Browns say coordinators reported to head coach, not Banner


The Browns didn’t deny the report that the team nearly traded for coach Jim Harbaugh.  In contrast, the Browns have denied a CBS report that, under former CEO Joe Banner, the various coordinators reported not to the head coach but to Banner.

Reached for comment on the item that originated with Pat Kirwan of CBS, the Browns told PFT that all coaches report to the head coach.  That’s the way it’s been through the entire tenure of owner Jimmy Haslam.

Thus, while there may be plenty of other facts on which outsiders to the organization could rely in describing the team as dysfunctional, the report that the coordinators reported to Banner is not one of those facts.

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  1. The report was that the NEW coordinators were to report to Banner; speculation is that this was to be a new arrangement designed to keep all the power in Banner’s hands and prevent power plays from Pettine and Lombardi.

  2. I wouldn’t expect them to admit it even if the story were true. That would say a whole lot (all bad) about the organization.

    But I’m curious if there has been any documented cases where coordinators didn’t report to the head coach? That just seems like a disaster waiting to happen even if you had great personnel. What would the head coach even do if he wasn’t directly managing the coordinators? In the modern NFL, that’s mostly all the head coach does.

  3. Sooooooo you’re saying that because the Browns denied the report that automatically makes it false?

    Apparently everyone tells the truth now.

  4. I just can’t understand how he ever was in a position of authority with any NFL club. I know he’s a bean-counter, but how does that ever translate to making real football decisions?

    I live for the day when “Banner” and “Browns” are not used in the same sentence. It’s an insult to the fans…

  5. I told everyone, go watch Pettine in the press conference. He looks like a position coach, not a head coach. The way he carried himself and spoke, he is so in over his head. He has no control at all.

  6. Am very happy , overjoyed, enthusiastic, that Jimmy Haslam has taken control of the Brown’s, and has releaved the organization of Banner, and Lombardi.
    The out look is is positive, fans are looking ahead to the draft, and season, with hope again!
    We can function like an NFL team, great things are ahead of the Browns, with Ray Farmer, and Mike Pettine!
    Brown’s Nation has hope again!
    Thank you Mr Haslam

  7. Banner wanted the NEW coordinators to report to him. That is what the original report stated. That’s why he probably not in the position anymore.

  8. I don’t know if Pettine is the man for the job or not, but the more that comes out about Banner, the more cancerous he sounds. Is it any wonder why HC candidates continued to say no thanks?

    What I really don’t get is why Banner thought this was the way to build a winning franchise. Was he so blind to his own shortcomings that he believed he could orchestrate the entire football operation from personnel to coaching and succeed? Jerry Jones has been doing this for 20 years and he’s got one playoff win to show for it.

    In any business or operation, people work best when given the freedom to exercise their own intelligence, judgment, etc. It’s how true talents surface and how organizations flourish.

    Banner’s approach was truly archaic and based on his own monstrous ego. He has no one to blame but himself for being on the outside now. I’d be shocked if he ever gets hired again by a franchise. Maybe the league will give him a job, but he’s never going to be a CEO of a team again.

  9. If he asked the Browns if the new coordinators were supposed to answer to Banner, would they answer truthfully? I’d still like him to though. Maybe a real journalist with nothing to hide will ask them.

  10. The coordinators will be reporting to the janitor.

    After all, he knows more about operating an NFL franchise than anyone on the current Browns management team.

    The Factory of Sadness lives on !!!!!!!

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