Clowney skips on-field drills, citing hip flexor


Jadeveon Clowney impressed everyone with his 40 time at the NFL Scouting Combine, but he won’t continue to impress in the on-field drills.

Clowney decided not to participate during the drills for defensive linemen. In a very brief interview with Warren Sapp of NFL Network, Clowney said he didn’t like one of the drills the rest of the defensive linemen were doing, on which they began face-down on the ground and then had to get up and high-step over and around blocking pads.

“I don’t like how they start on the ground,” Clowney said with a grin.

But starting on the ground apparently wasn’t his only problem with the drill: Clowney also sat out later drills in which players started in a three-point stance, and he then told NFL Network’s Willie McGinest that the real reason he wasn’t participating is that he has hip flexor tightness. Clowney did say he still plans to do the vertical jump and the broad jump.

It’s common for quarterbacks to sit out the passing drills at the Combine, but most defensive linemen do everything unless there’s a medical reason not to. Sapp and NFL Network’s Mike Mayock both suggested that some NFL teams may lose a little respect for Clowney for deciding to sit out while other defensive linemen are working.

This decision might play into the perception that Clowney is an amazingly gifted athlete but not much of a worker. Or NFL teams might decide that Clowney made so many big hits with pads on that they don’t particularly care if he doesn’t want to run around in shorts hitting tackling dummies.

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  1. Watched him at SC and this is very Clowney of him to do. I wish there was something that could keep that flame in him lit and he’d be beyond unstoppable but until then, meh

  2. Definition of prima donna: A person who thinks he or she is better than everyone else and who does not work well as part of a team or group.

    Give this guy several million bucks and what you will see is a giant potential go to waste, someone who won’t work at the next level, and probably a disruptive influence in the locker room.

  3. This is starting to look like a Raiders pick…all flash, no substance (see McFadden). Falcons wont have to trade up to get him and now, even them taking him at 6, I would question.

  4. Combine has become a joke. QBs don’t throw, runners don’t run, players pick and choose what they want to do… Just a chance for the Mike Mayocks of the world to fawn over their favorites.

  5. Good luck with this guy.
    Lots of red flags regarding his behavior.
    Remember what Spurrier said about him.

  6. This guy also said he wants Atlanta to trade up for him. That’s not good for Atlanta! They would be better if they could draft him where they are at without having to give up an extra pick. But Clowney doesn’t care about that, if he can get slotted 2 spots sooner, then he’s fine with the team being weaker as long as he gets a tiny bit more cash. He’s very focused on seeing things the way he wants to see them, and that’s not going to bode well for him long-term if he can’t find ways to adapt and evolve.

  7. I don’t blame him. Why participate in a drill that can only hurt you? All this “if everyone else is participating why shouldn’t you” talk is nonsense. Newsflash…the Combine isn’t some “team activity”. It’s a place where prospects are competing against each other to take one another’s money.

    The only concern I have about Clowney is what his reaction will be the first time an NFL tackle knocks him on his rear end. Is he a fighter? Will he accept coaching to beat that tackle? Is he a know it all? Has he been whipping opponents for so long that he thinks he’s gods gift?

    Being around Watt will help him. If he does what’s needed to be great, all this combine talk will be forgotten in 2 secs.

  8. I don’t envy the Texans in this draft. They need a QB and the marketing deparment want Manziel for jersey sales, but the actual football people don’t want him. Clowney is a freak but has the heart of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. Bridgewater has backup QB written all over him.

  9. A big question is how durable is he?

    He just ran a 40, and now he is experiencing tightness in his hip flexor? Wow what will happen when he has to run that far in order to catch a ball carrier or QB.

  10. On the other side of the coin, does it make it more impressive that he ran a 4.47 with his hip bothering him?

    All the underwear olympics are good for is getting guys that might have been a little under the radar noticed and getting teams to watch their tape, and everyone has watched Clowney’s reel. The tape is what is going to decide who is on what draft board where.

    Does he understand gap assignments? Does he have more than one rush technique? Can you count on him to learn your system? That’s going to be far more important than how many reps he did on a bench press, or how well he ran at tackling dummies with no pads on.

  11. I’m tired of these potential top 10 first rounders not doing all that is expected of them at the combine (Manziel, Bridgewater, Clowney). You spend the NFL’s money to bring you here, the least you can do is show what you got…

    How did Clowney get a hip flexor, from the strenuous walk from the hotel to LOS?

    …and as far as these dive QB’s go, whats wrong are you worried that the small school Borles might show you up??

  12. The only way I’d draft him is if I could give him a contract loaded with performance incentives. Otherwise I get the feeling I’d be seeing him on the sidelines in a Laz-E-Boy eating nachos during games.

  13. Because I’m sure everyone on these boards would risk exacerbating an injury, and potentially losing millions, by participating in meaningless drills.

  14. Bruce Smith used to come to training camp on the last day…worked fine for him.

    No this kid is not Bruce Smith, probably won’t come close to him…but it works.

  15. “I don’t like how they start on the ground,” Clowney said with a grin.

    I can see one his position coaches in the NFL telling him to do someting…..

    Clowney: “Sorry man, that’s not how I play football.”

  16. Diva, primadonna, self-centered, selfish and whatever other words you can think of to describe this guys attitude. I can’t wait to see when he gets to training camp and the vets have him carry their bags and pads, and chase coffee and donuts. He won’t be “bullied”, but he certainly will be singled out for “special treatment”.

  17. But, but, but he said he was going to show everyone at the combine that he was not only worthy of being selected #1 but he was coming there to show he was one of the best ever…

    From what I’ve seen, this kid has a great talent… at running his mouth…

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