Kirk Cousins wants to play, in D.C. or elsewhere


The Redskins reportedly have no interest in trading quarterback Kirk Cousins.  Kirk Cousins apparently has no interest in sitting on the bench.

After getting a three-week taste of the starting job to end the 2013 season, Cousins wants to play.

“[F]rom the day I was drafted, all I’ve really wanted is the chance to compete to be a starting quarterback,” Cousins recently told 106.7 The Fan in D.C., via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.  “I think that’s what all of us ask for, in whatever profession we have, we want a chance to show what we can do. . . .  And because of the situation I was drafted into in D.C., that obviously isn’t in the cards for me.  And so my attitude all along has been, if someone wants to give me that opportunity to have that chance to compete, I’d love to go somewhere.  But right now in D.C. if I stay, my job is to be a great backup and hopefully one day become a starter.”

Cousins’ position isn’t surprising; any other approach would be disappointing.  “If there’s any NFL quarterback who doesn’t want what I just communicated, I would seriously question — as a fan base or as an organization — what good he’s doing for your team,” Cousins said.

Still, it sounds like Cousins has a plan for politely pushing the issue.  “I’m gonna communicate my desire to play in a classy way,” Cousins said.  “I don’t want to do it in a way that’s gonna hurt our organization or reflect poorly on me or the team.  But yeah, I absolutely want to play, and that’s not a complicated fact.  But we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what’s in the cards.  And if I’m not good enough, I’ve got to accept that, but all I’m looking for is that chance.”

Cousins apparently would like to be first-string option in Washington, even though new coach Jay Gruden has made it clear that Robert Griffin III is the unquestioned starter.  If Cousins isn’t going to have a chance to win the job in Washington, he ideally would want to be the starter elsewhere.  But he’s not going to spend the next two years ranting and raving about being traded.

“I’ve signed a four-year contract and I want to honor that contract, so I’m not going to demand anything,” Cousins said.  “You know, I’m grateful for the opportunity to play in the NFL.  I feel like I’m living the dream.  So no, I’m not going to demand anything.  That’s not my thought process.  I did want to be proactive and communicate where I’m coming from, and not just sit back and assume that people knew the way I felt.  So I wanted to communicate it, go to the right people, tell them how I feel, and then those decision-makers can make the decisions they want to make.  And I do take it as a compliment if they don’t have any interest in trading me.  Then maybe that means they see me as a valuable person who can help this team, and in that sense, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

The Redskins would be wise to keep Cousins around, given the possibility that Griffin gets injured again, or that for whatever reason he doesn’t reach the full amount of his football potential.  Along the way, the worst thing the Redskins could do is fail to embrace a spirit of constant competition.

The Seahawks revel in that mindset, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re currently getting ready to design their Super Bowl rings.

34 responses to “Kirk Cousins wants to play, in D.C. or elsewhere

  1. Refreshing where a contract means something.
    RG III might be a head case.
    If so, Cousin’s will capably step in.

  2. Unless RGIII’s knee is shot he is by far and away a better option at QB than Cousins. anyone that disagrees is just trolling..

    Cousins, showed showcased his, err.. skills set last year. Redskins would have been better off keeping him on the bench and trading him this year. Teams actually got to see him play, so his value has diminished.

  3. Sounds like a good kid. Idk if he’s a starter, but he does deserve a chance. He’s right about it all in this article. Can’t blame him. That being said, he would be an instant upgrade in – NYJ, CLE, JACKSONVILLE(henne??), HOU? OAK, and still waiting to see how that buffalo situations pans out. But we’ve seen starters throw 5 ints, and cousins play isn’t that bad. He just needs more experience

  4. This is a major problem because as previously talked about we already know that the new HC has clearly stated “there will be no competition”. As soon as he said that it opened the door for Kirk to accept never playing except in an emergency and without competition, or it opened the door for him to budge the door open en route to leaving the team. Washington has no purpose to keep him because they don’t respect him as a professional at what he does. Thus his trade value is nothing and he will continue to rot on this team until the team gets desperate and sells him cheap or Kirk forces their hand to get rid of him. Washington is never going to enjoy the benefits of Kirk Cousins playing for them and they are never going to trade him for what they paid to acquire him. They screwed up Kirk Cousins’ entire career with them because of choices they made with RG3.

  5. The Redskins would be fools to trade him given RGMe’s track record so far, but from Cuz’s perspective, what’s he supposed to say? “Oh yeah – I’m cool standing around holding a clipboard & working really hard to sharpen my hand signals”?

