Titans meet with Chris Johnson’s agent, no change to status

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Titans General Manager Ruston Webster said last week that there was no urgency for the team to come to a decision on running back Chris Johnson’s future with the team, but that doesn’t mean they are ignoring the need to decide whether or not they’ll pay Johnson $8 million this season.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans met with Johnson’s agent at the combine over the weekend. There was no resolution to Johnson’s status in Tennessee during the meeting nor is there any sign that the Titans plan to speed up the process so that they can come to a quicker resolution.

If he’s going to be cut, a quick resolution would likely be the best thing for Johnson. He could get to work on finding a new team immediately after the Titans cut him loose rather than possibly hitting the market at a time when teams have made other arrangements and/or spent money that could otherwise go to Johnson. It would also seem to work well for the Titans as they could devote Johnson’s money to other needs without missing any opportunities.

One such place they could devote some money is on a new deal for cornerback Alterraun Verner, who is set to become a free agent. Per Wyatt, talks continue with Verner but a new deal isn’t imminent.

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  1. This is funny. The past three years, Chris Johnson has been anything but a team player. Quite the opposite actually. And now? He knows the Titans are going to cut him and he needs them to do him a favor and do it soon. Good luck with that, Chris … This is called reaping what you sow.

  2. If u could get that kind of production out of him, with his durability.. Than he might b worth 8 mil. The only thing I’ve never liked about him was how he never wanted to take blame for anything rather throw everyone else under the bus for his lack of production. I just wonder if D. Walker was really talking about him being one of the “cancers” on the team last yr…

  3. Get rid of him and sign Gerhart or draft someone. How the hell he managed to convince the Titans to give him more money (lots and lots of money) when he had hit his peak and was on the downfall beats the hell out of me.

  4. Cut him (or trade him if you can), easy decision. Try to resign Verner. But Verner is probably getting more money than he’s actually worth. He’s a good CB but I think he played a little above his real level last year. Plus the Titans have some solid depth behind him. So I’d try to resign but I wouldn’t break the bank to do it.

  5. CJ is a cancer, one that costs way too much money for the output. He basically rushed for $10,00.00 per yard last year. Titans also need to toss Britt, Locker, and Griffin to the curb as well. We need to rebuild the team around durable, dependable players. Hopefully, the new staff will make the necessary moves. Otherwise, the fan base, who is already on life support, may not make it for yet another season at LP Field.

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