Bart Scott joins The NFL Today on CBS


Tony Gonzalez won’t be the only new face on The NFL Today when CBS’ pregame show returns for the 2014 season.

Former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott will also join the program, the network announced on Monday. Scott is heading into his second year with CBS and spent last season on the CBS Sports Network’s Sunday morning show That Other Pregame Show.

“Bart joining The NFL Today is a natural progression from his outstanding work during his first season on TOPS,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said in a statement. “Bart brings a dynamic personality and unique perspective as a recently retired player providing strong opinions on all the hot-button issues on a weekly basis. We are confident he will continue to bring that perspective and those opinions to The NFL Today.”

Scott was responsible for one of the more memorable pre-Richard Sherman postgame interviews when he used Sal Paolantonio’s microphone as a vehicle to let the world know that he couldn’t wait to face the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game after chastising those who picked the Patriots to beat the Jets. Scott’s dealings with the media got contentious at times as well, but his willingness to share just about everything that’s on his mind should serve him well in the television game.

When Gonzalez’s hiring was announced, CBS said that Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe were leaving the show. Gonzalez and Scott will join James Brown, Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason on Sundays this fall.

25 responses to “Bart Scott joins The NFL Today on CBS

  1. I prefer the NBC format — one host and two analysts with contributors that jump in.

    Six people on a “super-sized” anchor desk is obnoxious.

  2. So much for CBS downsizing its overly-crowded pregame show.

    Something tells me dumping Shannon Sharpe for Bart Scott is a lateral move.

  3. Wow. You Trade Sharpe for Scott. What a Joke.

    I am not a Sharpe Fan. He tore up my Chiefs too much to like him, but him and Tony G. on the same set would have been a draw. Scott is a Weak choice for the opening.

  4. “Bart joining The NFL Today is a natural progression from his outstanding work during his first season on TOPS,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said in a statement.

    That quote shows you how ability doesn’t matter and how conceited behavior doesn’t deserve you to have tenure.

    McManus keeps Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on when they’re boring and when we all truly do want excitement in our announcers. What’s wrong with Kevin Harlan or Ian Eagle having the #1 gig when they make the broadcast sound fun. The only reason why people hate Harlan is because they think he’s trying to be like Marv Albert when there’s no proof of it.

    Scott has no on camera presence.

    He never one-liners that shocked us.

    BTW, “TOPS” (both the full name, “That Other Pregame Show,” and the acronym) is the worst pregame show titles ever and the only credible person on the show is Amy Trask.

    It’s not immoral to typecast or include on camera presence when networks do this with female sideline announcers and CBS Sports and the NFL Today doesn’t educate you with its weekly episodic content that’s truly meant for entertainment.

    If CBS Sports stops practicing selective hypocrisy and morality it can be a better brand of sports television.

    FOX is still kicking CBS in the rear and after 2021 CBS may not have a NFL TV contract anymore and if it continues to act the way it does no one will watch it.

    So here’s what you do.

    Change the “TOPS” (Holy Hell) full name and acronym to something more professional, get rid of Adam Schein (people, it’s okay to typecast) and Brandon Tierney (who the hell is that guy?) and replace Schein with a presentable studio host that doesn’t look or sound strange, and keep Scott and Trask.

    Bring back Shannon Sharpe for the “NFL Today” and take Nantz off football and basketball coverage and replace Nantz with Harlan and maybe Simms with Wilcots or someone colorful. Nantz is a golf announcer and nothing more than that.

    This is not an offensive post. I’m just pointing out how irrelevant CBS is because it’s better to be relevant than not. Why? Because people will at least watch.

  5. Bart “Mediocrity Personified” Scott’s “Can’t Wait” comment was way overplayed, overblown and not all that intriguing.

    This hire will be regretted about 3 weeks after the rubber meets the road.

  6. Sharpe may have a better NFL carreer, but I hope Bart is a better speaker. You may say it’s racist or something, but get real!…Shannon is not Sterling when it comes to speech…and Scott is black, so nothing like that.
    I couldn’t believe they hired Shannon to start with – and I’m a Ravens fan who should have enjoyed seeing our old TE every Sunday.

  7. I agree that all of these pre game shows have become loud, obnoxious and pointless.

    I’d be happy if they just brought back Brent Musburger “on CBS”…..Brown et al are terrible. Not terribly much a fan of the NBC crew, and having Costas at the game is kinda pointless since he’s not a football guy. ESPN kinda still does it well but even they get a bit loud too…

    And hey, there are more than a few excellent female journalists who should be doing these shows or even play by play. It’s time.

    I agree about the announcers. Really, folks, mimimalism works. Pat Summerall proved it.

  8. I have not watched either FOX, or CBS pregame shows in years. NFL Network and or ESPN Countdown. I watch the NBC pregame when it is shifting to the NBC Evening game. But CBS and Fox need to really step up their game…I am willing to bet that FOX will not be far behind in a shake up.

  9. I’m thinking Marino and Sharpe may have been cut in whole or partially due to they were too costly and hired replacements at a much lower rate. That or they were difficult to work with (read: high maintenance).

  10. Great, another former NY honk in the media. Let me guess, the Bills, Pats and Fins “stink” and he “can’t wait” for the Jets to win it all again this year.

    Oh, what’s that, they haven’t won it in over 40 years? Yawn.

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