Lobbyist plans to introduce bill aimed at banning gay NFL players . . . seriously

Just when it appeared that a supposedly modern, progressive society is willing to accept people for who they are and not force them to pretend to be something they’re not, someone is trying to kick the pendulum sharply in the other direction.

According to The Hill, lobbyist Jack Burkman said Monday that he’s preparing legislation that would ban gay players from the NFL.

We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement.  “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man.  That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country.  What in the world has this nation come to?”

What has the nation come to indeed.

While Burkman didn’t name any of the politicians who support the idea of preventing Michael Sam from joining an NFL team and, presumably, finding any of the closeted gay men who have been playing pro football and eject them from the sport, Burkman says he has amassed support for the bill.

“If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it,” Burkman said.

It’s unclear how far legislation banning gay men from making a living playing pro football would go, and we’re still not sure how the law would go about spotting anyone who is gay and who chooses to keep that fact quiet.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  No legislative body will go for this.  And as Dwight Schrute learned to his chagrin, Gaydar doesn’t really work.

140 responses to “Lobbyist plans to introduce bill aimed at banning gay NFL players . . . seriously

  1. “If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it.” I got a big laugh out of that one, Congress with a job approval rating of 14% having any “morals and values” to give anyone!

  2. I’m sorry, I thought legislation like this was representative of the nanny state Mr. Burkman presumably wants no part of.

    This is so wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.

  3. What a puts. Being gay isn’t okay but being a discriminating bigotry is? LOL. Does anyone else see the irony of THIS guy being in CONGRESS & the fair, decent ones are in the NFL? This sums up the state of our country more than anything else could now doesn’t it? On a side note, though. Women can’t be in the NFL & EVERYONE surely seems okay with that. Guess that’s going to have to be next

  4. I have no issue with gay men in the NFL or NBA or any workplace. The issue is the locker room. The entire purpose of separate men/women bathrooms and locker rooms was because of sexuality and the discomfort it could cause. The same issue arises when you have gay men in the locker room. I believe the solution needs to be for teams to be required to provide private showers and dressing areas so that anyone uncomfortable can use them. Simple solution…

  5. Folks…..This is actually what makes America so great. Everyone has a right to say anything absurd and voice their opinions. However, this is just a lobbyist and not a legislator. So, he can’t introduce anything. In fact, anyone of us can also draft up a proposal and say the same thing. Perhaps we can have one drafted that makes it mandatory that the NFL have the same percentage of gay players as found in the population of the Nation.

    Again, this is not going to be introduced and even if something this absurd was introduced by some rogue elected official, we all know that it would be immediately rejected.

    America; What a Country……Gotta love it.

  6. I suppose we shouldn’t let women vote and begin to separate who can use what water fountains. SMH

  7. Gotta love some ol’ fashioned crazy, don’t ya’? These religious fanatics are the most dangerous psychopaths on the face of the earth.

    I also find it funny that he’s apparently not worried about the murderers, man-slaughterers, drunk drivers, rapists, wife-beaters, dopers, dog killers, liars or cheaters.

    Nope, not this maniac. He’s focused. He knows how to fix what ails us.

    Ah, good times……

  8. I’ve been pretty vocal on the Micheal Sam issue, not because I have a problem with it. I actually don’t care what his sexual preference is, it is his life, he can live it any way he chooses to.

    As much as I support his right to live how he likes, I also respect the rights of other people that may not look favorably on his lifestyle. They don’t have to like it. They don’t have to support it. They are allowed to say whatever they want.

    I don’t agree with this legislation at all, but if Congress and Politicians are where we turn to for morals, then all is lost.

    If you think no legislators will go for it, I think you better check the history books of the things that Congress has done. Who would have thought that the government could tell you that you had to have healthcare or possibly go to prison? Well, it happened.

  9. Seems to me mothers would be more afraid of their son being banned from playing professional sports and hated for being themselves as apposed to being “forced” to shower with a gay man. What a joke. Any examples of Michael Sam coming on to players in his college locker room? No! People don’t choose to be gay, you are born that way and people can’t wrap their simple minds around this fact. There are gay plants in the forest, gay animals, etc. Are you going to hate a plant for being gay? LOL look it up.

  10. I don’t know which part I’m the most upset with. The fact that this moron (who probably doesn’t even watch football) will somehow come to represent us (actual football fans) in the media and make us all look like bigots.

