Logan Thomas puts on a show at the Combine


Among the most impressive players to work out so far at the Scouting Combine was Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas.

According to the NFL’s official results, Thomas was the fastest quarterback in the 40-yard dash (4.61 seconds), had the best vertical jump of any quarterback (35.5 inches) and the best broad jump (9 feet, 10 inches). Those are good numbers for anyone, but for a quarterback who’s 6-foot-6 and 248 pounds, they’re phenomenal numbers.

The question for Thomas, however, has never been whether he has the physical tools to make it in the NFL. The question is whether he’s a good enough passer. He didn’t improve much over the course of his three seasons as Virginia Tech’s starter, and at times his accuracy and decision making were so bad that there were suggestions he should move to another position.

If a position switch is in order, Thomas certainly has the athletic makeup to play tight end or wide receiver. But his physical abilities may also make some teams wonder if, with the right coaching, he could become a unique playmaker as a quarterback.

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  1. While all of those measurable a are nice, none of them equate to QB play at the NFL level.

    He struggled against so-so competition at VT and never progressed. He isn’t going to progress against elite competition, position change or bust

  2. Joe Montana would never win any Decathlons. Nor would Bob Griese, Bart Starr or Tom Brady.

    So much of football is played in between the ears. It’s about mental make-up, eye-hand coordination, poise, accuracy and resolve under pressure. None of those things are readily apparent doing the shuttle cone drill in your Under Armour nut huggers.

  3. There ya go – it is stated in the article – running and jumping mean squat for a QB. Can he make decisions and make the precision throw? If not, he could run a 40 in 1 second and it won’t mean a thing.

  4. He went 5-26 (???) for 52 yards against Alabama last year. He went 3-11 in his bowl game against UCLA before getting hurt. Never more than 19TDs in a season, never fewer than 10 interceptions in a season.

    But hey he did great in drills against nobody so let’s draft him in the 2nd round…

  5. Thomas played tight end in high school, so it’s a position he’s familiar with. If Frank Beamer had been able to recruit a decent QB, Thomas would never have been a QB at Tech. He’d make an incredible TE in the NFL, but as a QB he’s likely to be similar to another big, strong Virginia Tech QB, Jim Drunkenmiller. Lots of potential, but never realized.

  6. Extra large version of Pat White from WVA. Not suitable for NFL QB. Tight End is his position on the next level.

  7. @crazycane

    You nailed it. He is an athlete, plain and simple. I have been to many VT games and he just did not have the supporting cast around him to excel at QB. In the NFL he can play TE or even be a situation QB (unfortuntely, the WildCat is not dead). I can see him as a backup for Cam Newton. Same exact style. Low risk, high reward draft choice.

  8. Coaching ? Word Sparky – you can’t teach or coach accuracy you have it or you don’t – world is full of strong armed scatter arms ; who also tend to lack pocket awareness/ presence

  9. Bart “Mediocrity Personified” Scott’s “Can’t Wait” comment was way overplayed, overblown and not all that intriguing.

    This hire will be regretted about 3 weeks after the rubber meets the road.

  10. Nice prospect for Buffalo behind EJ Manuel…same size and skill set.

    Plus they need a huge TE/WR opposite SJ.

  11. All I see are the recycled words of one or two pundits, flowing like garbage from the mouths of people that have no clue what they’re saying.

    Logan Thomas has what it takes. Removal from the sewer that was VT and it’s acidic fan base will help quite a bit.

    Losing those crap coaches and adding NFL caliber wideouts will also make a huge difference.

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