Browns have no comment on images of Lombardi with Browns materials

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Several of you noticed during Monday’s coverage of the Scouting Combine images of former Browns G.M. Michael Lombardi looking at paperwork containing a large image of the Browns logo while working with his new employer, the New England Patriots.

Whatever the materials were, the Browns aren’t saying anything about the subject.

The Browns provided PFT with a “no comment” response to PFT about the situation, and the Browns separately have provided a “no comment” to Mary Kay Cabot of

Cabot adds, citing an unnamed source, that current Browns G.M. Ray Farmer isn’t concerned about the situation.

It’s impossible based on the images displayed on NFL Network to know whether the Browns should be concerned.  Obviously, a personnel executive fired before free agency or the draft carries his own mental impressions out the door, barring the intervention of the Men in Black.  But if the fired personnel executive carries through the door scouting reports prepared by other employees of the organization, that could be a problem.

From the Browns’ perspective, there’s nothing to be gained by crying foul, because the Browns could have avoided any misappropriation of proprietary information by, for example, putting Lombardi on ice until after the draft or ensuring that he was taking no scouting reports or other useful information for draft purposes out of the building.

For now, it’s simply not known what Lombardi had, who prepared it, or whether he should have had the information.  Those things likely never will be known.

66 responses to “Browns have no comment on images of Lombardi with Browns materials

  1. Yeah I’m sure Michael Lombardi is in possession of some real valuable scouting information …LOL. Bill is probably just using it as a reference of players NOT to draft.

  2. The Browns have really never found details to be important. I know, I know, thumbs down Browns fans because things are going to change.

  3. Lombardi is a bitter ex-employee. He leaked Harbaugh pursuit, Banner wanting Coordinators to report to him, and now he waives a Browns binder around the Combine.

    Lombardi is an immature weasel.

  4. “Potato Salad!” said the homeless rickshaw driver candidate on Seinfeld.

    As for the pics, Lombardi may have just lost a lot of money…

  5. “Hey Bill, where’d you get this old playbook from? Don’t tell me…. all these years… you crafty old devil. Everyone thought Brady was the reason you guys were winning…..”.

  6. Is anyone surprised the Cheaters are involved in something like this? And LOL I cannot believe the word “cheat-riots” is banned by you guys at PFT.

    Pats fans much?

  7. Based on last year’s Browns draft, which was led by Lombardi, no wonder Farmer is not worried. Lombardi probably pulled that binder out of the dumpster as he was leaving the Browns’ facility.

  8. It is all the game film and defensive hand signals used by the coach who just got fired.


  9. Bill Belichick: “Um, Mike, seriously, you can throw that all out.”

  10. I cannot believe Haslam would let Lombardi walk out with the formula to the Browns success. Incredible. The recipe for New Coke, the screenplays for the last 3 Jason Statham movies, the evidence of WMDs in Iraq, and Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate will all seen in Lombardi’s briefcase as well.

  11. Now the other Lombardi twitter leaker who is STILL with the Browns needs to go.

    For the record, Lombardi will not be of much help. Just ask Jamarcus Russell. He also didn’t think much of Josh Gordon at the NFLN. Bess/Krueger??

    the bigger question is: when was Lombardi ever right?

  12. Going out on a limb here, but maybe he kept his draft notes from when he was working in Cleveland. It would have been a dumb move to have left those behind.

  13. When taking into consideration, the players acquired by the Browns last year, I can understand how Ray Farmer is not concerned about what Lombardi has in his notes.

  14. So how does this work? If Lombardi produced his own work and took it with him upon firing, is that intellectual work the property of Mr Lombardi, or his former boss? Likewise, if other intellectual work was made by other employees (whose research subsequently lent to Mr Lombardi’s work) who were then fired by the former employer, who holds the rights over the intellectual property? In any consequence, there’s probably no one left at the Browns organization that helped compile those alleged documents in Lombardi’s possession, as they’ve likely all been long since fired by Haslam.

  15. why would anybody even care. the clowns, I mean the browns master plan. I am sure there is a lot of useful crap for bill to laugh about.

  16. I’m almost sure that N.England would give a damn about what the Cleveland Browns think or are doing…

    Is there a possibility that these mysterious draft notes could be Mike Lombardi’s personal evaluations regarding draft prospects? I mean….after all, he was just recently employed by the Cleveland Browns organization a few weeks ago. There’s probably a decent chance that he had taken some notes for the upcoming draft.

