Report: Bills coaches want changes to the training staff

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Bills coach Doug Marrone discussed quarterback E.J. Manuel’s outlook heading into his second NFL season and stressed that the quarterback needs to be healthy after missing a lot of practice and game time as a rookie because of knee issues.

According to a report from Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Marrone would like to see changes in the training staff in order to keep Manuel and the rest of his players on the field in 2014. Graham reports that key members of the staff have said that they’d like to see head trainer Bud Carpenter replaced because they have tired of Carpenter’s “old-school methodology.”

Marrone and General Manager Doug Whaley would reportedly like to change the “this-is-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it culture” that exists around the Bills, but they have yet to succeed when it comes to Carpenter, who has been with the Bills for 30 years. Per Graham, the Bills are reluctant to make a change with Carpenter.

Manuel hurt his knee in the preseason, again early in the year and then just before the final week of the season. He wound up needing two surgeries, the second of which came after the year-ending injury and after Marrone said the trainers told him that Manuel would not require an operation.

19 responses to “Report: Bills coaches want changes to the training staff

  1. I thought Russ Brandon was given full control as of 01-01-13? Ralph, would you care to take that statement back? And its no wonder we haven’t had a top tier coaching candidate come in for an interview in 15 years or more. The “lifers” have to go NOW and its on you Russ, your move….

  2. For crying out loud…if the coach wants a change…why doesn’t it happen IMMEDIATELY? Is keeping this guy on staff more important than winning?

  3. The CEO CFO the accountants, the money men, all need to change. Ask Bill Polian
    when he left. What really sank the Bills?

    Good for Doug but the aim of this story should be the front office and not the Med staff.

  4. Why cant doug whaley make the change? I figured the gm would be in charge of picking a training staff since he picks the coaching staff. Doesnt really make sense to me.

    ………Unless your in Buffalo where the owner still thinks it 1967 and believes giving full control really just mean scape goat

  5. Unlike an owner who’s serious about winning (see: Robert Kraft), Ralph Wilson has always had a divide-and-conquer regime, keeping his people pitted against one another. He prefers loyalty to competence. The Polian era was the only time the Bills FO exuded any real competence, and Polian was fired for sounding off — presumably about the incompetence. None of the FO personnel (Littmann, Overdorf, et al) could get jobs anywhere else in the league. The same probably goes for Brandon. What does that tell you?

  6. Bud Carpenter needs to go. The Bills almost always end up with the most injuries of any NFL team. As far as Kevin Everett, it was Andrew Cappuccino who used induced hypothermia to save Kevin’s life. He served on the medical staff for the Buffalo Bills. This has nothing to do with Bud Carpenter. Time for a change.

  7. It’s the medical staff that saved Everett not the training staff. Are you telling me that this is the first year anyone has thought of finally doing this… year after year having 10+ players on injured reserve? I think it is about time.

  8. The Bills have had an insane number of injuries year after year. It’s time to change the training staff. What they’ve been doing is obviously not working.

  9. Let me shed some light on this…a Buffalo doctor saved Kevin Everett, nobody employed by the Buffalo Bills.

    Also, Russ Brandon was given “full” control, but the real people who control the team are Littman, Overdorf and Berchtold…all with the team since 1986…they handle contract negotiations, not Doug Whaley. They set the roster, not Doug Whaley or Doug Marrone.

    Trust me, this is 1000% correct…and why there have been so many struggles.

  10. I can only pray that the Bills organization gets put under some pressure by the media here so that the truth comes out, and/or change.

    All Bills fans deserve this…

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