Report: Eagles favor Maclin over Cooper


The Eagles already pay one receiver more than $10 million per year.  With two others coming up for free agency, the Eagles may have to choose between them.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles have placed a higher priority on keeping Jeremy Maclin than Riley Cooper.

Possible translation?  The Eagles have learned enough about the expected market for Cooper (which is being set via meetings and conversations at the Scouting Combine that technically amount to tampering) to realize that someone else will pay Cooper, who’s expected to have an active market, more than what the Eagles can or will pay.

So they’ll instead try, per McLane, to sign Maclin to a one-year contract, given that he tore an ACL in training camp and needs to re-establish his value and production.  The Eagles also will try to add another starting-caliber receiver via free agency.

With a buyer’s market coming at the position, the Eagles likely will be able to find a very good receiver for much less than whatever Cooper will get from whichever team is currently making it clear that it will pay far more than the Eagles can or will.

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  1. Cooper’s best option is to stay with foles and the birds . They showed a real connection and trust the past season . Eagles can’t pay him liked djax tho . I’m anxious to see how Maclin will fit in the chip Kelly offense if back . Thought he was poised for a huge year before the ACL injury. .

  2. I’ll take a Reilly Cooper.. The guy can play football… Not sure he is worth 10M a year… Better baller than Decker. I’m sure some will cough it up

  3. I don’t think it boils down simply to the market for Cooper. Any way you slice it a healthy Maclin has a higher upside potential than Cooper does. Cooper played well this season, but he wasn’t a game changer. Maclin has that potential.

  4. I’m a Cowboys fan so I can offer this opinion without prejudice (except for the fact that I hope Philly never wins another game). I’d keep Cooper if I were the Eagles. Maclin may be faster and more elusive, but he seems to get hurt fairly regularly. Cooper makes plays all over the field. I’ll take “slower but makes plays” over “game breaker that gets hurt” any day. Just an opinion.

  5. Cooper is an OK 3rd or 4th receiver. He’s a product of the system and is dependent upon double coverage to the primary receivers. Locker room issues? Who knows.

    Thanks for a nice season Mr Cooper and best of luck to you!!

  6. Given the chemistry that Foles and Cooper appeared to develop, it doesn’t make much sense . The Eagles should be doing anything within reason for their young aspiring Qb.

  7. I know it’s a little risky, but I’ve always wondered why a team wouldn’t be willing to offer a short term contract such as 3ish years instead of the one. That way if Maclin does come back to where he was pre injury you get a bargain, plus you can possibly set the market if a player wants the longer term security without having to break the bank.

  8. As an Eagles fan who has watched them both their entire career – I favor some of the WRs with a 1st round grade over both of them.

    Marlin is a poor man’s DeSean who is always injured, has never cracked 1,000 yards, and he’s coming off his 2nd injury on the same knee.

    They need to draft a WR with true #1 potential. DeSean is a great deep threat, but his skill set is limited.

    Imagine Foles with a legit #1 Wideout. Cooper had size and no speed, DeSean has speed and no size.

  9. Cooper over Maclin? BAHAHA

    Thank GOD you guys aren’t GM’s

    Way to start my morning off with a laugh.

  10. While Maclin is talented he is an example of what went wrong with the Eagles at the end of Andy Reid’s era. Never blocks down field, doesn’t fight for the ball, and gets shaken up half the time he’s tackled. Hard to win with players like that. Especially when they’re complementing a player like Desean whose size limits the scope of their game.

  11. Come to the vi kings next season.we are building greatness next season.these egirls were one year wonders just like the forskins were last year.come to min if you want a chance at a ring.SKOL

  12. Cooper was the 4th receiver his first three years with the Eagles for a reason. He simply isn’t as good as Jackson or Macklin. Is he serviceable. Yes. Will someone overpay him. Yes. Will the Eagles. No There is a wealth of big wide receivers in this draft so their plan will be pick up a vet for a year or two and develop a draft pick.

  13. Maclin is comin off a surgery and a year off. But they still are protecting him from going to the jets? Cooper is going to pats

  14. J Mac had more yards as a rookie than Cooper had his first 3 years COMBINED with the Eagles. Get real guys….

  15. Erick Decker is a Jason Sehorn type athlete while Reily Cooper is a joe jeruvicious type athlete. No comparison, decker can get open on anyone when he wants to (including the great Dick Sherman). Decker problem comes from a lack of focus and consistency. Definitely a WR1

  16. Tell us real football fans something we didn’t already know smh. Anyone with a brain knows Maclin would be favored over Riley Cooper. Cooper benefited from D Jax commanding a bunch of attention. Foles might have a close friendship with Cooper but even he knows the potential in Chip Kellys offense with a healthy Maclin will be crazy. D Jax, Maclin, Zach Ertz, Brent Celek, and whoever steps up sheesh. Don’t get me wrong Cooper is a good receiver just not great. He is fools gold. Imagine if a team like the Jets got suckered in to paying him number 1 or 2 receiver money LMAO

  17. Also to the guy saying Cooper is better than Decker do us all a favor and smack yourself. Decker is deceptively explosive. No comparison between the 2. I think Decker is a solid number 2 receiver on most teams.

  18. Let Cooper walk, sign TJ Ward, and draft Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans (Benjamin most likely to be left at 22, but I can pray Evans drops) is what I would do. The Eagles will need a big receiver presence on the field, Maclin is a small receiver himself, and Jackson is as tiny as they come. Benjamin/Evans both have Calvin Johnson size, you need a big receiver to win in the league now.

  19. Is this a fact? I don’t see how it can be. I doubt it has anything to do with other teams. I think its because they still believe in Maclin. They like the guy, that’s why they made him a 1st round pick a year after stealing Jackson in the draft. He has proven to be capable of compiling a 1,000+ yards and 8 td a year when healthy.

    Cooper on the other hand has had 6 good games in 3 years. If you actually dissect where his yards and td’s came from on a play by play basis, his season gets less and less impressive. A lot of his yards and tds came on busted coverages. When he wasnt covered or the defender fell down. He caught a ton of breaks last year. He probably won’t get that lucky again.

    That’s not to say he will regress and play like he did his 1st 2 years in the league. I just think he is at the ceiling of his abilities. Also add to that the fact that Maclin’s return will severely lower Cooper’s targets, and you’ll begin to see why he probably won’t match his production from last year.

    When you actually consider all this and put the pieces together you can figure out why, from strictly a football perspective, they would prioritize Maclin over Cooper.

    By the way, saying they favor Maclin doesnt mean they’re done with Cooper. It just means Maclin comes 1st. I dont care how much you media guys have convinced yourselves, Cooper isnt guying to make that much money. He definitely isnt going to make so much that it keeps the Eagles from being able to sign him.

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