Ravens talking to Daryl Smith about remaining with team

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The Ravens have several impending free agents on their roster and General Manager Ozzie Newsome is getting to work on keeping some of them off the market.

One of the players they’d like to keep is linebacker Daryl Smith. Smith signed with the team last year after he was cut by the Jaguars and rarely came off the field for the Ravens during the regular season. He finished the year with 123 tackles, five sacks and three interceptions.

“Daryl did a great job for us,” Newsome said, via the team’s website. “We have engaged in some conversations with his representative.”

Coach John Harbaugh said he felt good about the team’s chances of bringing Smith back and Smith said at the end of the regular season that he’d like to remain in Baltimore for another season. Smith turns 32 next month, so it probably would be a short-term deal that keeps Smith with Jameel McClain, Josh Bynes and the rest of the inside linebackers on the Ravens defense.

Left tackle Eugene Monroe, tight end Dennis Pitta join Smith at the top of the list of possible free agents in Baltimore.

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  1. I like smith put he needs to get downhill more and make some plays in the backfield especially in the running game, his pass coverage was solid though. I agree that McClain needs to go unless he willing to take a pay cut

  2. Smith also runs the defense and if you rewatch the Ravens-Lions game every time Stafford audibles into a no back offense, Smith audibles the defense, calling coverage backer Arthur Brown into a full on blitz. Caused an interception on one play, a sack on another and an incomplete pass to the flat on another. He is as critical to this defense as Flacco is to the offense (don’t use this as fodder for Flacco jokes).

  3. “Smith signed with the team last year after he was cut by the Jaguars “…

    Smith was not cut by the Jaguars – his contract expired, and after missing almost all of the 2012 season, the team chose not to re-sign him.

  4. Come back to the Jags Daryl!! The one bad decision Caldwell made when letting all the free agents walk was letting Smith get away. The guy was a SOLID LB for years here…has one season with an injury and all of a sudden he’s not worth resigning?!?!

  5. Smith should want to go to a contender, that leaves out the Jags and Ravens.

    xinellum, players made Flacco better, not the other way around. He got hot in the playoffs and cashed in. The rest of his career he’s been a slightly above average QB.

  6. “Smith should want to go to a contender, that leaves out the Jags and Ravens.”

    Then you have to leave out your beloved Steelers too since the win/loss record shows a decline in the last three years.

    This whole notion of QB makes other players better is garbage. A average to elite QB is just able to better utilize their teammates talents, perform a wider range of the offense, which forces defenses to adjust which also makes plays work better.

    The only exception might be a QB like Manning or Brady whose work ethic inspires higher work ethic in his team mates.

  7. SmashMouthFootball, I never said he should go to the steelers. A good QB can make something out of nothing, example Brady this past year. An average QB takes a defending SB team and puts up his worst numbers when his talent is pushed out or hurt, Flacco is the perfect example. As for the Steelers getting younger on defense should get them closer to a playoff berth the Baltimore who will be paying dearly next year.

  8. Moot point, he’ll never go to the Steelers. He’ll want to find a place where he has a chance to break the starting line-up.

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