Report: Browns’ coordinators were to report to Joe Banner


So who’s ready for another published report about Browns front office intrigue?

Via Will Brinson of, Pat Kirwan of CBS reports that the Browns’ newly hired offensive and defensive coordinators were to work under CEO Joe Banner.

The CBS report said Kirwan had been told by an unnamed league source that Banner had arranged so the coordinators reported to him.

The Browns hired Mike Pettine as head coach on January 23. Defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil was hired on January 27, while offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s addition was officially announced February 3.

The Browns made major front office changes on February 11, announcing Banner would be leaving the organization within two months. The club also parted ways with G.M. Mike Lombardi.Ray Farmer was promoted to replace Lombardi. Club president Alex Scheiner is responsible for the club’s business operations, but no CEO has been hired to replace Banner.

51 responses to “Report: Browns’ coordinators were to report to Joe Banner

  1. Which is why any credible coach wouldn’t consider taking the job under those conditions. Pettine and his hodgepodge staff will be out in 2 seasons guaranteed.

  2. What a power hungry s.o.b. Thanks for wasting our time in 2013 with your analytics and craftiness. And thanks again Goodell for forcing this guy on Haslam.

  3. Pettine probably wasn’t even in the top 5 of coaches they wanted to hire and the people who eventually settled on him as head coach have been shown the door. If Pettine doesn’t perform miracles this season why would Farmer, as the newly installed GM, want to keep him?

  4. Crazy…….Not sure we can believe this…..It is way out there and makes one wonder why anyone would accept a front office/coaching position with the organization. I feel sorry for their fans.

  5. Yes, report to the man with no prior coaching or scouting experience. That makes so much sense.

    Talk about the Napoleon complex… getting rid of this guy may be one of the best moves Haslam will have ever made.

  6. As dysfucntional as every one thinks the Browns are, this might change the face of Football as we know it today.
    Save the high salary CEO’s that do nothing and let the coaches and GM do the job.

  7. FYI,

    to those who don’t know that before Jeff Lurie hired his childhood friend Joe Banner, Joe Banner owned a group of Mens Apparel stores in Massachusetts. He has had NO experience with the NFL, NCAA etc. I found it comical when he told Ken Whisenhunt that he didn’t think he had assembled a Championship coaching staff and that is the reason he didn’t get the Browns job to which Whisenhunt gave the Browns a polite FU this year.

    Really have to question, Jimmy Haslett’s football acumen to put Joe Banner in the position he did ???

  8. The fact that they hired Shanahan already says a lot. The only reason he is in the NFL is because of his dad. The guy was born on 3rd base but thinks he hit a triple.

    It’s amazing how quickly the optimism for this team went away. A few months ago with Chud and Hoyer I thought they may be headed in the right direction. Then….POOF.

  9. I was going to say that this is what bad franchises do… except not even bad franchises do stuff like this.

  10. No big deal. Eagles fans are clamoring for Banner to come home where he is loved and respecte….I can’t finish type that without laughing my head off.

  11. The key word here is ‘were’.

    Hope the door hit you in the arse on the way out Banner.

    Go Browns!!!

  12. All of the Lombardi Trophies residing in the NovaCare Center in Philadelphia are a permanent testimonial to the football overseeing skills of Joe Banner. How the Browns could have let such a legend in coaching expertise just walk away is truly mind boggling.

  13. Wow. Will Joe Banner ever find another job in the NFL?

    Meanwhile, Mike Pettine is the Browns head coach. Ray Farmer is the GM. Banner is gone and nothing stands in their way of producing a winner.

    Browns fans are giving them lots of support. I’m getting good vibes, expecting 8 or 9 wins this year. And playoffs next year. Go Browns.

  14. Chiefs homer here. First off Ray Farmer was a great guy for the Chiefs and I’m sure he will be a huge upgrade over the mess he replaced. After we got through the Pioli disaster things changed for the better and I think your owner made the right steps to clear up his front office mess. I hope the Browns can build on their strengths and improve because the Browns fans deserve it

  15. joe bannerless should never be allowed near an NFL front office; the fact this guy’s ego is so large that he demanded the coordinators report to him when he has never worn a whistle in his life is simply comical. go back to running men’s apparel stores…

  16. The crazy thing about all of this is that the stunts that Banner pulled were all reported by Philadelphia fans and the media. They said that these type of things would happen when the Browns got this guy.

