Clowney wants Falcons to trade up for him

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Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney wanted to enter the draft in 2013.  Now that he’s eligible, he wants one specific team to draft him.

I wish [the Falcons] could trade up for me,” Clowney told Vaughn McClure of  Clowney prefers a trade up, because he doesn’t want to be passed over five times.

“I hope I don’t fall to No. 6. I like Atlanta — a lot,” Clowney said.  “They’re pretty good.  They’ve got some guys from South Carolina on the team, also.  And it’s close to home.”

Four of the top five teams in the draft (Texans, Jaguars, Browns, Raiders) desperately need quarterbacks.  The other one (the Rams) doesn’t need another pass rusher.

During a Friday interview with Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff made it clear that the team that traded up to No. 6 three years ago to get Julio Jones could move up from No. 6 this year.

While it could make sense for the Texans to make that move in order to stockpile some picks, dropping behind the Jaguars, Browns, and Raiders could make it hard to get the quarterback the Texans would take at No. 1.  A move to No. 2 is more likely, given that Rams G.M. Les Snead and Dimitroff have a strong working relationship.

For both teams, the precedent set two years ago when the Redskins moved from No. 6 to No. 2 in a trade with the Rams could be a problem.  In 2012, St. Louis wrangled the sixth overall selection, two first-round picks (including the pick that became No. 2 in 2014), and a second-rounder.

While some would say that Washington was justified in giving up that much because Robert Griffin III is a very special player, the same could be said of Clowney.  Several months ago, one veteran scout with a team not picking in the top 10 remarked that Clowney is the best prospect he’s ever seen.

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  1. Well there goes down the interest in other teams wanting to trade for him. The Falcons don’t appeal to me so players that find them attractive also don’t appeal to me. I don’t want a football player that likes what Atlanta has going on. I think they suck and have the wrong idea about things, and to give them bonus points cause they have some buddies on the roster? That’s not what I want to hear. I’m looking for players who understand and appreciate the value of joining a team who has a much better plan than the inept Falcons. And good luck maxing out on that second contract if this team ends up overpaying Matt Ryan, which they very likely will. I hope you are extra good to make up for it on Defense if you want to make the Super Bowl.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall a little.
    Too many questions for a high first.

  3. Someone will move up to 2 to nab Clowney. It’ll be a terrible move. There’s always the one CAN’T MISS player that misses badly. Clowney is thus years winner.

  4. While some would say that Washington was justified in giving up that much because Robert Griffin III is a very special player… People who aren’t ridiculous fools would not.

  5. Can anybody tell how Clowney ran on the combine? He wanted to run 4.3/4.4, Wanting to run and able to run are two different things. I wonder what happened to Clowney.

    I hope Jags trade down and Get Mack plus a third rounder with Atlanta. Sure Caldwell and Dimitroff had good relationship to make it work for each other. Not ask a kings ransom and not getting a sandwich on return for the trade. Hope both teams prosper on the trade, afterall they are in diff conference.

  6. I probably wouldn’t draft this guy because he only seems interested in playing for himself, and I definitely wouldn’t trade up for him.

    I understand wanting to be close to home and all, but he just keeps coming off as more and more selfish.

    He should be privileged to play for any franchise in the NFL, and if he is truly as great some as people think, he should be able to have an impact by helping turn around one of those franchises like Cleveland or Jacksonville.

  7. If I had a top ten pick… He is off my board. He wants to play with his friends. You want him, trade for my pick, and suffer with his poor work ethic. Talent alone doesn’t work in the NFL.

  8. I can already see Clowney being a problem on teams. This guy is a prime example of someone who thinks that he is bigger than the team. He’s only at the combine and saying where he would like to go and what team should pick him? Lets see what you can do in an NFL game before you get ahead of yourselves.

  9. Why give up 2 #1 picks and a 2nd or a 3rd for a guy who’s own coach called him out on work ethic?!?! If you want him that bad, stay put at 6, and he’ll probably fall to you.

    I think he’s a tad overrated…

  10. He doesn’t fall past the Rams and I don’t think he gets past the Texans. There is no franchise QB in this draft. We have a bunch of nice guys but none of them are even worth a top 5 pick. Don’t reach just because it is a QB. Matt Schuab also isn’t going anywhere next year. Texans can’t cut him or trade him because of the $10M in dead cap space it would cause. Take the best player on the board and that Clowney.

    I love it when I hear the media types say the Rams won’t take him because they don’t need a pass rusher. Everyone always needs another pass rusher. The same media types criticized the Giants for taking JPP when they had Osi and Tuck. What are they going to do with 3 DEs the media asked. Win two Super Bowls that is what.

    When drafting you don’t pass up a better player just to fill a need. That is how the other teams get better and you draft busts.

  11. All these couch GMs sure know their stuff. Clowney is already a bust, huh? To bad the REAL GMs don’t think like you guys. I can only hope Clowney drops.

  12. Like it or not. The falcons appeal to a lot of players. Not just clowney. The cities night life is one reason why. The team has had 5 winning seasons in the past 6 years

    For Clowney its a good fit. 4-3 system. Very close to his home. You got 2 other USC players on the Dline. And the falcons need some pass rush. But i’d offer a third rounder and that’s it

  13. RGKnee is a “very special player” umm pretty sure he was benched to “protect ” him. Ha ha. Oh that and the fact that he is a terrible pocket QB despite the fact that he was supposed to be the perfect QB inside and outside the pocket. What a joke.

  14. .

