Jerry Jones admits DeMarcus Ware could be a cap casualty

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The Cowboys’ salary-cap problems may not be huge, but they could be big enough to claim one of the highest-priced defensive players in the league.

Owner Jerry Jones acknowledged on ESPN’s SportsCenter that defensive end DeMarcus Ware could be cut due to his high salary and cap number.

“There’s no question when you are where we are on the cap, even though we’ve had some new cap space added, and you have a defensive player that’s your highest paid defensive player, and he hasn’t been on the field much the last two years, that has to be considered,” Jones said, via John Machota of the Dallas Morning News.  “You can’t have it all.”

Ware has a cap number of $16 million in 2014, which largely comes from a base salary of $12.25 million.  During the 2013 season, Jones called Ware out for his inability to contribute at a higher level.

“He’s had a tough time getting on the practice field because of various injuries,” Jones said Monday.  “All of that we have to weigh with how much of that has impacted him for the future as well as where he is in his career and with his age.  Those are the ingredients in the stew.  Now we’ve got to stir it up and see where we’re going.  It will be a very difficult call for us because of how much salary cap he uses.”

In other words, unless Ware voluntarily reduces his cap allotment, the team may do it for him.

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  1. DeMarcus Ware to the Seahawks where he revives his career as a situational pass rushing monster as Seattle rampages to their second straight Super Bowl blowout.

  2. 20 Million over the cap for 2014 and that doesn’t include the FA that will be in the market this coming March…….I would anticipate more changes that just Ware. According to “Over the Cap” website, Ware is clearly the only big cap savings to be had by releasing him (7.43M). I don’t know what they can do, but I would suspect that trading some of the other big ticket players may be the only way to deal with the rest of the gap.

  3. Really? Why do you go stick it down your glory hole instead JJ!? The reason he has been injured is because he has had to carry the Dallas D for his entire career since you can’t really do your job.

    How about you cut yourself instead skeletor.

  4. Ummmm…. are there any teams that wouldn’t like to have Ware on their team? Yeah I didn’t think so. Come to Philly where you get the opportunity to hit Romo on a regular basis and actually get into the playoffs.

  5. Better watch out. Jerry Jones may be smitten.
    Everyone saw the talent at the combine today.
    Electric performances were all over on defense.
    Jadeveon blew it up in the 40.
    Formidable rushers are in the draft.
    Romo told everyone who to fear.
    Other teams in the NFC East are on notice.
    Many will not acknowledge that Jerry is the king.
    Some will deny.
    All will be amazed.
    Many, many, many
    Superbowls are ahead for the Dallas Cowboys!!!

  6. These contracts are a friggin’ joke. Why do the players/agents/owners look at a $16 million cap number in year 4/5/6 of a contract and go, “Yeah, that’ll work!” Imagine if you kept the cap number reasonable through all years of the deal, you’d be able to keep one of the best defensive players in the league on your team.

    These things need to be fully guaranteed or something. That way teams will be smarter about their contracts and players will be compensated reasonably. Like baseball and basketball. If you’re dumb enough to pay it, you deserve the negatives that come with it.

  7. The only real knock I have with Ware is that he never really had a big game when needed the most. Seems most of his plays were done with nothing on the line. Also, no real leadership qualities.

  8. Demarcus Ware had no leadership qualities? Just because he doesn’t run his mouth and cry on the sidelines like a certain former linebacker, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a leader. When Dez was going off on his rant Demarcus put him back in his place and he wasn’t even dressed out. Dware and Hatcher were the only threats on that defense. Ware was hurt AND double teamed so what is he supposed to do?

  9. So the worst defense is gonna be worse? They will lose ware only to draft another defensive end? They need talent at safety and they’ll draft d line?
    Ok. That’s Jerry genius people
    8-8 again

  10. They can’t cut Romo or Lee due to the dead money it would create. Cheaper to keep them than cut. Their GM thought giving a well known injury risk $50+ million was a great idea. Jerry is a great GM, if you don’t like the Cowboys.

  11. I am in no fashion a Cowboys fan, but I have to say this is one of the features of JJ’s ownership, to waste talent and constantly (years and years) mismanage the budget. Ware had a streak of 3-4 years wherein he was almost unstoppable, someone you had to game-plan, someone I kept my eye one whenever the Boys played my teams. This is just typical: thank you JJ for wasting another great player.

  12. most of your comments come from people who dont follow the team like REAL fans of the team, Jerry is Right I recall countless times even when he wasnt hurt he was off the field during Crucial moments when they needed to make a stop and Countless Times Him jumping Offsides When its 3rd and 5 in the 4th Quarter!!! So As a fan I would like to see him stay and try to help the team by allowing them to add more to this horrid Defense, but if hes not satisfied with the millions he as already made then Peace homie, He should restructure his contract like Suggs did he missed just as much time or more and still managed to rack up 10 sacks to Wares 6

  13. The circus is in town. It’s Jerry’s world

    Only owner going on sports enter to get more attention. Like his franchise needs that

    Dallas will not win a Super Bowl in this decade. This coming from a Dallas fan

  14. If the pats found a way to get Ware, they could pull such crazy reactionary front 7 schemes.

    In a 3-4, Chandler Jones/D Ware at DE with Vince Wilfork back at NT, kicking Rob Ninkovich back outside opposite Dont’a Hightower at OLB. With Jerod Mayo and Jamie Collins as ILB’s covering.