    Or the fact that a psychopath like this has direct face to face interaction with government legislators.

  11. The guy just wants attention. I’m guessing he didn’t realize the type of attention he’ll get with his idiotic age old views.

  12. you know when you do stuff like this it doesn’t throw attention away from the lifestyle you’re trying so desperately to hide like you think it does.

  13. Well, if he’s going to be a stark, raving lunatic, why not go all-in and include basketball, where he at least can say there’s one gay man actually playing the sport?

    What a maroon, as Bugs Bunny would say.

  14. Dear Idiot Burkman,
    There are real problems in the world for intelligent people to work on, please don’t distract them with your ignorant fears.

  15. Imagine your son showering with any man. This guy is a clown. Seems these are the same arguments that were made during segregation.

  16. I’m all for same sex relationships. You have your right to choose but I also get where this guy is coming from. Allowing a gay man to shower in the same shower room is just like allowing men in the women’s locker room. I love how just because people don’t want to go against the grain they have double standards. You can’t expect a man to feel comfortable in a situation like that I’m sorry. I have gay friends and as close of friends as we are I wouldn’t share a locker room with them.

  17. Congress trying to say they should uphold morals is laughable. Their idea of morals is taking the highest bid.

    And, sadly, lobbyists run Congress. Anyone who tells you otherwise either benefits or doesn’t get it.

  18. This will never go anywhere. All you are doing is giving this person free publicity so he can build a bigger profile for himself to sell to the very small, misguided precincts he panders to. Stick to football.

  19. Whichever Congressman/woman signs off on this is one that is being bought, although that’s probably the case for the overwhelmingly majority.

  20. How does this guy get away with doing this? He is trying to limit someones right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet he is in the land of freedom?

    How is this guy not being chased with pitch forks?!

  21. If you think our laws are written by legislators and not lobbyists you are very, very naive. If you think there are no rightwingnut legislators in Congress who would introduce such a bill you are very, very naive. It would pass the House of Representatives today.

    In Arizona the legislature has already passed a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to gay couples. It’s awaiting the governor’s signature.

    Yes, these are the same folks who say government should stay out of our business but not our bedroom.

  22. I assumed if I Googled this idiot’s name followed by the word scandal, I’d get some dirt. Sure enough. Check it. What a creep.

  23. The best part…… Remember the whole “DC Madam” prostitution scandal a few years back? Jack Burkman’s phone number just happened to be in the Madam’s phone book. “Decency” includes prostitution, but not gay people!

    And this guy is the leading “Family Values” lobbyist for the GOP. And he’s been on Fox News numerous times.


  24. They are waisting our tax money on things like this, they should be spending money on lobbying for better jobs or wage increases. They are a mess

  25. Relax. No one with any desire to stay in office would dare consider sponsoring this nonsense. Congress has no place butting into the NFL, regardless of what some lobbyist is pushing.

  26. Being forced to shower with a gay man? How about instead of a law we use a little common sense. If your teammate is gay and you don’t want to shower with them, then either wait for them to shower, don’t shower or shower before them. If you are gay and you feel that your teammates might have a problem showering with you then shower before them, shower after them or don’t take a shower. How many times have you seen a female reporter interviewing a player in a towel? Never heard a player having a issue with that. Why… because if he did he proably wouldn’t do said interview. Do we really need government in the locker rooms of the NFL? To anyone who quotes this post and asking “Do we really need government in anything?” Just know i will thumbs up your post.

  27. Jack Burkman is a Republican political consultant and strategist and Fox News commentator. He helped run Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in 2012. If he draws up a piece of legislation to ban gays from the NFL, any number of Republicans in the House will file it. In the Senate, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz would fight each other with knives to see who got to sponsor it.

  28. And yes Mick Dodge, we do need government in things, like building roads and funding schools and fighting fires and regulating shady industries like energy and financial. This ain’t the wild west my friend….we just need good common sense government…..

  29. Gee, and here I thought lobbyists couldn’t introduce bills to congress. The shear arrogance of this conservative religious fanatic is stunning. Congress needs to investigate THIS lobbyist and whomever he is bribing, er giving “campaign donations” to. Keep the Separation of church and State. We’re not Russia, Iran, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia. We are a modern and civilized SECULAR country, not a 3rd world country full of religious fanatics…

  30. Why not lobby for shower stalls instead of banning gay people from the sport. Surely a billion dollar company like the NFL can afford stalls. Why is ok for a bunch of straight guys to shower together?

