Vikings have red flagged prospects for their Twitter use

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The decisions made in the draft go a long way toward determining the success of a team on the field. The teams that draft the best typically field the most competitive rosters on a yearly basis. When there is that much riding on the process of evaluating college prospects, the scrutiny of those players is at an extremely high level.

That scrutiny has apparently made its way to social media as well.

According to Jim Corbett of the USA Today, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman says the team has flagged several prospects because of comments made on their Twitter accounts.

“There were guys I found on Twitter this year that I can’t believe they would post and re-Tweet some of the stuff they were saying,” Spielman said. “We wrote a report just on their Twitter accounts.

“I won’t say the names. But out of the 60 that we did, there are eight guys that we have concerns about their Twitter feeds that we will address here (at the combine).”

Spielman pointed toward prospects posting their partying habits and their drug use online as signs of their immaturity.

It’s unlikely that a few questionable tweets would be enough to truly have a negative affect a team’s view of a player. However, if a team already has serious questions about a player on their board, maybe it’s enough to be the final straw to remove the player altogether.

Either way, NFL teams are truly looking at everything they possibly can to determine who they will select in May.

41 responses to “Vikings have red flagged prospects for their Twitter use

  1. I still haven’t found one reason having Twitter is a good thing. If you’re dumb enough to tweet about your drug use you should be red flagged.

  2. The Vikings can’t really afford to red flag anyone. Beggars can’t be choosers, and the last-place Vikings would do well to eagerly grab at any table scraps that get tossed in their direction.

  3. If you’re an NFL draft prospect and your posting tweets about your own drug use, I’m not drafting you.

    And not because you use drugs. I couldn’t care less if I guy smokes a little weed. But because of your stupidity. If you’re posting tweets like that BEFORE the draft, you’re too dumb to play for me.

  4. I must be getting old , because I have little to no use for twitter ; I’m not real big on Facebook , either. At least with the comments section here , if I get drunk and type something stupid , it’ll be forgotten by the next day or so.

  5. Is be surprised if other teams aren’t doing this too, and players should pay attention. Every player has to be made to understand that what is said on Twitter is the Sam as being said in public and on record. If they post stupid stuff that embarrasses their themselves or their team, potential employers–in this case the NFL–will take note and it can adversely impact employment.

  6. I have no problem with this….certainly, every team wishes to field the best possible team.
    How many players have been a distraction to the team because of social media, and what they post on it?
    It’s about the team, and whats best for it….not how many re-tweets you can get.

  7. As an aspiring public relation professional we are constantly told to be selective in the information we share on our social media sites. This blog caught my attention because of the issue that presented itself after professional athletes tweets. This shows me that its not just PR professionals that can damage their work lives but athletes as well. I feel that those in the heightened media spotlight are supposed to act as role models for others and need to remember the effect they have on others as well as themselves. I am curious if this would be an issue if the athletes in question weren’t already fighting for a spot as far as athletic ability goes, would this be swept under the rug if the tweets were coming from the top draft picks?

  8. I just don’t get it. When has a twitter or facebook account ever been beneficial for a pro or prospective pro athlete.

    You’d think these guys would learn, or at least be more careful with their posts.

  9. Why is this noteworthy? This is not at all uncommon. Many businesses review social media prior to hiring new employees these days. And, of course, remember that the Eagles fired a vendor a few years back for criticizing their release of a player.

  10. Really?

    You don’t think a “few negative posts” of some potential NFL player showing you how he likes to light up a joint and smoke it, how he likes to party, drink, and perhaps if he’s got pictures of himself brandishing firearms….that this wouldn’t be cause for some concern?

  11. Vikings fans have red flagged Spielman’s ability to be a competent General Manager. Find a QB or GTFO!

  12. looking back at the last few seasons of the Vikings, it appears to me they shouldn’t really looking into the Twitter accounts of prospects, but the actual TALENT of the prospects.

  13. looking back at the last few seasons of the Vikings, it appears to me they shouldn’t really be looking into the Twitter accounts of prospects, but the actual TALENT of the prospects.

  14. Too often these guys don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of society. I’d be out of a job with some of these tweets mentioned above. Refreshing to see they’re being held to the same standard!

  15. So Curtis, public confirmation of drug use only qualifies as a ‘questionable’ tweet? It’s beyond questionable for players who could can lose their jobs as well as be a wasted draft pick.

  16. If a prospect is dumb enough to tweet about stupid activities (publicly)… they are probably dumb enough to do worse once they make the NFL (DUI, play knockout with their fiance, use banned substances).

    I am just surprised the Vikings were smart enough to look.

  17. NFL teams aren’t the only employers who check prospective (or current) employees social media accounts…..if you like to act a fool online your best bet is to have two accounts. One for show and one for fun. lol!

  18. Smart looking to get a job, let alone a job in the nfl and your posting stuff about your drug use. Wat they dont think their potential future employers aren’t checking on them. Idiots

  19. They shouldn’t red flag anyone. They need all the help they can get. If Spielman drafts another QB bust he can say buh bye to his job and Zimmer can beg the Bengals to take him back.

    The best QB the Vikings have drafted in the last 20 years is Daunte Culpepper. LOL….losers.

  20. Why wouldn’t they review that stuff? If people are dumb enough to post their personal business online then employers can use it to make judgments about character, intelligence and maturity. I would absolutely use it to red flag or remove a guy from the board

  21. Prospect 1: I hate purple
    Prospect 2: I know, so ugly, barely matches with white.
    Prospect 3: Why would they call themselves Vikings?
    Prospect 1: I know, Minnesota is totally landlocked.
    Prospect 2: Yeah like Toronto naming its team the Raptors.
    Prospect 3: Not like they have any.
    Prospect 1: “Had” any, past-tense, nobody has any they’re extinct.
    Prospect 2: If the Vikings draft me I’ll smoke weed and put pictures on Instagram.
    Prospect3: If the Vikings draft me I’ll come out.
    Prospect 1: You’re not gay.
    Prospect 3: Don’t tell them.
    Prospect 2: Wouldn’t it be funny if they read our tweets.
    Prospect 1: Yeah, the Vikings suck. Read that you purple (expletive.)

  22. I applaud the Vikings for taking these precautions. I ahve to assume most teams do the same (?) The league is already filled up with self-centered idiots. If this pares it down a bit, I’m all for it. If it pushes a guy from a #3 to a #6, too bad.

  23. the stupidity of some of the posters in here never ceases to amaze me… how they walk upright and are able to breathe on their own is truly one of the great mysteries of our time.

  24. Smart move by the Vikes to know who the stoopid players are. Best to avoid trouble before it infects your team.

  25. At least Jerome Simpson and Percy Harvin didn’t tweet about it.
    …come to think of it, maybe Christian Ponder would play better if he rolled a Fatty now and then???

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