Dolphins union rep on Wells report: You have to come up with something


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill said that he’s glad that the Ted Wells report on the organization is out so that the team can try to put the harassment issue behind them and focus on football.

Long snapper John Denney, the Dolphins’ union rep, also addressed the release of the report at Jason Taylor’s charity golf outing and glad wasn’t a word you’d use to describe his feelings. Denney said he hasn’t read the report, but said that the “whole thing nauseates me.” He wasn’t talking about allegations against Richie Incognito, former offensive line coach Jim Turner or others in what he says were actions blown out of proportion.

“I have a hard time believing that you’re going to pay a guy good money to take his time to do an investigation, spend three months on it — all of us can agree he’s not going to walk out of there and address the table and say, ‘I’ve got nothing guys, sorry.’ You’ve got to come up with something. They’re paying good money to come up with something,” Denney said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Denney said he never witnessed anything over the line or different from what he’s seen since entering the league, arguing that it all comes down to the player in Martin’s position. He said they’d cross the bridge of Martin returning if they come to it, but made it fairly clear that he holds Martin responsible for what happened.

“You answered your own question,” Denney said. “You know the answer to that. I’m not answering that question. It’s a little obvious.”

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is expected to meet with Martin as the team decides whether or not Denney will have to do any bridge crossing this offseason.

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  1. If Ross lets Martin come back to this team, I will record myself burning all of my Dolphins gear then head to the mall to buy some local team gear and become and Eagles fan.

    Please don’t make me become and Eagles fan, Ross. It’s a punishment nobody deserves. JUST BECAUSE I LIVE HERE DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO SUPPORT THEIR TEAM!!!

  2. I agree the focus should be on football, so why doesn’t Stephen LOSS SELL THE TEAM, so the new owner can do what LOSS doesn’t have the stones to do: FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

  3. This guy Denny’s attitude represents precisely what the problem was in the Dolphins locker room. He is the union rep and is still in total denial that anything happened.

    He basically called the Wells’ Report an exercise in fiction, a fabrication. You heard similar things from players interviewed early-on in the scandal.

    I have a feeling, he had probably had a few to drink and will be summoned onto the carpet and read the riot act. For someone who didn’t bother to read the report, he should have reserved any comment. Just think, he’s the union rep, pooping off about something he never read.

    Not a good look, but inline with Dolphins dysfunction.

  4. John Denney isn’t exactly a brain trust. Good thing he plays a football position that’s essentially charity for white guys who can’t make it as LBs/DLs rather than something that actually matters. Denney has basically spent his entire adult life becoming highly skilled at throwing crap between his legs.

  5. Nine years in the league and a guy who is on the field for 3-6 plays a game AS A LONGSNAPPER, spends all his time on the side of the practice field away from real drills and practice plays, has a locker sequestered away from the real players with the kicker and punter, and has never played for another team in the NFL has never seen anything like it before since entering the league? Meaning you’ve never played for a franchise with self-respect and class? Shocking! Shocking I say.

    It just proves that the NFLPA doesn’t really care about players, just the money they get for stars, if this is the repping the fins. This guy has no other experience to base his opinion off of other than the downtrodden team he’s been a part of for the past decade.

    Isn’t it funny how the NFLPA rep for other teams are probowlers like Drew Brees for NO, or Franchise types like Andrew Whitworth for Cincy, Jordy Nelson in GB, MJD in Jax. But Miami sends their LS, this just proves how much these guys in South Beach care about work environment, their retirement, etc. Miami is like Cincy in the 90’s, a place where players like Incognito go to earn a last paycheck or two at the end of their careers and party it up because no one else would give them that kind of money around the league. And all the while their draftees leave ASAP when they learn that the franchise isn’t serious about winning a championship, just getting another margarita ready for the “Tornado”.

    I feel sorry for fins fans. They deserve a better team and franchise. Ross should clean out the entire staff; coaching, front office, and day to day people that saw this crash after Shula and Jimmy Johnson. Clean it out and go after the best of the best in the league and College ranks. Cut half the roster including their entire line and build around Tannehill and Wake who seem like okay dudes. Trade that turd Pouncey to Pitt with his turd brother, and they can go visit their “boi” Hernandez in the land of striped sunlight together.

