Aaron Donald’s also opening eyes with his 40

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Jadeveon Clowney isn’t the only physical freak among the defensive linemen working out today at the Scouting Combine.

Pitt defensive tackle Aaron Donald just ran his first 40-yard dash in an unofficial 4.65 seconds.

At 285 pounds.

Even when that one’s inevitably rounded down a bit, that’s still stretching the laws of physics. When you multiply mass times acceleration, it will make Donald a high pick anyway.

But the short-area acceleration which is so vital for defensive linemen is where you get a real sense of Donald’s burst. His 10-yard split was 1.59 seconds, a hair behind Clowney’s 1.56, for a guy carrying an extra 20 pounds.

That is going to earn Donald a lot of comparisons to players such as Bengals All-Pro  Geno Atkins, and guarantee that unlike Atkins, he won’t have to wait until the fourth round.

10 responses to “Aaron Donald’s also opening eyes with his 40

  1. Re-sign Houston and Sims, Draft Mack @ 5, Draft Donald @ 37 and watch the Raiders become a multiple pass rushing QB killing terror of a defense.

    Mack and Moore off the edges, Houston and Donald capable of setting the edge and kicking inside when needed with Sims anchoring and eating up blocks.

  2. Aaron Donald is going to be a stud. I love a football player then has a high motor and loves the game. Being talented doesn’t hurt either.

  3. I don’t understand why Donald isn’t included in the top 10 players in this year’s draft. The guy is a beast on the field (unlike Clowney the past year), with no baggage. Some smart team will pick him at the end of the 1st round and will have themselves an Pro Bowl caliber DT for several years.

  4. Linebackers have a hard time running it.


    Btw, no one should dismiss 40 times for DL’s or LB’s.

    You need to have a great start for a tremendous sprint and fast time and great starts show how explosive athlete’s lower bodies are.

    If you want a confirmation on explosiveness look at their vertical jumps.

    If those traits match the film you’re set.

  5. He is best for a 4-3. Nice fall back option for NYG at 12. Especially I’d they lose linval Joseph in FA.

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