Carlos Hyde hurts hamstring while running 40 at combine

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Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde said this weekend that he expected to run the 40-yard dash in the 4.4 second range when he got his chance to show his speed on Sunday.

Hyde’s official time wasn’t quite that fast. He clocked a 4.66 after pulling up with an apparent left hamstring injury during his first attempt of the day. Hyde received medical attention on the side and will have another chance to run the 40 at Ohio State’s Pro Day.

When he does, he’ll continue his quest to become the top running back taken in the draft. That may not be in the first round as it looks like a good chance that no running backs will come off the board in that round for the second straight season, but Hyde believes he’s the best in the class and that he’ll have no trouble transitioning to the professional game.

“When I think about my game, I think about guys like Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch,” Hyde said, via the Falcons’ website. “Those type of guys. I like to watch those guys play. You see them running the ball out of the shotgun, spread plays, kind of what I did at Ohio State. I watch them to see how they run, how much success they had in those run plays and that’s kind of similar to what I did at Ohio State.”

Tre Mason of Auburn and Ka’Deem Carey of Arizona are expected to challenge Hyde for the chance to be the first back selected this year.

21 responses to “Carlos Hyde hurts hamstring while running 40 at combine

  1. He hurt his hamstring at the combine but his pride and ego were hurt by Sparty in the Big 10 championship game

  2. Watching these guys run the 40 is a joke. They line up like they’re Olympic sprinters so nervous they can hardly move. I say put a full uniform on them say “set hike” and go. Would be more like what they face on a football field.

  3. Did you even watch that game spartyownsyou??

    Hyde was dominating you guys to the tune of 6.6 YPC dude…

    OSU had an offensive game plan that stopped him, that was the only thing stopping him from going for 200 on your vaunted D!

    He had 118 on 18 carries, and only touched the ball 3 times from the mid 3rd-quarter on…

    But yeah, keep thinking his “pride and ego” was hurt

  4. 7 weeks since his last game he knows he is going to run yet he must not have properly stretched prior to the run could it be because he had no one there telling him carlos stretch out real good !!

  5. I watch every OSU game I can, and Hyde is a beast! However, I don’t think he’s #1 this year. I’d like to see him drop a bit and maybe get picked up by the Browns in a later round.

    That way we could get our QB, a WR, Hyde, an ILB, a DB, and some much-needed help on the O-line, too. Man, that’s a tall order when you look at it!

    I’m believing in our “Ray-of-Hope” Farmer though.

  6. He then calmed down, shrunk in size, and spoke with a very soft voice and ran the 40 again as Dr. Jekyl and his time was closer to Rich Eisen’s 40 time.

  7. Hey blazewildfire do you happen to remember who won the game? Just in case you don’t I’ll remind you. It was Michigan State. Have a great night.

  8. Carlos has won game after game carrying the opposition up and down the field sparring the bucks from a huge series of losses. He carried The bucks to victory(s) in an exciting fashion. And Sparty, you were really fortunate that poor coaching and ball handling kept the ball out of his capable hands. We wish him nothing but the very best – he has earned it!

  9. Personally I would be more inclined to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that Michigan State was the superior team but that’s just me. Then I would factor in the fact that OSU was grossly overrated and played an insanely soft schedule. It’s way easier to make excuses though. The last I checked OSU has a highly respected coaching staff led by one of the best, if not THE best, coach in the nation so I’m not sure I’m buying that argument.
    Not trying to take anything away from Hyde he’s a beast and I think he’ll have a great NFL career. I was more or less just trying to make a joke with my original comment but obviously it hurt at least one person’s feelings.

  10. Pulled up lame when he realized his lumbering ways are going to remind people of Reece Clarett’s vodka-chugging 4.82.

    H was brought down to earth by the average Chris Borland, as well as a middling Clemson team. The rest of their defensive competition was garbage, including MSU.

  11. I’m a Senior at Michigan State and have seen OSU woop us from time and time on. Until we consistently have the results Ohio State has I will not talk trash. Tread lightly my fellow spartan.

  12. These guys are nowhere near as fast as they think they are…I realize running the 40 at the combine has a lot of pressure attached to it with the cameras and the whole world watching….but how many of these guys talk trash about beating Cris Johnson’s record and end up and get nowhere near it…

    Clowney will run a 4.6..his 4.4 crap is just more talk…and who cares anyway

  13. I watched that run. Looked to me like a slow run then a grab at the hammy at the end to “justify” what was just a slow run.

  14. Carlos Hyde is a beast and will do just fine in the NFL, and i know um did not beat OSU by much there was no blow out and Carlos racked up 116 yards against them, OSU will be better with the DB’s coming in and um will find out there one hit wonder is over.

  15. Carlos Hyde is a beast and will do just fine in the NFL, and i know msu did not beat OSU by much there was no blow out and Carlos racked up 116 yards against them, OSU will be better with the DB’s coming in and msu will find out there one hit wonder is over.

  16. To those who think 4.6 is slow in the 40 – oh well. This is a case of I can out run you with one leg! lol I am now really wondering if Carlos Hyde would have broken 4.0 – that’s what you should be contemplating!

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