Contract extension could be coming for Andy Dalton


Andy Dalton didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence that he’s the Bengals’ long-term quarterback answer in Cincinnati’s playoff loss. But the Bengals still believe Dalton is the future of the franchise.

In fact, far from searching for a new starting quarterback this offseason, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says the team may sign Dalton to a long-term contract extension. Asked about a new deal for Dalton, Lewis said that was something the team would be interested in discussing.

“As a football team we would like to keep to continue to keep our good, young players,” Lewis said. “The representatives from his side and our team will get together and try to discuss something. We feel good about what Andy has done the past three seasons and we have to continue to help him to continue to play better.”

Lewis continues to believe in Dalton as a player.

“He is a driven young man,” Lewis said. “He’s been that way. That’s how he’s gotten to be where he is his internal drive. That is not going to change with Andy Dalton. It just continues to burn brighter.”

Asked if he’s convinced that Dalton can take the Bengals where they want to go, Lewis answered, “I’m very confident. And totally convinced. I don’t know how much more convinced and confident I could be with that. He is our quarterback.”