Door not closed on Pickett and Raji, but Mike McCarthy’s talking up Josh Boyd


The Packers have four defensive linemen among the potential free agents on their roster and coach Mike McCarthy said that it isn’t practical for the team to keep all of them.

That could lead to an opening for Josh Boyd. The 2013 fifth-round pick played sparingly as a rookie, but McCarthy said that he thinks Boyd is big enough to play the nose (where he could replace Ryan Pickett) and flexible enough to play elsewhere on the line.

“I don’t want Josh to bulk up,” McCarthy said, via Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I think Josh definitely has the flexibility. He’s shown he can play the nose. He needs to take a huge step, and I think he’ll be one of those players that does in his second year.”

Pickett is joined by B.J. Raji, Johnny Jolly and C.J. Wilson as impending free agents. McGinn thinks Jolly might be done because of the cervical disc injury he suffered last season and reports that there’s been “tepid” unofficial interest in Raji during the combine. Raji turned down an offer from the Packers last year that was believed to be worth around $8 million per year and then turned in a largely uninspired season on the Packers line.

That could lead him back to Green Bay on a lesser deal and McCarthy said that Pickett’s return has “not yet” been ruled out, but it seems that Boyd will be in position to grab a larger role however the rest of the line shakes out.

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  1. I think calling Raji’s season “uninspired” is kind… and in a contract year? I loved the draft pick, but it seems the kid got comfortable

  2. GB needs to find an explosive DL player. Cullen Jenkins helped that front 7 immensly. They need some to one like that, to get back to the SB.

    Even though the D still wasn’t great at tackling, the pressure he helped the rest defense put on forced a lot more turnovers than they have lately.

  3. Pickett might be back but if he does, it will be closer to veteran minimal salary than his contract last year. The rest will walk or play for the Vikings, almost the same as being out of pro football.

  4. I don’t know if Raji didn’t like the Capers scheme but he didn’t play well. He’ll probably get more money than he is worth somewhere else. Pickett has been a good player but he’s getting old in the tooth. Boyd seems to have the motor Raji lacks.

  5. amazingguy– McCarthy has been saying that Jolly’s neck injury is career threatening…. at the same time he has been optimistic around Finley being able to play. Don’t count on Jolly

  6. according to pack fans, the packers will win the division for the next 7 to 10 years, rodgers never gets injured. mathews has never missed a game.etc etc etc .i can hear it already when rodgers hits 45 or so, “dont pay him that much, he’s getting a bit old”

  7. Rick Spielman is paying close attention. Most of these guys the Packers get rid of will be starting for the Vikings next year over the losers they drafted

    next year? so they are bypassing the 2014 season?

  8. I’m from Wisconsin and remember the Bart Starr, Paul Horning, Carroll Dale days. Love the Packers. But McCarthy needs to just shut up and put a team out there that can run deep into the payoffs. If Green Bay doesn’t make the playoffs, or they go out in the first round, then look for McCarthy to go By-By!!!!

  9. With a defense that good they can afford to let these guys walk. Having said that, there’s nothing to say that after a bit of sizzurp that Jolly might be able to play through the pain.

  10. If you’re going to fire someone you need to replace them with someone better. That person isn’t out there right now, but canning him without bringing in someone better is how good teams regress. Look at teams like dallas.

  11. I love pickett the man has heart and can still stuff the run please retain him if at all possible.

    The queens are happy since they wanted to draft Raji anyhow in 2009 now they can have him on the roster. Well not as happy as the packers that he turned down 8 million a year.

    Lets give Dante Jones a year, Daniels is coming on strong Worthey who knows . Josh Boyd wait and see ..

    Raji can go bye bye he has so much talent and if he played with half the heart hawk has he could have been all pro.

  12. If you’re going to fire someone you need to replace them with someone better. That person isn’t out there right now, but coaches without bringing in someone better is how good teams regress. Look at teams like Dallas and Indy when Dungy left. Its also how teams improve though, like KC and Zona

  13. Pickett is old and looked it all of last year. Jolly’s career may be in the tank due to his latest injury and Raji has had his face pushed into the dirt the past three years. If they lost all three of these guys, it would not be the end of the world that’s for sure.
    No one wants Raji or Pickett and Jolly is probably done as a football player.

  14. Definitely need to get these guys signed and in Vikings purple. It will go a long way to help improve our NFC North Worst defense and we should be able to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

  15. At least 4 or 5 poor bitter Viking posters chime in with fat jokes. One even uses the same lame donut joke from yesterday. Really? This is the best you guys can do? I guess when you have a last place team with no help coming in a way of qb, an incompetent GM making the decisions, there is not much is there?

  16. Maybe Raji just needs a change of scenery. It has happened before…. He has a lot of talent, and his rookie year was great, but he seems to be complacent. Perhaps the shock of being relatively unwanted and a position coach that will ride him will coax the best out of him.

    Perhaps a scheme change would be of benefit, too. He never struck me as the take-up-blockers behind-the-scenes kind of guy that a 3-4 needs. Being a NT in a 4-3 might inspire him.

    Regardless, I am in agreement with many of the Packer fans on here in that he probably needs to go elsewhere. Pickett might still be viable in a limited role. I would probably try to keep him for another year or two, especially if the Pack believe Boyd is ready for a larger role. However, they cannot just trust in the guys on the roster and whoever they draft to fill the void. They should be looking to the FA pool for at least one guy.

  17. Really? Vike fans making fun of McCarthy because he’s a little overweight? Have you seen your OC’s neck? Seriously, he should get that checked out – that’s one weird skin condition.

  18. Face it folks, there isn’t a coach in the NFCN that’s gonna win any beauty contests — Zimmer looks like a plumber, MM’s fat, Trestman is cadaver-like, and Caldwell looks like a bug-eyed sleep-walking zombie.

  19. Didn’t Coach say we were gonna be running more “hybrid 4-3/3-4” schemes?

    so we won’t be asking our Dline to “hold up blocks and let a slow a## AJ Hawk run in and whiff on a tackle” type of defense…

    We’re gonna be running that “shoot into the backfield and get a sack or tackle for a loss” type of scheme…

    or not, idk.

  20. Pickett will probably be back at close to the minimum. Raji, after almost unbelievably turning down an early season offer of $8 million/year, is almost surely gone. Daniels is good but too small to play regularly. They need D. Jones to step up and have to hope Worthy comes back and shows something. Won’t be surprised if they take one of the Notre Dame DLinemen in first round of the draft if they’re still available.
    Pack is “lucky” that they need help at all levels of the defense; whoever’s there in the first couple of rounds will fit a need.

  21. The jolly story was nice, but its all they had on that side of the ball other than daniels and matthews. Not sure what happened to that d-line rotation over the years but they had one of the best in the league for a while.

    Rodgers has been rodgers, but your 4th world championship was because of the defense in 2010.

  22. Vikes fans are all angry and bitter that their franchise will never even remotely come close to being half the franchise that Green Bay is so they google our team online and bash the players, coaches and anything they can think of to feel better about themselves…And while they do that Green Bay fans are enjoying who we got and discussing who can complement our team to continue our tradition of being SB contenders next season. All Vikes fans could think to talk about is us and being fat? Their fans epitomize their team’s inability to stay focused (on themselves) that’s why they are good at losing out.

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