Jaguars not interested in Hard Knocks

The Jaguars, like all teams, would like to have a national following.  The Jaguars, like many teams, prefer to establish a national following by winning games.

Not by being the subjects of Hard Knocks.

This year, the Jaguars are one of eight teams that could be tapped on the shoulder by the NFL and involuntarily pressed into service for the annual HBO/NFL Films production.  If that call comes, what would G.M. Dave Caldwell say?

“That’s a good question,” Caldwell said during a Scouting Combine sit-down with Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “Our reaction would be that we would try to defer.”

Jokingly reminded it’s not a coin toss at the start of a game, Caldwell said, “But it wouldn’t be an ideal situation for us.  We take a lot of pride in our culture and we’re very particular on who we bring into the organization.  So we’ve been able to build a lot of trust from our coaching staff to our players and they know, our players know we have their best interests at heart.  It’s hard to build trust with cameras omnipresent.”

It could be hard for the Jaguars to avoid the Hard Knocks assignment if, for example, they use the third overall pick in the draft on a dynamic and intriguing young player like Johnny Manziel.

The other seven teams that could end up with the Hard Knocks assignment, whether they want it or not, include the Bears, Bills, Cardinals, Giants, Raiders, Rams, and Steelers.

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17 responses to “Jaguars not interested in Hard Knocks

  1. Let’s be realistic. Are we really discussing the possibility of the NFL forcing Hard Knocks on the Jaguars when the Bears, Giants, and Steelers are options?

  2. How do you FORCE a team to take part in a show they want no part of? Has it gotten to the point that money is the NFL’s ONLY God? But then again, the forced tean does get to drink some of the milk from the cow, so what do I know? I’m just a dumb fan whose family has now been buying tickets for 63 years.

  3. Smart move by Dave. I remember the days when Gene was craving for attention in hard knocks after putting a bad team. This is a culture change hopefully for good.

  4. If the Jags are smart enough to avoid the Johnny Prima Dona trap, they stand to be the most improved team in the AFC, maybe even the NFL.They are a few good personnel moves from making a huge leap.

    They are building a defense modeled after Seattle and the unsettled nature of QB and RB have to be addressed. There’s been an attitude shift and they will not be an automatic W for teams next season.

  5. I don’t understand why so many teams are so afraid of this show. I love it, no matter what team they show. I’d love to see how our rivals do it but no one will put their hat in. The Bengals bucked the trend by making the playoffs during both Hard Knocks runs. How does it hurt a team that is not even suppose to be in the hunt?

  6. Hard Knocks should do two teams. The teams playing in the Hall of Fame game. Just do it like they do with the NHL Classic. Problem solved. Play in the Hall of Fame game, be on hard Knocks.

  7. I’d like to watch the Jags on that. Gus Bradley would be great to watch. But I am kinda rooting for them as they rebuild so I’d rather they not be on because having the cameras around just causes problems.

  8. There’s an easy solution to this. The first team to volunteer for Hard Knocks each year is awarded the NFLPA’s share of the TV Revenue for the show above and beyond the designated salary cap.

    The NFL would have teams lining up to be on the show if there was cap money involved.

    Also, since Buffalo never spends up to the cap limit, they would never be on the show (good for us Bills fans).

  9. i’d love to see my bills in training camp in my home town of rochester, but i don’t think anyone other than billsnation would want to see that….steelers would be fun to watch

  10. I would love to see my team and training camp at St. John Fisher on national TV, but I know that with the territory comes issues like play theft and player distraction, both can be damaging to a young team and coaching staff. That is the exact reason the Bills didn’t volunteer. Who knows, the NFL might just force the show upon the city, Maybe then the Nation will see how much the Fans in Buffalo love their team.

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