  6. We’ll never really know what went on, but Denney’s comments are spot on. I see the same thing in my work. If our client get selected by the government for a tax audit, there’s actually pressure on the auditor to find *something*. They can’t go into a business and spend days looking through their books then go back to their supervisor and say everything was clean. They need to find something to write up. No matter how small, or picky, or flimsy. Here, the pressure was even greater because of the media attention. Finding something = Dolphins at fault. Not finding anything = NFL doing nothing to stop bullying. And the NFL is paying the bill. What did you think the result would be?

  7. The Dolphins’ union rep admitted he hasn’t seen the Wells report? Philbin is oblivious, Tannehill is obviously no kind of leader. One less team the rest of the NFL has to worry about being competitive.

  8. Martin is a traitor among his brethren. Even if they welcome him back to his face, I don’t think he’ll be invited to many dinners.

  9. Yes Mr. Denney, the Report was all a scam perpetrated by Mr. Wells simply to justify his fee. In fact, I bet it was the end game of a long con that Martin played on the Dolphins and the NFL to set up his lawsuit. Martin’s family probably runs in the same social circles as Wells, so of course it probably wasn’t a coincidence that after Martin reported the false allegations, the NFL just happened to appoint a Martin family friend to investigate.

    Or Mr. Denney, maybe you should read the Report before you decide to dismiss what happened.

  10. “Denney said he hasn’t read the report”

    The Dolphins union rep has not read the report? A report that is killing the careers of union members on his team.

    That has to be a misprint.

  11. Are you a players Union rep? I’m just thinking you’re probably the worst union rep on the planet. Do you even know what you’re doing? What union rep sides publicly with the company?

  12. I can see him not reading the report if he believes NOTHING happened out of the ordinary. He was there.

    Not saying he’s right, or wrong. Just I can see his logic. As far as him representing these players, I think it’s beyond that, and out of his hands.

  13. It’s funny how Incognito has had a reputation in the league for years as being a complete Delta Bravo yet a lot of people defend him and call Martin a traitor. Past behavior indicates how a person will act in the future and there was plenty of red flags from this guy. Anyone who defends Incognito is an idiot.

  14. funny how people dog denny yet they don’t even know who he is. he is the best long snapper in the game, and im sure to most of the trolls on here that means nothing, but to smart football fans longsnappers are very important. and he is exactly right, even after the report came out there were discrepencies, no where in that report did wells say anything about martin’s willingness to participate in the fun times which the text’s from him and richie contradict, plus the trainer that was fired (forcefully from the league) referenced the incedent between richie and the japanese trainer and said that did in fact happen, and he addressed it and confronted richie (like grown up’s do) and richie apologized and it was done. there are discrepencies all over that report and i thought this from the day after the investigation was announced that they just need a scapegoat. move on people.

  15. The Dolphins players association representative hasn’t read the report. Well, that’s going to take some time to process.

    The Dolphins union rep hasn’t read the report, but finds it invalid because they’re paid to find something. That statement says everything about that locker room and how it came to this–oblivious, entitled and feebleminded.

  16. Incognito’s words and actions were wrong
    Martin’s words and over actions were wrong.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Adding a third, a Wells investigation pressured into finding something makes a mess.

    Though Denney should have at least read the report, there is nothing he could do as the league had taken over the situation.

    Dolphins players, coaches and management aren’t going to find out any ground breaking info in the Wells Report. They lived in that environment.
    While we the fans and those outside the organization waited for info,
    they talked with each other, shared info and opinions, and more.

    At this point, its time for the team and organization to move forward and concentrate on regrouping and performing as a better team, and better citizens. Beating a dead horse will only prolong the pain for the team and for us as fans.

  17. tvjules says:

    Tannehill is glad the Dolphins can now ‘focus on football’?!


    I wish Tanny would focus on football… like not over or under throwing the deep ball so badly when the game is on the line in the 4th Q

    or maybe scoring sometimes when they get in the red zone….

    the Tanny experiment is over….

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