Polian: Harrison Hall of Fame snub worthy of Congress investigating

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One would hope the House of Representatives has more important things to do than pore over Pro Football Hall of Fame voting, but former Colts General Manager Bill Polian is so upset about his wide receiver Marvin Harrison getting passed over that he believes a Congressional investigation may be warranted.

Polian told the Indianapolis Star that he finds it unbelievable that the Hall of Fame selection committee passed up on Harrison.

“In Marvin’s case,” Polian said, “if he doesn’t make it next year there ought to be a Congressional investigations. He belongs in there. I just can’t get my head around [Harrison not making it]. Marvin has to be in there.”

Polian also said it’s “disappointing” that former Colts coach Tony Dungy was voted down by the Hall of Fame selection committee. But Polian was pleased that Andre Reed, who played in Buffalo when Polian was the Bills’ general manager, made the Hall.

“Obviously I’m glad Andre made it,” Polian said. “I’m afraid if he didn’t get in this year, he would not have made it.”

And Polian is afraid that if Harrison doesn’t make it, the members of the selection committee will need to be hauled into a Congressional hearing. Which is probably a bit of an overreaction — even though Harrison does have a strong case for induction in Canton.

48 responses to “Polian: Harrison Hall of Fame snub worthy of Congress investigating

  1. The exact opposite of what the NFL wants is Congress butting in on ANYthing.

    Can you say, Anti-Trust?

  2. It’s because he got in serious legal trouble his last year. Rather than become a RAY RICE or somebody with a bad rep, he retired as a legend before things blew up. Didn’t you wonder why Marvin Harrison was here one day then gone the next? With those hands/smarts you always have some left in the tank

  3. Reggie Wayne is the only reciever I see that plays similar to him, because he learned from him. They play a top notch old school reciever, very different from Julio jones. Not knocking Julio in anyway, kid is a monster

  4. All the committee decided is that Harrison isn’t a First Ballot Hall of Famer (an apparent recently-created title worthy of capitalization).

    He’ll get in. Congress can rest easy and continue the efficient running of the country like the smooth, well-oiled machine that it is.

  5. I’m thinking this is mostly hyperbole by Polian but if it ever actually happens, it will be must see tv. Would be hilarious to see individual congressional reps ask why their hometown players didn’t make the Hall of Fame.

  6. Kind of an over reach….

    Harrison was great, but my argument for years was is he any better then Jimmy Smith, Eric Moulds, Keshon Johnson, Jerry Porter, and Randy Moss in that era? It was a pass happy era, even more today. Harrison played with a great quarterback, who’s great with any receiver.

    So, if you don’t put in Randy Moss, Johnson, Jimmy Smith who on paper match up with Harrison statistically and succefully, then how do you justify to put in Marvin Harrison at all really?

  7. Hopefully, Polian was exaggerating for dramatic effect. congress only investigates things that they might possibly legislate about. What kind of law could they possibly consider that would apply here?

  8. Hey Bill, I agree that Marvin was worthy of the first ballot, even over my main man Andre’s spot this year. But can you request that Congress make it a double investigation? Where the second one leaves a conclusion as to who pulled the trigger with good-old Starvin’ Marvin’s piece?

  9. Has Bill Polian become a loose cannon? Siccing Congress on the NFL will not help the job prospects of him or his son very much.

  10. #88 will get in eventually. sucks he didn’t get in his first year but ALOT of very deserving guys don’t. its gonna be great to one day see #18 #87 #88 and hopefully #12 in the hall one day

  11. He owns the gun used to shoot someone outside the bar he owns. A crime that’s never been solved. He is a recluse who never talked to the media and thus it makes it hard for the voters to vouch for him on a personal level. That said how do you square this with the ray Lewis fiasco that’s just swept under the rug?

  12. As opposed to a congressional investigation, I’d think the selection committee would be more concerned with Harrison’s propensity for the use of small caliber weapons when he is angry.