  31. well this is America everyone has the right to there opinion no matter what side you’re on but it shouldn’t be forced upon anyone like some people are doing now days

  32. I’m a Christian and this is NOT what we believe in.

    I’ll never understand how believers can interpret the Bible in any manner that promoting hatred is what God had in mind.

  33. It is interesting that Michael Sam’s decision to openly declare his sexual preference and the widespread respect has provoked the “moral minority” to take these steps of employing a lobbyist to whip up a rear guard action. Why? The loony right wing know that they are losing the battle for human rights, not just here but elsewhere around the world.
    What happens in the privacy of the bedroom between consenting adults is not a matter to be legislated. The more extreme action that the religious extremists push for, succeeds in exposing them as crazy and hopefully accelerates

  34. And of course the media rushes to cover the extreme far spectrum position as the “conservative position”.

    I am and I know a lot of conservatives and Christians. None of them are for banning gays from the NFL or any other sport. We can all tolerate a gay player. All that is asked for is tolerance as well for those who believe being gay is not right. Don’t force anyone into a situation where they have to shower with someone they are uncomfortable with, and dont destroy publicly anyone that holds a contrary position.

  35. “Imagine your son forced to shower with a gay player…” Really. Your son is in the NFL and making millions and that’s all you worry about? This ain’t peewee football…

  36. How about we stop hating on the gays for doing nothing wrong just liking other men. The nfl allows for dog killers, murders etc but we have to make such a fuse about a gay man who wants to play the game and be judged as a football player. This is just wrong,

  37. OK, I think his plan is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard, but the irony/hypocrisy of the first sentence/paragraph in this article is hilarious. The fact that many don’t see the hypocrisy is just sad.

  38. Haha….this guy should be humiliated for the rest of his ignorant life. The shower comment truly shows a insecure boy trapped in a man’s body and of course, this means he’s probably a politician.

  39. “Only problem is that Lobbyists can’t introduce bills. Only members of Congress can do that”

    Ahh if only you were right….

  40. Lobbyists can not introduce legislation, period. Also, imbetteratlifethanyouisamoron.

  41. “We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. ”

    Burkman, himself, is example #1 of that.

  42. We need people like this to show people who even slightly doubt same sex rights that it’s preposterous to discriminate. This lobbyist sounds like a troll and if he’s serious and can’t sleep over this…wow.

  43. Just hook up a garden hose outside the stadium for whomever can’t handle showering with his teammates. Imaginary problem solved.

  44. Not surprised.
    These are the same minds that have managed to convince about half this country that if you’re not a straight, white, rich, christian male, then you’re to be feared and hated.

  45. This just makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR why Michael Sam coming out is important.

    It’s time to end this kind of middle ages stupidity.

    Religion should be about making yourself a better person…not making yourself feel like a better person by persecuting others.

  46. My roommate in my freshman year of college was gay. Shared a dorm room with him for a year, didn’t bother me at all. It was actually a great learning experience for the both of us.

  47. A few things the “Christian” hypocrites should understand:

    1. Being gay isn’t a “lifestyle”, or a choice. Its who you are.

    2. While “Christian hypocrites” have a right to think that being gay is wrong and sinful, it is the LAW of the LAND that they do not discriminate for reasons of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    3. If they don’t like it, they are free to renounce their citizenship and go to a country that meets their belief system better. I hear its really easy to get a Russian Visa these days. Siberia is really beautiful this time of year.

    4. If anyone feels uncomfortable showering with a gay person they are fully free to get a job where only straight people work. No one is forcing them to play in the NFL

    5. On another note, this issue may soon become moot. Michael Sam may be a courageous young man of great character, but at the combine, he couldn’t run for sh!t. His times, strength, and explosion numbers don’t bode well for his chances at a long career in the NFL

  48. I got no problem with any one of any color or sexual orientation playing.
    The problem I have is that we need to make such a BIG issue out of the next person to come out of the closet.
    I mean really…..who gives a rip?!?
    Keep it to yourself…..it’s no ones buisness!

