Report: Seahawks will dump Red Bryant

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With defensive end Michael Bennett due to become a free agent and determined to get a contract far more lucrative than the one-year, $5 million deal he signed last year, the Seahawks plan to create some cap space by parting ways with another defensive end.

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that the Seahawks are expected to cut Red Bryant.  The cap space would be then used to help keep Bennett.

Bryant has a cap number of $8.5 million, coming from a $4.5 million base salary, a $3 million roster bonus, and $1 million in signing bonus allocation.  Cutting him without the post-June 1 designation would result in a cap charge of $3 million, creating $5.5 million in immediate cap space.  Cutting him with the post-June 1 designation would require the Seahawks to carry the $8.5 million until June 1, at which time $7.5 million in cap space would be created.  The remaining $2 million in dead money would hit the cap in 2015.

Bryant, a fourth-round pick in 2008, started 15 regular-season games and two playoff games in 2013.  He had only 1.5 sacks for the entire year.

95 responses to “Report: Seahawks will dump Red Bryant

  1. Good player, class act, and wonderful leader. His ability to be a wall against the run early would help turn teams one-dimensional and let the pass-rushers unleash. Ultimately though, at that cap number I’m sure Hawks fans would rather have Bennett retained.

    Still healthy and young enough that he’ll land a moderate deal somewhere, maybe New England or Houston. He’s a pretty prototypical 3-4 DL.

  2. This guy won’t last one day in free agency. A huge dt, or de the stops the run. Any bottom 16 team should sign him for 6mill.a year

  3. Seahawks will be better next year. Tougher schedule, with a better roster. Eyes upon number 2

  4. Schneider is phenomenal in adjusting the roster and draft evaluation. The target is on our back. Watch as we get better

  5. Bennett was a forgon conclusion. What this really does is open the door for Jared Allen to leave the miserable farm team in the mid west and finally get a shot at a ring.

  6. Don’t get me wrong…
    This team is a dynasty with who they have now, but the way the league is set up now those days are over.
    I wish baseball would figure out that any given year, it could be your year!! Unless your the Vikings of course!!

  7. aPats went at him hard in 2012 and he chose to stay with Seattle. He got his ring, but now he’s getting dumped. Wonder if the Pats will be in again, although they don’t have much cap room. Maybe Wilfork restructures so they can pay Bryant and take a little pressure off Wilfork coming off an achilles.

  8. Red will be missed. He’s not a stats guy, his job is to stop the run. Still.. Even without Red, this D is ridiculously nasty!

  9. Pftpoet can dream about the draft every year n being in the top ten. Keep the farm league ready for us seahawks. After their contract is up, they come play for a true winner. Kiss the ring Spielman

  10. God forbid Red ends up on a crap team like the Raiders or Dolphins. I hope he goes to a team like the Pats who really wanted him! Wherever he goes he won’t last 2 days on the market!

  11. Vikings n whiners troll are always on Seahawks posts. They jus want a lil taste of actual winning! Maybe sidney rice can come back to train yall losers.

  12. It’s a shame the Seahawks have such annoying fans. They have such a great team but no idea how to act like a winner. It’s like Raiders NW.

  13. Does anyone else notice the Vikings trolls (formerly known as logicalvoicesays) always post within a minute of one another?

    I’m not sure if they are Viking trolls because they never comment in Viking articles. They don’t even comment in their rival’s (Packers) articles.

  14. Milehighmagic58 says:
    Feb 23, 2014 9:58 PM
    It’s a shame the Seahawks have such annoying fans. They have such a great team but no idea how to act like a winner. It’s like Raiders NW

    Typical Bronkey. 43-8 lol.

  15. I think Red would entertain the thought of coming back on the cheap. The Seahawks showed a great deal of faith in him and he is deeply rooted in Seattle now. His father-in-law is Jacob Green.

  16. John Schneider strode into the practice facility, pulled up to his menacing five and a half foot maximum, jabbed a tiny digit at Red and thundered, “You’re dumped, Bryant!”.

  17. I guess everybody forgot about Greg Scruggs and Jesse Williams. The Seahawks red-shirted an entire draft class last year and STILL the players they cut are littered around the league. Some of them are even starters.

    Seattle is sitting at the dining table eating the holiday turkey. The rest of the league are dogs waiting for scraps on the floor.

  18. Not sure I like the title, but it does feel like a dumping…….The SB Championship Team of 2013/2014 will not be the same team we see in 2014/2015. However, the goal of keeping the core group clearly remains the front office priority. However, business is what it is. He, Clemmons, Miller, Rice all will likely be cut or a combination of them. Will the team still be solid? Yes.

    Specifically, Regarding Red; Would be sorry to see him go, if it happens. He is a class fellow and one that has been solid for the team against the run. I hope he somehow remains, but regardless, wish him well.

    Go Hawks!

  19. Big Red is a quality dude and a locker room stud. Not to mention the son-in-law of one of the 7 ring if honor men.

    “We all we got! We all we need” is pure Big Red.