  17. well as a bills fan i hope pettine does very well….i was very sorry to see him leave buffalo.what he did in year one makes me wonder what would he accomplish in year two?i’d hate to think he left the bills and then dosn’t get a true chance to turn the browns around…………..go bills in 2014 🙂

  18. i am a long-time eagles season ticket holder and don’t think much of banner.


    banner questioning whisenhut was not that bad of a move. whisenhut is overrated. his temporary success in ariz was more so kurt warner’s success. when warner left, whisenhut struggled, which i think was the true ken whisenhut. we will see what happens in tenn, but i think titans made a mistake.

  19. I believe that things in Cleveland are looking up. Banner and Lombardi are gone. Jim Haslam has taken control of the front office and empowered Ray Farmer to be General Manager, and Mike Pettine to be Head Coach. BROWN’S FANS have reason to anticipate the draft and up coming season!

  20. How AR won all those games with Banner around is truly mind boggling. As one scout one said the only thing standing between Eagles and Super Bowls was uncle Joe

  21. As a Browns fan, I’m torn on Banner. There’s no doubt that he’s terrible as the face of a team, but he did make a good move in getting a 1st round pick for Richardson, and early returns on Pettine are positive. Here in Cleveland, our individual motto is, “there’s always next year”, and I admit that I’m irrationally optimistic about my hometown teams year after year, but the Browns DO have an abundance of going talent and draft picks, partly thanks to Tom Heckert, and partly thanks to Banner/Lombardi. Farmer seems like a promising GM, Pettine has a good track record as a coordinator, and so does the younger Shanahan. I’m not shedding any tears over Banner’s departure, but I for one can appreciate that the team is in a good position heading into the 2014 draft, at least partly due to Banner and his staff. Banner strikes me as a very intelligent executive who simply had too big of an ego and was too much of a control freak for his own good. Farmer, Pettine, O’Neill, and Shanahan have a golden opportunity in front of them, and I can’t wait to see how this draft and this season turn out.

  22. Bengal homer here. I think Farmer is exactly what the Browns need. A no-nonsense guy that wont take crud from anyone. Honest, trustworthy. Believe me, he’s the right man for the job. Plus NO CEO to stir things up. The head coach should run the whole show and report to no one but the owner. You guys are on the right track. Now if the owner can stay out of prison…….

  23. Everybody says “no wonder any good coach doesn’t want to go there “; if I’m not mistaken Jim Harbaugh was close to coming (where HE initiated contact) before the GM said no. Hmm

  24. Well being honest here, The Browns are not far away from becoming good…They get a QB, a running back, Heck they have WR`s, Pieces are in place. There new head coach is Defensive, and he did a excellent job in buffalo…Cleveland with there draft picks this year could be a surprise next year. Expect there defense to be greatly improved, And with a QB, running back and the WR`s they have, If Shanahan can get them in sync, could be trouble. Laugh if you want to, But Clevelands not far away.

  25. Should we be surprised with details like this article. Dysfunctional head equal crazy sick body. No wonder we couldn’t win and crazy things happened no matter how hard they tried.
    The last minutes bad beats. The dropped critical passes ect. But if Pettine can’t win with the talent and 10 draft picks then he will be known as so so average coach. But the stage is set for him to put his stamp and name on the franchise with a break out season. He’s been dealt a full house.

  26. And so Haslam hired a GM and a CEO,because he thought that they would run football operations. That’s what you do,hire someone with some sort of experience. Well,Haslam realized that these guys were lacking and canned them. That’s what you do,fire someone for screwing up their job. I’ll wager my meager paycheck that the Richardson trade was a fluke and NOT a master stroke He probably didn’t care for his music selection. So I’ll give Haslam this,he put his ego aside,basically admitted he screwed up and bit the bullet. Promoted a guy he saw was capable and hired a coach,not a name,just a coach to coach his team. I wouldn’t say it’s dysfunctional,it seems like he made a business decision,instead of keeping the same knuckleheads in place to prove he was in charge and he was right,he actually said I’m in charge and fired them.

  27. Based on ALL of the known hirings Haslam has made to date, inclusive of the thieves he hired at Flying J, how can anyone have confidence that this guy has any clue what a qualified candidate looks like?

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