Bridgewater could be best fit for Texans

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The worst part about having the No. 1 overall pick (beyond, you know, earning it) is using it.

At some point, the Houston Texans must play that very valuable card, selecting one player and leaving all the rest on the board for someone else.

With a clear need at quarterback and the ability to pick any of them, the Texans will see the guy they select compared to the other top quarterbacks for the next few years, and perhaps beyond.  Which makes it even more important to make the right selection.

Based on the various rumblings and rumors and other tidbits collected at the Scouting Combine, the best quarterback fit for the Texans could be former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Described by Mike Mayock of NFL Network as the “most ready-to-play NFL-style quarterback in this draft,” Bridgewater seems to get overlooked in the various conversations about the likes of Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles.  And while plenty of Texans fans would love to see the team take Manziel, the biggest question is whether Manziel would properly mesh with coach Bill O’Brien.

On one hand, being described by Brett Favre as a young Brett Favre can be a very good thing for Manziel.  On the other hand, a young Brett Favre can make the remaining hair of any NFL head coach either fall out, turn gray, or both.  Manziel has been trying diligently (some would say desperately) to create the impression that he’s not a we’re-talkin-bout-practice type of guy who wants to just go play, and that he’ll study the game and care about the game and work hard to constantly look for ways to improve his performance in games and win games.

O’Brien, given his years with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, presumably wants a guy who’ll care obsessively about his craft.  If O’Brien has any doubt that Manziel will be that guy, it could be that Bridgewater is.

For now, the Texans predictably (and wisely) are keeping their cards pressed tightly to the vest.

“We’re only a month and a half into this process,” O’Brien said, via Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle.  “What people need to understand is that it takes a long time.  It’s not something that you develop your thoughts about overnight.”

It also takes the right touch, from a P.R. perspective.  Whatever the Texans do, they need to be able to create the impression that it’s exactly what they planned to do.

While it will be very easy for the Texans to create the impression that they got the guy they wanted if they use the No. 1 selection, the Texans have an opportunity to slide down a few spots and still get the guy they would have taken if they’d used the first pick.  Given that possibility, it’s critical that no one know what the Texans would do, in order to prevent someone else from taking their top guy — and to preserve the ability to tell the fans and the media that the Texans got the guy they wanted all along.

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  1. So the Texans,who were considered Super Bowl contenders,went 2-14 because of poor QB play? Yet teams like Jacksonville,Oakland,TB and Cleveland could muster a few more victories with even lousier quarterbacks? Now,they expect to draft a rookie QB and suddenly the ship will right itself. Draft Clowney and have him and Watt destroy the other team’s QB. You can pick up a good quarterback later in the draft.

  2. O’Brien is in the position to know QB’s and what the Texans need. A championship team begins with good management, and then letting them do their job. I’d go with the QB he selects.

  3. They would be stupid to pass on Clowny. How many defensive ends run as fast as running backs at six foot five, none. You will have two freaks on that d line. Defense wins championships.

  4. I think I’d trade down for more picks. Neither is Manziel. If I could, I’d trtade down to 10-15 and try to get Carr. Or maybe lower.

  5. Obvious trade down situation for them. They can drop a very small number of spots or large, so they can potentially get their #1 QB much lower than the #1 spot if things happen to work out right. They need to figure out how to execute on that or have a contingency for what to do if they can’t get that #1 guy and decide how much of a dropoff is it for the next top choice. If they can get a read on what they think some of these teams will do then they shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out what is the appropriate spot in the draft to drop down to. I think they won’t make a trade though and will just select somebody and pay a premium to not take any big risks of missing out on who they really want. So I’m predicting them to make the same mistake as the Lions did when they foolishly chose Stafford. At least they will be getting a much better QB and at a cheaper rate if they follow the mistake the Lions made.

  6. Best fit? If you want to get burned. The guy does one thing well, throw and he won’t throw at the combine. He has average height, a narrow build, small hands and doesn’t improvise at all. Bortles is better but they have to take that hometown kid named Johnny Football.

  7. Houston did go 2-14 because of poor QB play, bad decisions signing their players and FAs, and leading the league in turnovers and negative +/-. The D ranked high in the league in yrds allowed, the other teams just had too many short fields. They needed a change in coaching(covered) and now need a QB. Not sure any of these guys are franchise guys, but the 2014 starter is prob not on the roster yet. Clowney is no sure thing either.

  8. Bridgewater is a better prospect than Manziel, but he’s still no franchise QB. He’s an average QB at best. There are no franchise QBs in this draft. The Texans need to trade down or just go for the best player (Clowney)

  9. Not only is this true because of his pro style offense history, Clowney’s non-3-4 fit, but Clowney being like Dontari Poe of two years ago.

    Romeo needs better work ethic and effort guys.

    CLOWNEY isn’t it.

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