    The stat about 1.5 sacks is worthless to report on. He has never been paid to rush, he gets paid to take up 2 blockers and prevent people from getting through. This is a tough loss if it happens. If it does that means we might see McDaniel and McDonald come back and possibly Jessie Williams will be a contributor next year.

    Thanks Red. I’ll never forget your pick six.

  20. Declining, inconsistent 30-year old player, and his replacement is already on the roster. Should have taken the pay cut for one more shot at glory. Bad advice from an agent, he won’t come close to his cap charge on the open market.

  21. Great team player but he will have trouble on the market. Not a true DE and he didn’t cut it at tackle – that’s why they moved him outside. He’s top-heavy for a tackle. Hope he catches on somewhere, but he’s too one-dimensional for the money Hawks were giving him.

  22. I remember him for his two field-goal blocks against the Browns in 2011. Although the Seahawks lost 6-3(!), it was a heck of a performance by Bryant.

  23. Milehighmagic58 says: Feb 23, 2014 9:58 PM

    It’s a shame the Seahawks have such annoying fans. They have such a great team but no idea how to act like a winner. It’s like Raiders NW.
    The Raiders haven’t had a winning season since they got whipped a little less than Denver in the Super Bowl, but you expect them to act like a winner? Nice call, tool.

  24. He will be good another few years as one of the leagues best run stuffers. Gonna miss that guy and I am so glad he got a ring with that squad. Deserves it. I’ll never forget that blocked FG against the Niners. Or his one silly touchdown dance. Rock on, Red. The blue and green will be missing you!

  25. He’s a good player that would fill a big need in the interior part of the DL if he wanted to come to NE, especially if Wilfork and/or Kelly don’t come back quickly.

    I have to believe Seattle knows what they are doing here, though.

  26. Lets go ahead and get the rest of the news out of the way. Chris Clemons and Zach Miller are going to get released as well. all cap casualties.

    No news here for Hawk fans that are up to speed.

  27. Red Bryant is a great running back stopper. I’d hate to see him go.

    13 months ago year at Atlanta they lacked a good pass rush with Clemons hurt…now The Hawks have a constant QB pressure but part of that suffocating D is run stopping.

    Hope they know what they are doing.

  28. tabcdef9 says:

    How does someone play for “…$5 million” when in ppg 3 you show he made $8.5 million?

    Dude, read it again. Everyone else got it.

  29. “How does someone play for “…$5 million” when in ppg 3 you show he made $8.5 million?”

    Bennett… 1 year… 5 million
    Bryant 8.5 million salary… got it?

  30. Green Bay may have just found Ryan Pickett’s replacement if Seattle doesn’t cut him and resign him to a smaller deal. Maybe not the difference-maker Green Bay fans would want, but an effective run stopper at a reasonable price. He’s basically Pickett, but younger.

  31. Best wishes, Red. Great player and leader. Thank you for helping bring the Lombardi to Seattle!!!

  32. If its true, a deeply grateful farewell to Big Red, a leader in the locker room & on the field, and a great guy in the community. Glad you got your ring, big guy. I know you’ll land on your feet elsewhere (or better yet, resign here at a reduced salary). I know its a business decision (and probably the right one), but I hate to see guys like Red go even though I know it has to happen.

  33. Bennett should now ask for even more since the Hawks are purging themselves to pony up the cash.

  34. Good move for the Hawks. This is a deep draft of DL and if they can get DL depth in the draft at a fraction of the cost then it will allow other areas of the roster to be strengthened.

  35. Did everyone forget how bad of a DT he was? Carroll almost cut him before he was thrown in at DE. Not many teams can use this guy properly. Unless teams can do a line similar to the seahawks he will be cut before next season. He works on the seahawks, but it will be rough for him on another team.

    Thanks for all the years of hard work. Honestly, i hope my assessment is wrong unless you land on the niners.

  36. OK my fellow 12’s I’m talking to you.

    #1-Our system is the cornerstone to allow sustainability.

    #2-The team needs to free up about 25 mil this year and 35 next year with RW and RS. How they get there I see some interesting scenarios.

    A) I agree Red gets released and gets paid more than we can afford.
    B) Rice released but I see coming back on a 2 year deal after he tests the market and could be a great value for us.
    C) Clemons (he was a force last 1/4 of the year), released but this guy is coming back on a 2 or 3 yr deal that’s value for his age. He played great and his power is back. The man has at least 2 more dominant years and we can get him at great price.
    D) Miller, released, will test the market and get picked up by another team. McCoy ,6-5 259 age 26, Miller 6-5 255 age 28.
    E) OL gets a big shake up. Expect PM,NB and JC could all be gone.
    F) Earl T, Mike B, Tate, Steven H and Danger Doug all Get new deals, RW & RS next year.

    My Big Free agent,,,Kieth Price

  37. Red Bryant is a fan favorite for sure and a Hawk player I love. But he is a rotational run stopper, a really excellent one on first downs because teams just don’t run his way at all.