  6. Come on out to Oakland and let’s see what you got. Let him, McGloin and whomever they draft or take in free agency battle it out.

    BTW, McGloin looks promising and they need to give the kid some time. He did better with that clown act of an offense out there than some big name first rounders have done. Reggie and Dennis would be wise to be patient with him.

  7. Of course he wants to play, that is what he’s trained for all his life. Is he good enough to start for someone? Maybe not. (I liked him at MSU, and I’m an OSU fan.)

    From what I saw of him in limited action with the Redskins, I’d like to see him (same with Bortles) on a team, just backing up for now, that has a good QB coach or elderly veteran player to mentor him (P. Manning/T.Brady/A.Rodgers). I just don’t want to see him start somewhere (Min/Cleve/Jax?), fail and only crush his confidence.

    I remember the Niners picking up QB S.Young and sitting on him while QB J.Montana was winning SB’s. It was tough on Young but it sure paid off, in the long run! Kirk’s day will come.

  8. Captain kirk wont go for nothing more than a third or fourth round pick if we are lucky. I forgot where I saw this but he was compared to a younger Rex Grossman, he’ll put up numbers but turnovers at the same time. Stay on the bench cousins

  9. This topic(story) just like the Redskins name is old…we’ve been down this road numerous times, so is there any benefit in constantly reporting it over and over? Plus i’d expect every back up QB in the league to think and say the same thing, and if he’s happy just being the backup then he most likely won’t serve you well if he has to go in and play.

  10. Redskins let go of Trent Green at one time…Let go of Rich Gannon, who later went on to play in the Super Bowl…..They should hold on to Kirk as long as they can.

    but message to Kirk-WE GET IT, IT’S TIME TO SHUT UP NOW…..

  11. Lmaoo, you hypocrites are hilarious. This is a BACKUP QB talking this much, but you idiots don’t have a problem with it huh? Let it be RG3 talking like this and you people are in uproar, go back and hide under your rocks…

  12. People keep saying he hurt himself last year playing. I think you saw a guy – unlike RG3 who is solely a mobile wunderkind at this point – reading defenses. He played just fine. Cousins could be a politician. He always says the right thing. Any NFL player who isn’t a veteran mentor type who says they are content to not be playing should be let go immediately. This story is the kind of non-story you see in February.

  13. RG3 will get hurt…have to keep Cousins.

    3 years from now RG3 will be out of the league…you have to keep Cousins.

  14. The preseason games should tell the story. They have got, to play Griffin, to decide if he’s got what it takes to start the regular season. If he doesn’t, then it has to be Cousins, or potentially another long season of being bottom feeders in the Division. Its the last season on Griffin’s rookie contract, and if he doesn’t show a tremendous growth from last year, only an egomaniacal GM or owner would keep him. Nobody wanted to see this happen to RG, but reality is what it is. Time to fish, or cut bait.

  15. Actually Griffin signed a four year deal so this is not the last year of his contract and the Redskins don’t have to do anything for another year.

  16. I feel the Redskins offense last year ran better with Cousins, Piere Garcon was relevant in fantasy land the last three weeks. I got sick of RGIII dink and dunk offense. Yeah Garcon saw alot of balls but 90% of them were on screen type plays. RGIII, needs to learn to look downfield and become a more complete QB. He is a superior Athlete to Cousin and most of the people in the NFL. But RGIII makes his decision to run way to soon. Its pretty easy math garcon who has been running for 20 yards already is going to be running faster than Griffin from a dead stop. Cousins says and does all the right things, he will be able to play for someone in 2 years.

  17. This next season should reveal much for Washington.

    Will RGIII finally come back from the knee injury and be the player he was at the beginning of 2012? Personally, I think a lot of fans and people in the sports media had unrealistic expectations of how fast he would/could come back from the injury.

    If the knee continues to be an issue for him, can he and the OC adapt his game to a new reality? Can he become more of a pocket passer, and take the read option less of a staple in the playbook? Russell Wilson keeps plays alive with his feet, but he’s always looking to pass rather than run. RGIII might do well to follow his lead in this regard; he definitely has the physical skills to do it.

    IF, and it’s a big if, he comes back strong this season, Kirk might get his wish granted. Cousins will probably do well if given the starting spot with the right team. Cards or Browns, maybe?


  19. Skins will trade Cousins if they get a good enough draft pick for him. They are just blowing smoke. He’s gone if a good pick comes. Go get Pat White again for a backup to RG3.

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