    Don’t sleep on Patriots backup QB Ryan Mallet. He’s had two years of NFL experience as Tom Brady’s understudy and may be more game ready than the rookies. Bill Obrien was Mallet’s OC his rookie season.


  15. I don’t see why the Rams would be interested in moving UP in the draft. All the pundits have them looking to move DOWN.

    Please shed some light on why you think the opposite might be true,

  16. Clowney is good, but hopefully the Falcons learned what happens to your depth when you make a trade like they did to get Jones. He’s certainly worked out well, but their defense has continued to slide into oblivion because of those lost picks. Jernigan, Donald, or Mack would be good fits for them at 6 to build around on their defense.

  17. As a fan of an oppossing nfc south fan I woukd love for thefalcons to give up more picks for one guy. The falcons lack depth and mmultiple positions on the oline and dline. Also missing another piece in the secondary. Very thin team who can’t protect their qb or play defense trade up for one guy? Please do.

  18. Does anybody really know what teams want in players? You see teams either take a player thats too high (E.J Manuel, Christian Ponder) Or take a player that is great for that pick, but had greater needs (Dolphins trade up for Dion Jordan instead of so much speculation to Take Lane Johnson). I’m not saying that happens all the time, but there is picks that are head scratchers.

  19. Falcons should go for Clowney. He wants to play for them and it would make a good fit. RGIII was not a good pick for the “Bravehearts” for what they gave up. They gave up the world for him and unless they win a SB it will not be worth it.

  20. The more I see of this guy the less I like him. Appropriate first syllable in his last name though

  21. To people saying it’s a huge deal about him saying where he wants to go, remember John Elway and Eli Manning in the draft?

    4 Super Bowl wins between those two, and they didn’t want to go to the teams that drafted them. Turns out they didn’t end up going to those teams either.

    If Clowney is downgraded for being a me-first selfish guy, there are two QBs who did pretty well doing the same song and dance.

  22. Translation; I’ll be dogging it like I did this last season, if any team I don’t like drafts me.

  23. It’s not like he wants to play for the Falcons above any other franchise, it’s he wants to go to a team that has a chance. And looking at the top 6 teams picking Atlanta has the most going for them.

  24. Get barr or mack or trade decoud or douglas with the draft pick trade one of them with spoon and worrilow find the oline and dline in free agency

  25. Mark my words, the Rams are going to pick a QB at number 2. Probably Manziel if he’s available. I believe they are concerned that Bradford isn’t the “franchise” QB they need/want and this may be their best opportunity to provide some competition at the position. And Bradford could bring some decent draft picks in a trade during the season next year.

    I’m thinking The Texans, Rams, and Jags all take QB’s. Whoever gets Bridgewater will be disappointed. The other two will be happy. And if Manziel turns out to be a hard worker, he’ll be in the “elite” conversation within 3 or 4 years. So basically Cleveland end up with Clowney and the Raiders will draft for flash, whoever runs the fastest 40 regardless of position.

  26. How dare he be confident..How dare he have a preference…How dare he speak his mind..He will still go top 3

  27. I actually like that he made his feelings public. As a player, I’m sure he’d be happy to go to any team and try to help them win, but he, like most other guys, has a slight preference. If it turns teams off and he lands in Atlanta, he got what he wanted. The pay isn’t all that different.

  28. You can’t use the RG3 trade as a measure for what it would take to move up this year just because it’s the same picks. With RG3, Cleveland and Washington were in a heated auction trying to outbid the other. And at the time Griffin appeared to be a can’t-miss franchise QB.

    This year it’s a physically gifted DE with serious character concerns and nobody else in on the bidding. If someone else tries trading up for a QB (Minnesota?) maybe the Rams have some bargaining power. Unless that happens, I doubt it would take more than throwing in a 2nd round pick to move up.

  29. ESPN’s Vaughn McClure covers The Falcons and NFC South crap so of course Jadeveon would tailor his interview towards smooching booty to a particular squad, in this case the Falcons. It’s better than a cry baby forcing their way out of a team roster (Elway, Eli Manning) so this means nothing. They are just chewing the fat.

  30. If Mack and Barr nail the Combine and their respective Pro Days, Clowney will not be the first defensive player off the draft board.

    He could very well fall into Atlanta’s lap at #6.

  31. RG111 with a better coaching staff and a year of recovery should prove to be worthy of the picks Washington gave for him. If that meddler of an owner decided to trade him he be more of a bargin than any QB in this years draft. Fans forget the talent he’s shown prior to his injury. The guys a winner. IMO.

  32. “The other one (the Rams) doesn’t need another pass rusher.”
    Then again, Chris Long’s Cap hit and a chance to get a younger compliment for Quinn.

  33. So much depends on the Texans’s first move.

    I don’t think the Rams will take him because their glaring need is at LT, or possibly WR Watkins. Second, HC Jeff Fisher had to deal with head cases in Haynesworth and V. Young. I don’t think he’s ready to do that again. Rams could trade down to Atl/TB/Min (?) and still get the LT or WR they covet.

    I believe Texans go for QB Manziel or Bridgewater; Jacksonville takes QB Bortles; and Cleveland gets whoever is left of the top 3 QB’s, or WR Watkins/Evans. Oakland gets one of the top 3 QB’s (if available) or Clowney, if he’s still sitting there. (Clowney just seems like a Raider)

    That’s the problem for the Falcons. Falcons, at #6, must move ahead of the Raiders (at least) if they want Clowney. However, if the Texans take Clowney, the whole point is moot.

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