Agent believes Ted Thompson doesn’t want James Jones

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Three years ago, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lobbied for the team to keep receiver James Jones.  This year, that may not be enough.  If it even happens.

I don’t think Ted Thompson wants [Jones],” agent Frank Bauer told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel at the Scouting Combine.  Citing an unnamed source, McGinn also reports that Jones hasn’t been offered a contract by the Packers — and that he likely won’t be.

If Bauer was the unnamed source for that last part, he went on the record about the wrong thing.  McGinn writes that Bauer said he had “appointments with a handful of teams to discuss Jones.”

The first rule of Tampering Club is to not talk about Tampering Club.  While agents break no rules by attempting to “gauge the market” (indeed, it’s the smart thing to do for their clients), it’s still a violation for teams to engage in these discussions via “appointments” at the Scouting Combine.  The truth is that every team does it, and that the NFL only enforces the rule that prohibit such communications when the evidence is so clear that the league has no choice but to act.

If the Packers truly don’t want Jones, it doesn’t matter.  But there’s still a chance Rodgers will make a belated pitch for the guy who missed a pair of games with a knee injury and played with undisclosed broken ribs but still generated a career high in receiving yards, one year after catching a career-high 14 touchdowns passes.

“I don’t know many quarterbacks who could have done that other than Peyton Manning,” Bauer said in 2011 after Rodgers spoke up for Jones.  “That’s rare for a quarterback . . . to do that. That’s really neat.  James is really excited about coming back.  He’s very happy.”

This year, Rodgers has yet to make a public plea for Jones to return.  As a result, his happiness in 2014 may have to come from another quarterback, coach, and/or G.M. deciding that Jones should be added to their team.  Though the specific teams interested in Jones aren’t known, Bauer’s remarks make it clear that more than one is kicking the tires.

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  1. I wouldn’t say he “doesn’t want” Jones…. He has to pick and choose where he spends his cap money and he already has some good receivers locked in.

  2. i’ve been watching this story closely for sure. he’s got to be one of the top 3 WRs available out there and our Jets have cash to spend; minimum 24 million actually.

  3. James Jones has been a great player for the Packers, but Greg Jennings’ performance in Minnesota is proof that the system can be more important than the player.

  4. I would hate to see him go. He’s a professional who just does his job and doesn’t run his mouth to the media like some other wide receivers.

    Oh well, looks like he’ll be a Viking next year.

  5. Jones has had too many drops at key moments in his tenure with the Packers. With the emergence of Boykins, Jones is expendable.

    I think they were stupid not to have traded him last season. They could have gotten something for him; atleast a 5th round pick from somebody.

  6. I’m sure my fish would be happy to massively overpay him to get him to come in and provide minimal production, as is out wont.

  7. He did have some issues with drops, but did lead the NFL in TDS 2 seasons ago.

    The Packers would love to have him back, but it needs to be at the right price. He is going to be 30 next month, and TT does tend shy away from players pushing that age.

    He adds great depth, but with GB’s top 2 WRs needing extensions next. I don’t think TT wants handcuff himself by tying up $ there this offseason. Lucky for Packer fans he is the best GM at finding WRs, and Rodgers helps that as well

  8. He became an awesome receiver after he got over his drop issues… Led the league in Touchdowns one year I believe.

    With Boykin emerging, along with a running game that doesn’t require 5 wr formations – it seems that Jones is the odd man out.

    He’ll be an awesome addition to any team out there.

  9. Say whatever negative things you want about TT, the guy does know how to draft starting WRs. I’m not so worried about this.

  10. I can’t believe the agent is doing his client any favors making comments like that.

    Jones would likely get better competing offers if teams thought the Packers were going to make a move to keep him.

    As an orphan, a new home may come at a steeply lower price.

  11. It’s completely understandable if TT decides to let Jones go. Anyone that watched the S.F. playoff game, knows the Packers would have won if Jones hadn’t dropped several catchable balls. One pass he dropped would have resulted in a first and goal, and definitely would have ended up in points, even if just a field goal. That makes a huge difference when you end up losing by 3! Cya James, and thanks for everything(kinda).

  12. There is no loyalty in GB. It is a business and that’s all. GB has the model like the patriots. A franchise qb makes everyone better and you do not need to invest in position players if you have one. Rodgers will make the next WR just as good. And I can’t stand the clown base that is packer nation but it is true.

  13. The Packers are loyal, they offer contracts that are reasonable to both the team and player.

    They offered Jennings 8 million a season last year.

    If that isn’t loyalty I don’t know what is.

  14. Rodgers requires the lions share of the available coin, and that is a good problem to have. Thankfully, the Packers are thick at wide receiver. Nothing against Jones but that is the way the business side of it works. If he wants to stay, have his agent tell the Packers he’ll accept what Boykin is making.

  15. I’m reading all the See ya “James Jones” he expendable etc comments you guys have seemed to forget get he played 80 straight games ! Through injuries Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver JaMichael Finely etc! I’ve also seen the emergence of Boykin he made some plays but… How quick do we forget the first packer wide receiver since Antonio Freeman 5 or more Tds for 5 consecutive seasons (Would have been 6 hadn’t A Rod got hurt) 161 Receptions 2,236 yrds and 24 Tds the last 3 seasons.. As “The 3rd Receiver” 4th when you include Finely whom gets way more targets! And continually see he has problem dropping passes in key situations he has dropped some passes in the past.. But he’s dropped 5 passes the last 3 SEASONS by Far a packer Best and ranking best in the League! And someone even said he was the cause the packer loosing the SF game there a list of reason we lost and Jones isn’t at the top! He’ll be 30 next month be doesn’t have that much tread of his tires.. But the Packer “Faithfull” will see when he’s wearing another Jersey smh!

  16. Agents have a bad habit of talking out of both sides of their mouths, while shoveling “it” as fast as they can. They are paid mouthpieces, like some attorneys, praising their clients one minute and bailing them out and apologizing the next. Agents are the necessary evil, like the IRS minimum tax, and the infield fly rule; Don’t try to explain it, just enjoy the game and go on. I won’t trust an agent as far as I could throw them. Vince Lombardi had the right idea; once a player thinks he is worth more than you offer and gets an agent, it’s time to introduce him to his next team. Agents are the vultures waiting on the fence, ready to swoop down, upon the near dead, and devour the carcasses before the coyotes drag it away. James Jones has made a career with the Packers as a third and sometimes fourth WR. But he has always stepped up to fill the spot when a better player goes down. Can the Packers afford to keep him? Maybe. Can Ted find the deep pockets to pay him in an emerging market for good recievers? It remains to be seen…watch the draft and the free agent market & see what happens. Watch, wait and see what the future holds…

  17. No I’m hearing 3rd or 4th receiver … Do some of you actually watch the games? Well he has awesome numbers for a 3rd or 4th receiver.. I’m a Packer Aaron Rodgers fan no doubt but I think many feel that with him these packer receiver won’t catch a cold without him … Don’t let Jennings year last year fool you! If he gets a decent Quarter Back he’ll be back to his old form for sure…regardless of how we all feel the Man has to make the best decision for him and his family who re we to question anyone leaving a team to better himself financially! I think it would ridiculous to not take a bigger pay day else where. It’s a Business!

  18. Jones is actually a very kind and giving man. Please see his charities working with kids etc.

    He also is a business man and if he can get more money kudos to him. He has given the packers his all for the years he ahs been in GB.

    Truth is Jones can be a priority for many teams, but one thing the pack is not hurting on is wr just the facts.

    At least he ain’t free laoding like raji.

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