    Shift Ninkovich or Hightower back up to the edge with Ware blitzing next to wilfork up inside as a 4-3 package. Constant rotation of blitzers and sub packages, moving all around the LOS. Tommy Kelly subing in for Wilfork on 3rd/non running plays!!!
    It would be absurd if the Pats could retain Aquib Talib and maybe solidify a good SS Via draft/ Ward FA

    Just like that, BOOMSHAKALAKA!! Top 5 Defense, Back to another Superbowl, and probably winning it!! Fear the old man Brady!

  15. I say cut Jerry Jones, that would be the best move for the Cowboys to get back to winning a few playoff games.
    D Ware is HOF bound, not first ballot but he will be voted in.
    Cut Romo and let Horton manage the offense. Get balanced on the offensive game plan for Pete’s sake.
    But Jerry won’t cut Romo because that would mean he made a mistake in the Gonzo contract they gave Romo.

  16. The guy is a Hall of Famer, but he turns 32 before opening day. There have been very few pass rushers who put up big numbers at his age. 2 years ago he had 11.5 sacks and 5 forced fumbles. Last year he had 6 sacks and 0 forced fumbles. He also was hurt often, something that traditionally (but not always) comes with aging football players. Time waits for no man. If you want to pay $16 million for past performance, go ahead. DeMarcus may be entering the Bruce Smith on the Redskins phase of his career. It’s an unfortunate reality.

    This is actually probably a wise move given Dallas’ salary cap issues.

    If he’s released, no one’s giving him more than a 2-year, $10 million deal.

  17. Any idiot saw this coming 2 years ago. Nothing to see here. The Cowboys are an afterthought for at least the next two years…THAT is how badly Jerry mishandled the cap.

  18. If you need proof that Jerry Jones is a complete idiot, look no further! He gave huge bloated contracts to undeserving players like Brandon Carr and now DeMarcus Ware is going to get cut? Are you freaking kidding me???

  19. This article should have been titled, “Jerry Jones admits he doesn’t have a clue how to be a GM in the NFL”.
    As a Cowboy hater, I hope Jones never fires himself and hires a real GM.

  20. At a functional operation, the owner would chew out the GM for overpaying a guy who isn’t there 100% of the time.
    But, this is Jerry’s World.

  21. All that premature BIG spending is finally catching up with him. He gave Ware a monster contract after 1 epic season, he gave Miles Austin a hefty contract after 1 good season, he gave Berry Church a hefty contract after 1 good season, he made Orlando Scandrick arguably the highest paid nickel DB for whatever reason. These contracts are what’s killing the Cowboys, the amounts are so inflated you can barely restructure them….Just Jerry being Jerry showing everybody how Texas does everything BIG!

  22. I could see Ware getting $20 million over 2 years. Maybe more. I’m sure a lot of teams would be interested. The Raiders for sure. They have the most cap room.

  23. It would not be fun to see him leave but at the same time I can see where Jerry is coming from on this. As great of a player as he is/was he brings zero leadership qualities to the table and has been getting more injury prone the past few years. If Ware isn’t willing to redo his deal and take a pay cut then he’s just making it easy for Jerry but at the same time Ware could be hoping for this as well.

  24. The mummy strikes again .They sign romo to a 100 mil. and say goodbye to the leader on de.What a great G.M.I think al davis has been visiting jerry in his sleep .WELCOME TO NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS WARE.

  25. Why aren’t there any Cowboys fans here thanking him for his 9 great years in Dallas?

    DWare is a true class act and I’d love to see him rushing opposite of Clay Matthews. There are fans that would appreciate you up north.

  26. According to, the Cowboys are projected to be about $26 million *over* the cap limit (assuming the cap is $130 million). How is that not a huge problem?

  27. This is the exact signing the Packers need and have taken advantage of in the past. A lot of teams will pass on Ware because of injuries and age. The Packers will get a cap friendly.contract and go back to the Super Bowl.

  28. It’s as though Jerruh’s on a 5-year mission to make the defense as bad as it can possibly be.

  29. Oh my word, do you people not realize how ridiculous you look saying “Come to _______” or “See you in ________”. I guess on the off chance your team GM is reading these articles, then happens to stumble upon your comment, he might think “Oh yeah, I should sign that guy”. Or better yet, maybe Ware himself reads the article and comments and things, “Well the such and such fans want me, I’ll go there”… You remind of the kids in the back yard who got picked last for touch football.

  30. As much as I like ware, it’s time to go.. For the better of both he and the team. I’m a huge cowboy fan and a huge ware fan. It’s proven though he can not carry the defense. Ware along with some other players need to go.. Miles Austin, maybe a Brandon Carr..we need to clear as much cap space as possible. Draft and Aaron Murray if he slides to the second.. Let him watch a year then cut Romo.

  31. OK…Been a Boys fan for nearly 40 years now. My biggest complaint about this Jones era is he holds onto players too long past their prime. Understand this, I LOVE DWARE! He has given us his best years!!
    BUT This league has caught up to him and taken a huge toll on his body! He will find a new home, he will still get a few sacks, but not for a 16 Milllion cap hit! He is on the downside of his career! Dallas can add 4 players who will do a good job for that amount!

  32. Just great they will cut a guy that gets constant double team and is the best defensive player on the team .Ignoring the fact that the cowboys BACKEND defenders couldn’t COVER a pot of about firing all those guys and giving him their money.You couldn’t do any worse in their replacement.

  33. DWARE leaving Dallas would be a shock felt around the league. He has been sidelined with injuries but he DOES COMMAND DOUBLE TEAMS. He is an asset not easily replaced but anyone saying Sean Lee is a mediocre player,…LOL, well that comment speaks for itself. If Ware leaves and Dallas gets 2 or 3 “mediocre” players like Lee then they will be ok.

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