  13. Im not saying he shouldn’t be in the Hall because 14000 career receiving yards deserves consideration but I could see people not voting for him simply because his career was a direct reflection of being Peyton Mannings receiver also. Was he a great receiver? Yes. But his numbers were probably inflated because he had Manning throwing him the ball

  14. The problem with HOF voting is that the media decides who gets in. Player’s who were never media friendly seem to have that going against them in the voting. I don’t know how you fix that. Perhaps make it a player’s and alumni only vote.

  15. Harrison should be in over the next few years, but he should NOT go in before TIM BROWN! That man retired in the top 3 of all receiver categories when he left. The only thing missing for him is the Super Bowl & the Hall is about an individual’s career not just championships

  16. The HOF is by a vote. For every guy who gets voted in, there are several more who get pass by, every team has guys who they think should be there, congress would only mess it up worse, you know, like how they can’t get anything done. Bill

  17. I hate that as the nfl has grown, and now is heavily influenced by politics and religion. It’s only a sport

  18. All you fools saying his numbers are inflated because he had Peyton….do you think Jerry Rice’s numbers were inflated because he had Montana and Young?? Give me a break, Marvin was INCREDIBLE and easily deserves to be a Hall of Famer. Marvin was here before Peyton too, he helped him become an outstanding QB. They feed off each other.

    Reggie Wayne (another futre HOFer) had Peyton his whole career, then played a year with Painter/Orlovsky throwing the ball to him, and he still put up good numbers that year. Great receivers arent just products of their QB!!

  19. In sixteen postseason games, Marvin Harrison scored a touchdown in one of them. He only got over 100 yards in one postseason game as well; he didn’t crack 60 yards receiving in his last 10 postseason games. Guys like Andre Reed, Reggie Wayne, and Hines Ward blow him away in postseason effectiveness. You want to be considered an all time great? Don’t come up smallest in the biggest games.

  20. We all say someone is a “sure fire hall of famer” but at the end day, people vote on it. What you do off the field is not supposed to be counted; however, if people voted on OJ now or Lawrence Taylor, are they still so automatic on the first go around?

  21. So, who’s he taking out then? Only 5 guys get in, so if he thinks Harrison should have been one then he needs to take somebody from this class out. Problem with the HoF is the cap…just vote all worthy players in with no limit on the number.

  22. Excellent idea, Polian. Let’s also have Congress review the following:

    * The NFL’s status as a NON-PROFIT organization that doesn’t pay taxes and can pay the commissioner 55 million,

    * the fact that they demand public taxpayer money to build lavish palaces,

    * their anti-trust exemption,

    * and the blackout rule.

  23. Andre had to wait, Marvin can too.

    As a Syracuse person, I always loved Marvin, but sorry, he played with one of the best ever. If It took Andre so long to get in…Marvin can wait his turn too.

  24. If tony Dungy ever makes back to the final round then there ought to be a investigation. There’s no Rooney rule for the Hall and shouldn’t be. He doesn’t have a resume good enough to take a players spot. Great guy but it’s not the hall of great guys

  25. Harrison should consider himself lucky he skipped out on a murder charge in Philly. A mans dying words are “Marvin Harrison shot me” and Polian wants to gripe about the Hall.

    Helluva wideout, but Hernandez was pretty good too

  26. Anyone who has never read the Marvin Harrison murder story in GQ from a few years ago should Google it. It is chilling. Just the way he told the cops where the murder weapon was as casually as if he was telling them where the bathroom is located makes this guy look like a sociopath.

  27. Do I think Jerry Rice’s numbers were inflated by having Joe Montana and Steve Young as his quarterbacks his entire career? Absolutely. Does that mean he’s not the best of all time? No.. But that doesn’t discount the fact that great quarterbacks make receivers look even better. Look at Tom Brady and his receivers. Deion branch was a Pro Bowler, then went to a team without an Elite quarterback and was absolutely terrible. I don’t say that to discount what Harrison did but you have to take it into consideration. It’s a lot like a running back having a good offensive line or not. Shaun Alexander was the best running back in the NFL with Huchinson and Jones on the left side, Hutch leaves and Alexander was out of the league in 3 years

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