Mosely will be a bust in the draft just watch is highlight video.

  13. Solving O-line with free agents is tempting, but I don’t see how that’s affordable. Pugh will hit the 2014 CAP at $1.8M APY. Baas hit the 2014 CAP at $8M APY. How may Baas type FAs can JR afford to plug into the line? Starting caliber FA Center plus a FA LT will hit the 2014 CAP for like $17M APY, whereas drafting a David Yankey or Xavier Su’a-Filo or Zack Martin as the Guard, and a Marcus Martin or Weston Richburg or Bryan Stork as the Center would hit the 2014 CAP at $3.6M, combined… JR can have a starting caliber Guard and a starting caliber Center for HALF of the cost of a single FA lineman. If they go FA for both a Center and a Guard, then how much 2014 CAP will they have tied up in that O-line between those two new FAs, plus Baas and Snee and Beatty? $40M? More? Then when they don’t perform or get hurt, they have a ton of dead money to factor. That’s why Boss Mara emphatically stated FA is not how the Giants fill holes.

  14. we dont have time for these lineman to learn the offensive playbook.allways better to get free agent tackles like we have done in the past and mix in with the guys in the draft.This year we need a center and getting mac from clevelend is worth the money.when you have a guy like that now you can run inside the tackles as well as outside.Reese needs to do some thing big this year because we have another bad year it could be the end of him and tom.OUR FIRST ROUND DRAFTS HAVE BEEN PRETTY BAD EXCEPT PUGH.PRINCE NOT A NUMBER 1 CORNER PLAYING 10 YRDS OFF HIS MAN EVERY DOWN,WILSON IS A COMPLETE BUST.ALL THE LINEBACKERS WE DRAFTED BUSTS.ALL THE DE LINE WE DRAFTED NOT MAKING AN IMPACT.CANT STAY HEALTHY AND PIERRE PAUL NOT WORTH 1 ST ROUND DRAFT SO FAR.reese better make this first round count or we are in trouble.CJ MOSLEY WILL BE A BUST THIS YEAR STAY AWAY FROM THAT GUY .ITS LEWAN, DENARD,EVANS,GILBERT,EBRON OR ARRON DONALD,ANYTHING ELSE IS A BUST.

  15. You’re right about the mix of linemen between FA and draft, and JR will certainly go that route, because he doesn’t have much of a choice if he doesn’t want a “broken” offense again in 2014. But it’s hardly always better to get FA linemen, because FAs hit the CAP at 4 times the cost of a top draftee, and a 4 for 1 cost performance tradeoff when you’re up against the CAP with significant holes to fill just doesn’t compute. This is to say nothing of paying dead money for cut FAs who aren’t even on the roster anymore, so the pain continues long after the player’s gone. The Giants are really hurting at Guard, without a set starter at either spot with Snee coming off IR from multiple hip injuries and surgeries, Diehl retired, and Boothe a FA. JR has to bite the FA bullet and shell out big money to sign one young starting quality top Guard like Jon Asamoah, or Geoff Schwartz, Chad Rinehart, Zane Beadles, or Shawn Lauvao. Then in the draft he must commit early (enough with the gambles on late round guys… our bench is full of them) by trading down to take either David Yankey, Zack Martin, or Xavier Su’a-Filo because they won’t be there at 43, and they’re not value at 12. At 43 I’d suspect either Weston Richburg or Marcus Martin to be there for JR to take as a starting Center should Baas not be able to go. Neither Boothe nor Cordle has shown starter caliber play yet, and Boothe may be gone in FA anyway. One FA plus two early draftees will hit the 2014 CAP at like $11M APY, and that’s certainly affordable for 3 starters. Snee’s retirement covers that.

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