Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t run 40 at combine


On the days leading up to Sunday, the expectation was that Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater would run the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday as he tries to convince the Texans of his worth as the first overall pick.

When the time came to toe the line and sprint, however, Bridgewater was singing a different tune. Like Jerry Seinfeld did when he was faced with a rematch with Duncan Meyer, Bridgewater chose not to run.

Bridgewater’s decision means that he will neither run nor throw at the combine, leaving both things for a forthcoming workout at Louisville. That doesn’t quite fit with the message Bridgewater sent on Saturday about being a “competitor,” but he is hardly the first player to choose the easily controlled surroundings of his college campus to show off his skills instead of doing it in Indianapolis.

That choice hasn’t hurt other draft prospects and isn’t likely to hurt Bridgewater if he performs well at Louisville’s Pro Day. The other top quarterback prospects all ran on Sunday, although Blake Bortles will be the only one to throw at the event.