Mike Pettine says Jim Harbaugh report has “no impact”


Mike Pettine was already barely better than the Browns’ fifth or sixth choice to be head coach.

So this week’s news that it was actually sixth or seventh didn’t matter much to him.

Pettine just told reporters at the Scouting Combine that our report of the Browns making a play for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh “has no impact on my job moving forward.”

Pettine called it “noise,” but admitted a bit of initial frustration.

“I shot the messenger a little,” he said. “I used a word proceeded by the word flying. And I don’t give a rat’s.”

Granted, that’s the way he has to handle it since he’s the one who has to take the mop and the bucket and clean up this mess.

The fact an effort was made to land an established coach can also be viewed as a positive, since it’s at least an obvious effort to move the Browns in another direction.

So while Pettine was thrown into an awkward position, it’s probably less awkward than the dance the 49ers are trying to do — trying to convince the world they’re committed to a coach they obviously are working through an uncomfortable process with.

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  1. I feel really sorry for Pettine. He has no chance to be successful working for such an insipid organization.

  2. This guy is so out of his league it’s unbelievable. All you had to do was watch his presser to realize he carries himself like a position coach, and not a head coach.

  3. I expect Mike to come in and show the Browns that they were lucky to hire him. It’s ridiculous that he had to hear about how the Browns would have been better off waiting for Quinn, or how they made one last pitch to McDaniels. And now this? On the ESPN poll, 100% of Browns fans are happy with his hiring (even those of us who thought Chud showed promise).

    I hope he knows he has the backing of the fans even if the old fo felt like they settled.

  4. I expect the Bills to flop and the Browns to flop leading to the inevitable failure of both organizations and the firing of coaches. Had pettine stayed in Buffalo he would have seen success.

    this is a resume builder and it figured to drag the bills down

  5. Mike Pettine is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat.. He knew everything was going to be thrown at him, and it will continue till he wins games.. He needs a few talented players from this draft, that can compliment the roster instantly. Sounds crazy, but Browns had 6 probowlers, and most likely will have all returning. 3 golden gems in this draft, and they win the AFC. Gordon said this team is ready, and Pettine HAS BEEN ready. The Browns missed Unity the most, and Only Mike Pettine can grab their attention, and bring this team together, and Succeed In short order.


  6. What makes the right coach the right coach? Getting the most from his team. Making good game decisions and putting the players in position to win. It is up to the players to seal the deal. It is the GM’s and scouts jobs to get the talent. Bottom line is if Pettine gets the Browns to 8 or more wins the fans will be happy. Who cares about what coaches have done. Look at Schwartz and Marvin Lewis. Winning seasons and no playoffs gets you canned.

  7. Don’t worry Cleveland fans, you have the right guy in place now. If SF was willing to part ways Jim, then he’s probably not the answer you were looking for. After all, most see him as another Gruden, but no ring!!! The North is yours for the taking. The others are either pretenders or has been’s!!! Pettine will succeed, he knows no other way. He did study under the master of defense for quite some time. In Rex we trust. Go Mike and go Browns, unless it’s against my Jets!!!!

  8. The casual swearing isn’t necessary. You can tell this guy is going to be another in a long line of Browns mistakes. Rex Ryan isn’t even this unprofessional.

  9. The noise will only continue and being in a ackward position was implied when dealing with Browns. He will only be there a year (maybe) anyway.

  10. I thought it was great for the Browns when they got Haslam for a new owner…..ha, was I wrong. This guy is just another bonehead with a lot of someone else’s money stuffed in his pockets with an elevator that doesn’t go all the way to the top.

  11. Mike Pettine is likely the right coach for the Browns, but don’t get too carried away right now, Browns fans…that franchise has a lot to prove yet.

  12. I don’t think a first time head coach who was not considered by many to be a top tier candidate should be surprised or offended that a team might think that a guy who has taken his team to three straight conference title games and a Super Bowl might possibly be a better choice than him.

  13. As a Bills fan, I will miss Mike Pettine. I hope he succeeds in Cleveland, except when it impacts the Bills, and proves that all this talk was a tremendous waste of time.

    Unfortunately for him, he is in Cleveland. Failure is a certainty.

  14. With each passing day, it is once step closer to Josh MD being the actual week 1 HC there. I can see where Pettine doesn’t even make it through mini camp. After all, his kid said it: “its the Browns”…

  15. He should have stood still at his position in Buffalo. Not only would he have seen success, but he would be higher up the coaching chain ready to take over a head coaching job the following season. Now, all he has done is end up with a steeper hill to climb in Cleveland and has abandoned a bunch of players in Buffalo that will be struggling
    with yet another Defensive scheme to learn.

  16. Cleveland was smart to explore every coaching option. This was before Pettine was hired, and has nothing to do with today. Here goes the Media creating something out of nothing.

  17. And to the Bills fans, worry about your own club now. Cleveland has actually made the playoffs in the 2000’s, and has won the last 3 of 5 against Buffalo. Move on already.

  18. brownsprotonator says:
    Feb 22, 2014 11:14 AM
    This Harbaugh story, clearly leaked by Lombardi, is his parting shot to a suffering fan base. Thanks for wasting another year for us Mike.


    I said this, almost word for word, yesterday when PFT censored me, once again. (Warning to all – don’t say any negative about Mary Kay Cabot, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Florio or one of his minions must have a crush on her. They’re not stuck reading her company propoganda everyday)

    I agree with this post though. Even if it’s true, the only reason to leak it to the press is to hurt the relationship between Jimmy Truckstop, Pettine, and the fans. Nothing else is to be gained from it.

    While I was a hopeful fan of Chud, if he wasn’t ready then he wasn’t ready. What upset me was the FO meddled with his coaching, and the classless handling of the dismissal.

    I was skeptical of the Pettine hiring but, the more I hear from him, the better I like him. He may be just what this blue-collar team needed. I just wish someone would remind Haslam of Chuck Noll’s start with the Steelers. (It’s Cleveland’s blue-collar nature that makes me like Farmer as GM, and leery about QB Manziel fitting in here.)

  19. Pettine could care less. It happened before he was hired. The Browns were looking at a litany of coaches. In the end Jimmy did the right thing by firing Banner and Lombardi and he picked the coach. I see this guy as Bill Cowher 2.0. Blue collar and tough as nuts.

  20. He has nothing to worry about because you can’t trade player picks for Head Coaches. The NFL put a stop to this after the John Gruden trade to the Bucs. Why PFT and the rest of the media fail to acknowledge this is beyond me.

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