    The list of names that is going around his for potential cuts due to their contracts is Red Bryant, Sidney Rice, Chris Clemons and Zach Miller.

    For all of those rejoicing at Seattle’s demise you pump your breaks because it means they are looking to lock up Michael Bennett and other younger core members. If Bennett walks look for Bryant or Clemons to be back with Bruce Irvin and Cliff Avril. I’d love to him Big Red back another year at a little less money but like others said I could see him being a full-time DT and making money for 3/4 the other teams out there.

  38. Not sure “dump” is how we see it in Seattle but the wording sure does make people click the link eh?

    Kind of like “Superbowl MVP explains his bigot comment” when in fact it was an ANTI-bigot comment.

    Oh and milehighmagic, your name must be referring to how your team just disappeared in the SB in front of 100+ million. We were all like “wth… Where did they go??? Amazing trick.

    As for red, I love me some red but we have a full draft class including two defensive tackles that just red shirted the entire year. I think JS knows what he’s doing.

  39. For those of you hoping this will hurt the Seahawks, think again. Cutting Rice, Bryant, Miller & Clemmons will give the Seahawks $26 million in cap space, more than enough to sign Tate, Bennett, Thomas & maybe even Sherman to extensions. In 2015, they have $56 million in cap space with those cuts, leaving plenty to sign Okung & Wilson. The dynasty s alive & well.

  40. Locker room chemistry. Red was a survivor of the regime change and a founder of the chip on shoulder Seahawk attitude. Have to wonder if one of the necessary “cap” cuts will be the one that takes the “heart” of that defense. Chris Clemons paid some dues with them too, and neither will be quite so easily replaced on one of the most cohesive units in recent memory.

  41. palatypus said it best, Seattle’s 2013 draft class was all redshirted not because they sucked but the depth was too deep. Red is the heart, shoot he is the defensive captain but sadly there is a draft class waiting to replace him… 2012 Scruggs, and 2013 Williams & Hill.

  42. It sucks losing good players in the nfl but hawks are a great team and well equipped to handle it.. just like u guys did the niners red shirted a couple good players in tank,lattimore,and hopefully dial. God I love football!

  43. I hate the headline saying that the Seahawks are going to “dump” Bryant. I’m sure it was a difficult decision…Red is a fan favorite. With any other GM/Coach combo, I’d say they were insane to cut him. With Schneider and Carroll, I know they already have a plan to make the team even stronger. Good luck Red! Go Hawks!

  44. Kind of funny how fans of other teams criticized the hawks for numerous petty reasons this year (playing on the road, Pete caroll, overrated offense, overrated defense, Percy harvin), and now they’re criticizing the hawks because they won’t be able to keep all of their great players. First of all, no team can keep all their core players for more than a couple years. So knocking on them for a problem every team has is odd.
    Secondly, the hawks don’t want to keep EVERY player. If you try too hard to hang on to old pieces, you will miss a chance to improve your team by adding another players. People seem to forget how the hawks became this good. They draft well. Can the hawks replace Tate? Yes. Bennett? Certainly. Bryant ? Yup.

  45. 5 tech run stop DE are easily replaced at that cap vs a versatile pass rusher like Bennett that lines up at the 5, 1 and 3 tech. Bennett and Avril were huge all season. Look at the playoffs. Avril and Bennett were the pressure and big plays vs the $aints, whiners and Broncos. I loved big red but at that cap, he has to go. Big Red was a 2 down max lineman… He won’t be missed.

    Losing Bennett would be a negative blow…
    Pass rushers with that versatility to beat tackles, guards and centers with pressure has huge NFL value, huge.

    9ers have to sign guys and extend contracts so they will face cap issues next year, Packers have no D, the Saints can’t win in Seattle… Zona is a WC but am not scared of the Panther weapons.

    Who is going to smack the Hawks around with the talent they will have and more experience now, too.

    I don’t see any of the nfc. Plus, hawks are kaepernicks kryptonite…

    Hawks will Roll again… Confetti time… Hoist the Lombardi, Russell… Back to Back!

  46. “Dump” Bryant? Nice semantics. Red has been a mainstay for the defense, and a positive influence in the locker room, and IF this turns out to be true, he will be missed by both his teammates and the fans, no doubt about it.

    Dealing successfully and creatively with the unpleasant reality of the salary cap is perhaps the trickiest job for every franchise. The Seahawks have managed to negotiate that minefield pretty well over the past few years, but now that they have a championship under their belt, it becomes harder than ever.

    That said, if anyone can pull it off, it’s Carroll and Schneider. That’s not to say there won’t be some painful decisions for both the players, the management and us fans watching from the outside.

    The current starters took us to the Super Bowl, man. First time ever. We don’t want ANY of them to leave. But that is just not the reality of the business.

    But “DUMPED”? Come on.

  47. I LOVE Red Bryant; he is such a big sweetheart. SO SAD to see him go, if this actually happens. We love you, Red, wherever you play! THANK YOU for all your hard work and devotion to our team.

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