Clowney could be doing a deal with Puma


Most NFL players do a shoe deal with a shoe company whose shoes can be worn during NFL games.

Jadeveon Clowney apparently won’t be like most NFL players.

According to Darren Rovell of, Clowney is expected to sign with Puma.  Yes, Puma.

Clowney can wear Puma shoes during games, but he’ll have to completely obscure their logos or face the wrath of the No Fun League.

It’s unknown which other companies were in the running for Clowney’s services.  (Clowney wore Nike shoes at the Scouting Combine.)

With Puma apparently getting the contract, chances are that British Knights and KangaROOS also made pitches.

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  1. Just design the shoes sleek black and in the shape of the logo, and put the company logo as the eye, that way if you cover it up with something white then your PumaFace shoe will have cool white eyes. Maybe kids will start tacking paper onto their new shoes to look like it does in the NFL games. The NFL could be involuntarily partnering with Puma for a hot new fashion trend.

  2. Make that money now before he flames out showing everyone he has no killer-instinct to last in the NFL. O lineman seek out contact more than college guys do, he’s in for a rough year.

    Multi-million dollar talent, no heart. Hope I’m wrong the guy is a beast, freakish athlete……

  3. Puma’s are popular among futbol players all over the world, and they make a very nice product. U.S. is behind the curve on this one.
    But to assume he didn’t go with the highest bidder would be foolish.

  4. What does he care if Puma pays whatever fine the NFL levies? As long as he’s not being suspended, right?

  5. Walt “Clyde” Frazier was one of the first stars to rock Pumas in the early 70’s. I had a pair of suedes.

  6. I remember rocking the black Pumas with the red stripe and the red and black fat laces back in 1985.

    Wait. That wasn’t me. We were too poor. I got the plastic K-Mart buddies and I’m still pissed about it.

  7. It isn’t about the fines. He actually won’t be allowed to wear them on the field. Refs will not allow his participation in the contest. If he steps on the field during the game with them, the head coach is assigned a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (before every game coaches must certify to the officials that all players are properly equipped) and the player is ordered to leave the field of play and not return until he is in compliance. Reebok an Nike paid the NFL GOOOOOODDDD money to have exclusivity so they have a right to ensure that their arrangement is protected. Part of the money paying the players comes from these deals, so players would be well suited to understand that the money that pays them can, and does, come with strings.

    I see this as either a player 1) getting bad advice; 2) being difficult for the sake of being difficult; or 3) not caring. Any of those along with his low bench press and taking plays off would cause me to wonder if he is just out to get paid and going to turn into an Albert Haynseworth once the ink is dry. I think his upside is fantastic, but not worth the extra risk over other players who seem to “get it”.

  8. Cam Newton wears Under Armour cleats every game, I’m confused.

    Article 7
    Throughout the period on game-day that a player is vis
    ible to the stadium and television audience
    (including in pregame warm-ups, in the bench area, and
    during postgame interviews in the locker room or
    on the field), players are prohibited from wearing, dis
    playing, or orally promoting equipment, apparel, or
    other items that carry commercial names or logos of com
    panies, unless such commercial identification
    has been approved in advance by the League office. Th
    e size of any approved logo or other commercial
    identification involved in an agreement between a ma
    nufacturer and the League will be modest and
    unobtrusive, and there is no assurance that it will be
    visible to the television audience. Subject to any
    approved arrangements with a manufacturer and subject to
    any decision by the Commissioner to suspend
    enforcement temporarily of this provision governing shoe
    s, visible logos and names of shoes are
    prohibited, including on the sole of the shoe that m
    ay be seen from time to time during the game.

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