Bart Scott had workouts scheduled, could “absolutely” play

As it turns out, Tony Gonzalez wasn’t the only former player CBS hired this offseason who wasn’t sure about the “former” part of that designation.

Newly hired CBS analyst Bart Scott told Tom Pelissero of USA Today that he could “absolutely” still play, and had workouts with teams scheduled before deciding to hang up his cleats.

The 33-year-old Scott didn’t play last season after a serious toe injury which required surgery.

Of course, if he needs to take out any frustration after 12 years in the league, he sounds like he’s ready to take on anyone who doesn’t like his criticism.

“I’ve got big shoulders, man. I can handle it,” Scott said when asked how he’d handle a player bristling at his commentary. “If anybody decides to call me out on it, I’ll be able to back it up, because at the end of the day, the film doesn’t lie.

“I’m not afraid of anybody. Nobody’s going to kick my ass. I don’t mind saying how it is, and if you play well, I’ll also tell people how you play well.”

Frankly, we “can’t wait” for the first time this comes up.

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  1. More Bart Scott bluster and talk. Shocker.

    His play was abysmal — but he was good for a quote if you like guys who talk tough but play like they’re afraid of contact.

    Hines Ward, a wideout, often had Bart Scott abandoning his pursuit of the football out of overwhelming self-preservation concerns.

    It’s all on tape: as the Coaches used to say in reference to game day film/tape, “The Eye in the Sky Doesn’t Lie.”

  2. I like this move. He’s a smart, passionate guy.

    You can see what CBS did here. They swapped out the quiet, analytical Dan Marino (who was boring on TV) for Tony Gonzalez who seems like he has more charisma. Bart Scott will take over the loud, brash, what’s he ‘going to say next’ role that Shannon Sharpe had. Except we’ll actually be able to tell what the hell Scott is talking about.

    It think it was a good trade by CBS. Now, if only someone will turn up Bill Cowher’s mic.

  3. It is one of the mysteries of nature that confounded even Darwin himself: do the Jets attract loud-mouths, or create them?

  4. Considering he was running on fumes 2 years ago, I doubt that he cold play right now

  5. If you really wanted somebody to fill in the “what will he say next” slot, a perfect guy would be John Randle.

    For those of you too young to know him, football players that thought they were crazy would call John Randle crazy. Not only that, but the guy wasn’t all talk either. He backed it up as one of the all time great interior DL sack machines.

    “So John, what did you think of that play? Did that linebacker miss his assignment?”


    “Fascinating insight John, what an interesting perspective.”

  6. So glad Pettine didn’t bring this bum to Buffalo with him last year.

    I cannot stand him as much as Harrison and Bruschi…and it honestly has nothing to do with who they played for… They are as bad as Sapp, and he is atrocious to watch.

  7. Did anyone watch NFL Red Zone last year? Andrew Siciliano did pretty good describing all the game action. I think they need to throw out all these goofballs and have two announcer types do the pregame, maybe with live shots to the stadiums. Or something. This “five or seven man booth” idea is way done-over. It’s like competing sit-coms on the different channels at the same time.

  8. Do the networks really think we fans like loud, obnoxious jerks like Sapp and now this clown over soft spoken knowledgeable analysts? Apparently so.

  9. He’s past his prime but I’ll always remember Bart for his CAN’T WAIT rant at the end of that playoff game. It’s almost as memorable as Denny Green’s WE ARE WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE meltdown.

  10. Warren Sapp was a first time Hall of Famer not because of his play on the field but because he is an announcer…and a lousy one at that. Scott’s best days were taking on tacklers to free up ray Lewis. The 2006 ravens defense…if it had only won a championship would be remembered with the 85 bears, 2000 ravens and this year’s seahawks.

  11. The 2006 ravens defense…if it had only won a championship would be remembered with the 85 bears and 2010 Steelers.

    Fixed it for you.

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