Colts insist Trent Richardson was worth a first-round pick


When the Colts traded a first-round draft pick for running back Trent Richardson early last season, they hoped they had found the final piece of what could be a championship-level offense. Instead, Richardson turned out to be a millstone for the Colts’ offense, and by the end of the year he had been replaced as the starter by Donald Brown.

But Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson insists he made the right decision when he pulled the trigger on that trade.

“We got our first-round pick in September in Trent Richardson,” Grigson said at the Scouting Combine. “Overall feeling is he’s a tough, good, talented football player that has a broad skill set that’s still learning what we do. We’re optimistic about his future.”

Asked directly if he would make the same trade over again, Grigson answered, “Yes.”

That may be true, or it may simply be Grigson trying to put a happy face on a decision that has turned out to be a mistake. Richardson averaged less than three yards a carry for the Colts in the regular season, and he was even worse in the playoffs, with four carries for one yard and one fumble. That’s not what anyone expected when the Colts traded for Richardson.

“Trent expects what we expect, and that’s greatness,” Grigson said. “He has expectations of himself to be great. I think he’s in a great place and we’re in a great place with him. We’re looking forward to having a great offseason with him.”

Colts coach Chuck Pagano made similar comments.

“The sky’s the limit for Trent, having a full offseason with us,” Pagano said. “I look for great things from Trent. Trent looks for great things from himself. Moving forward, there’s high expectations there, not only from us but that he has for himself.”

There were high expectations from the day the Colts traded for Richardson. Richardson has fallen far short of those expectations.

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  1. The TRich trade was the high water mark of Mike Dumbturdi’s NFL career. Still couldn’t keep him from getting fired the Sixth Time!

  2. TR’s problem was he lost a whole year in Cleveland. It may take a while to get that out of his system. At least he was lucky enough to get out of there as quickly as he did.

  3. Would love Trent Richardson at the Vikings. Having him practice with and backup Adrian Peterson would be awesome.

    Still, I wouldn’t give up more than our 4th round pick for him!

  4. I guess pagano would rather have trent than one of the stud 6′-4″ 240 lb WR that will be available when they would have picked oh that’s rite they still have 100yr old reggie wayne

  5. By this logic any player is worth a 1st round draft pick since anybody can potentially be a major surprise. Even UDFAs can become stars in this league, so no doubt that Richardson could pay off later. But what are the odds that he does, that likelihood is all that matters, and you would be complaining if your team traded a 1st Round pick for a UDFA talent, so why shouldn’t you also be mad that they traded one for Richardson considering his current stock doesn’t appear to be worth that of a 1st Rounder? It’s a smaller loss than to give up that pick for the UDFA, but smaller loss is still a loss.

    The Colts are too stupid to win at football. They’ll never do anything as long as they keep thinking like this and defending their mistakes.

  6. I understand Brown’s fans frutration, but I don’t get all the hate for Lombardi. Not only was this a tremendous trade, he made many draft day trades turning picks from 2013 into better picks this yr. He inherited a bad situation, especially at QB, picked up Hoyer(who was 3-0 in starts) and the Browns were 3-2 after the game he got hurt. It’s too early to evaluaate the 2013 draft, but even with the trades got a starting guard in the 7th rnd and some other promising players, especially Mingo, who missed a month in the preseason and was asked to play a different position. Seriously, what’s the problem? An inexperienced owner panicked and pulled the plug after a yr.

  7. hey browns fans, u do know yr organization already paid all of trents signing bonus, so even if he is a bust,it cost u guys way more than it did the colts, cause u gave up several picks to move up n draft him, we still have over 30 mill in free agent money to sign someone, remember, players would want to come to the colts before they would sign with the browns

  8. In this days NFL, running backs like tr are becoming irrelevant because defenses are soo fast that you need a rb with a combination of decent size and a lot of speed so that they can react faster and make quicker cuts to the hole. He has good size but after seeing him play numerous times now, I don’t think he’s fast enough to outrun defenses.

  9. The Browns gave up a 4th, 6th and a 7th for Richardson and have 10 mil in dead money. Not a huge deal. They were smart to admit someone else’s mistake as early as they did. Spin it any way you want, but the Browns have the Colts 1rst rnd(and 4th rnd) pick in the deepest draft in yrs. Browns win hands down. Browns have more cap room than the Colts too. Not a fan of either team.

  10. Perhaps the Colts could do something along the lines that Dorothy did to make their wish come true: click their ruby spikes together and continue repeating:”There’s NO back like Trent, There’s NO back like Trent, There’s NO back like Trent”…

  11. I can’t believe what is being said about Trent. He came in mid-season, had to learn a new system on the fly. Give the man a chance to have a full off season with the colts. It is unbelievable that after just a half season you numbskulls are throwing him under the bus. 22 and a bust whatevers. are all fools.

  12. He really screwed my fantasy football team this year. I hope he does better this year. He looked terrible at Indy. I think he actually liked Cleveland and that’s why he plays the way that he does in Indy – wearing baby blue.

  13. I was born and raised in Indiana and went to college at IU in Bloomington less than an hour south of Indianapolis.

    I’m a Colts fan and I expect people to be honest and say when they make a mistake. We all make mistakes. I understand why they tried. The kid did well at Alabama and while he hadn’t done well in the NFL he’d only been in the NFL a short time an well… it was with the Browns for Heaven’s sake…

    I can see whey they’d give a young guy a chance on their team, away from the lowly Browns.

    You go up to the plate and take your hacks… It just so happens that they swung and missed is all.

    It happens. I’m thinking that the Alabama offensive lines he ran behind were so good compared to most (I said most, not all, LSU had great college defenses etc…) of the college defenses he played against that he had a significant advantage as a running back while in college.

    Yes, I know the offensive lines are even better in the NFL but so are the defenses and now he doesn’t have the advantage like he did at Alabama when his O line was significantly better than the D lines and LB’s he came up against.

  14. Donald Brown is going into his 7th season, it took over 5 years for him to finally produce for the colts. he was also a first round pick. So why is it impossible for Richardson to improve?

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