  49. I believe that gays should not be discriminated and allowed to play in the nfl. However, a gay man showering in an NFL locker room and walking around naked will not fly with any of these guys. Idc how pro gay u r, it is simply an awkward situation. I can imagine players will be fine with him everywhere else, but he’s gonna be outcasted in locker room/ shower scenarios

  50. Being afraid of ‘showering with a gay man’ is the same as saying, ‘he wants me’. Stop flattering yourselves, you’re most likely not their type. Most likely, their type is, oh, I’m just guessing here, ANOTHER GAY MAN!

  51. “rextraordinaire says: Feb 24, 2014 6:56 PM

    Lol remember when the separation of church and state was a thing?”

    No, because as most people who don’t understand what was actually written in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, that actually doesn’t exist.

    The only thing that is stated is that Government shall “…make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

    What that means is that your state, local, and federal governments can’t pass a law that says that the United States follows “Religion X.” It also states that any government can’t pass a law that states that any person can’t follow “Religion X.” It was sort of an insurance that the United States would not become a Monarchy under a King; which ultimately answered to the Church.

    It goes no further than that. This person; as warped as they are, is not establishing a religion or trying to deny anyone else their right to their religion.

  52. When I see the folks in the end zone with their biblical references or Tebow using the NFL as a pastor’s forum, I cringe but don’t say much.

    First off, when does a lobbyist(legally) have the right to prepare a bill? Was he elected?

    Secondly, there have been gay athletes in locker rooms since sports began. They simply weren’t open about it. Was anyone harmed?

  53. Anyone who presumes that people who espouse hate are speaking for Christianity are idiots and do not understand Christianity. This is what happens when football players can’t just keep themselves focused on football. I care about as much about an NFL players sexual preference as you do about mine. SAM made it an issue and you expected no blowback from the people “on the edge”? Laugh at the stupidity and move on. But be careful about dragging God into it…I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care to be mocked.

  54. Anybody who took a high school gym class, played sports at any level , or was in the armed services, probably already showered with someone who was gay. You just didn’t know it and you weren’t harmed by it. The problem is that people feel compelled to put labels on people (or on themselves) and in so doing create a problem that really doesn’t need to be one.
    I think the fear for people is that a gay person will feel compelled to approach others of the same sex if they see them naked in a shower. Unless the gay person really wants to risk callling attention to themselves, that’s not going to happen. And if it did, reporting such activity would put an end to it.

  55. “If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it,”

    Doesn’t congress have better things to worry about? Like, I dunno, jobs and the economy?

  56. Let’s not make this an issue. This is a tiny group of people lobbying for this. A tiny percentage.

    Let’s not go labeling our country as bigoted because of a handful of people.

  57. Why do you automatically label this bonehead as “religious”? He didn’t cite any god, creed or religious text. Is it banning people that is wrong, or do you just disagree with the group of people who should be banned?

  58. What a waste of time. So this guy wants to introduce a Bill to Congress and hope it gets passed. Has he been told that there is no such thing as a “gay gene” in any male body? Sorry to burst his bubble and your story but this is a total reach.

    The whole gay athlete attention is beyond ridiculous. I have never seen a scrub Basketball player get so much over the top hype (Collins) or a college athlete trying to make it in the NFL get so much attention. It’s all about the mighty dollar sign isn’t it? Next thing you know you will have hundreds of athletes saying they are gay as well just so they, too, can cash in.

  59. This could be filed under the American passion…Frivolous lawsuits..Those people who file these type of legal documents should have a fine, or some sort of punishment. First the FCC wants to insert spies in news rooms and now this.

    This attempt to file is one of the worst. He is breaking labor laws, and the Constitution. He should be fined for this, as it is taking up valuable time in which lawmakers could be working on something much more important..

  60. “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?”

    Seriously, these athletes are adult males that have been through high school and most college.

    Were their moms horrified that their sons were probably having unprotected sex at college, getting intoxicated, possibly doing or being around drugs? This is the most laughable statement I have ever heard. Apparently, its ok for their sons in the NFL to be around teammates that are charged with beating their wives and girlfriends, drugs, DUI and bar fights.

    Its a shame that someone would make such a comment that destroys the foundation of a free country. Last I heard, we don’t live in Russia or North Korea.

    And lets look up the statistics of NFL players that have been arrested, versus gay athletes that have.

  61. He then went on to say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re goin’ get… in other words, this guy is an idiot.

  62. There are over 1600 players in the NFL and if you take the conservative figure of 5% of men are gay then that means there are around 85 players that are gay.

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