    Why does everything have to have some kind of weird undertone that suggests the worst case scenario? I’m sure that Belichick and Lombardi somehow stole the highly sought after draft scouting notes of the almighty Cleveland Browns, since they automatically know which prospects are going to succeed.

  17. Oh my goodness! They’re cheating! They’re cheating!

    Orrrr the guy spent months and months on evaluations of potential draft prospects and free agents and didn’t feel like burning them all just because they had a Browns logo on the back.


  18. With all the stuff w/this franchise the past month or so, they should rebrand this team the Cleveland Circus. New uniforms can be a clown logo on a helmet replete with floppy cleats…

  19. I remember when he was with the Raiders and Al Davis let him go , even though he wasn’t under contract and working on a handshake.

    The word then got out that the man was a snake in the grass and everyone around the league kept their distance from him.

    I guess some people forgot.

  20. Either he swiped them and this is his way of shooting the bird or he compiled some data and took it with him. Either they call him a thief or don’t care. The NFL will probably ask him what’s up,but the Browns seem ready to move on from Lombardi.

  21. This is funny because it’s like cheating off the dumb kid in class. You are going to cheat off the Browns scouting reports? HA HA HA HA HA HA (yes I’m a Browns fan).

  22. 3 Questions –
    (1) Are Cleveland Browns are the masters of brilliant player evaluation and drafting? Some may think that they have kept that very well hidden.
    (2) Is Michael Lombardi related to Vince Lombardi?
    (3) Is Belichick still seeking revenge on the Browns?

  23. It was not a Browns scouting report.

    If you look closer at the picture, Lombardi also had a box of crayons on the table.

  24. With the Browns amazing track record of success one can imagine all NFL teams would clamoring to get their hands on those reports………to put on the floor for their team mascot to soil!

  25. Scum.Bag. This team is a million times better off without he and Banner. Honestly, I was fearful of this offseason with those two at the helm. I know we have had bad drafts prior this this year. However, at a time where your team is poised to do some actual damage, you shouldn’t go into the start of things with your face in your hands. As for Lombardi taking his scouting reports with him, that fact doesn’t surprise me. What else was he going to do? lol….but he probably should have taken it off of Browns letter head…

  26. If these notes are Lombardi’s own personal talent evaluations they’re pretty much as useless anyway as his “own mental impressions” he left with. Anything he might know or think he knows everyone else already forgot.

  27. If Lombardi prepared it, then there is no concern except from the Patriots. The fact this guy has been fired multiple times for poor performance, coupled with his rediculous NFL network career has me wondering how this guy stays employed? Is Matt Flynn’s agent his agent as well? Lombardi must be hard at work looking for the next Tommy Vardell, Craig Powell, Derrick Alexander, Jon Harris, Derrick Gibson, Phillip Buchanon, Tyler Brayton, Robert Gallery, Fabian Washington, Michael Huff, or Jamarcus Russell…..those are all of his 1st round picks from the past….just stellar, just absolutely stellar! What a joke…

  28. This is what it said:

    1) Draft Craig Powell, LB, OSU, in the first round, despite his coach, John Cooper, telling Powell he’s not going above Round 3.

    2) Draft “Touchdown” Tommy Vardell, FB, Stanford, in the first round, because, hey, everyone needs a fullback.

    3) Skip over Warren Sapp, DT, Miami, in the first round to take aforementioned Craig Powell.

    4) Draft Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego St., in the third round despite my own scouts projecting him lower in the draft.

  29. Lombardi. Fired six times. How many of you work with someone fired six times? And if you do, how much stock do you put in their assessments?

  30. “Going out on a limb here, but maybe he kept his draft notes from when he was working in Cleveland. It would have been a dumb move to have left those behind.”

    Typically when you have a job, you sign something stating that whatever you create on company time is intellectual property of the company. If he did sign something like this, then what he did (allegedly) is theft.

  31. I’m a Pats fan but I was hardly thrilled when they hired Lombardi. I’ll tell you one reason why. When he was on NFLN and writing for NFP, he used to make snide remarks about the Raiders like calling the franchise “the Hotel” (as in Hotel California, loony bin). Then when Al Davis died, he talked all nicey nicey about him. I don’t trust Lombardi one bit. If you want to be completely unprofessional about your former employer in print and on air, that’s bad enough. But to then reverse it because a man you disrespected publicly died? Ugh. That doesn’t sit right with me AT ALL.

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