Jonathan Martin: I’m just going to let the process take care of itself


In response to a report that he had rebuffed interest from the Dolphins in having client Jonathan Martin return to the team, agent Rick Smith asked for space to let the process play out “organically.”

Martin said something pretty similar on Tuesday when asked by Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about the report’s implication that he doesn’t want to return to the Dolphins.

“I really can’t comment,” Martin said. “I’m just going to let the process take care of itself.”

One of the next steps in that process may be a meeting with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. During a conference call on Tuesday regarding the release of a white paper from the NYU Sports and Society program concerning bullying in sports and proposals to combat it that Ross approached the school about doing late last year, Ross said that his lawyers are trying to arrange a meeting with Martin “soon.”

“I think he wants to talk to me and I’m prepared to listen,” Ross said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

The involvement of lawyers to set up a meeting is a reminder of both the complications of the situation and the likelihood that the process ends with Martin leaving the team.

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  1. The thing about “processes” that play out “organically” over a long period of time is that they tend to get really messy and produce pungent odors. Some people call it “rot”.

  2. Little boy cried wolf to the media. Now he has to deal with the consequences of that storm. An average tackle is easy to pick up in the draft, why deal with the is headache, similar to Tebow story.

  3. Here’s hoping that the Phins retain his rights, he refuses to play, and he quietly disappears from NFL football. Which would be in everyone’s best interest.

  4. Watch where ever he goes either his parents go with him and / or there’s a team rep watching every interaction he has with teammates. It’ll separate him more from teammates

  5. Some pompous team like the Niners or Packers will trade a 7th for him just to make themselves look good. They’ll say things like “we feel Jonathan will flourish in our locker room around men of character.”

  6. Breaking news – law man given the opportunity for the legal system to make billions by opening up every locker room in every professional sport and he took it and ran a marathon with it! What did you expect? Lawyers are the biggest money hungry weasels on the planet. The media has to take the PC side of every story because not being PC can lead to consequences (viewers, subscribers—MONEY!!!!) Listen locker room antics amongst mates is different from anything anyone tries to compare it to so if you have not spent a lot of time in a contact sport locker room please do not try to understand something that you cannot understand. When lads reach a certain level in their friendship it is so tight that you cannot hurt one another with words. Teammates have said worse to me and I laughed and took the banter like it was – a way of saying you are really good mate and you know I got your back. The biggest problem with this story is the lack of communication from Jonathan Martin. Had he said to the guys 1:1 they had gone too far and they continued that is when it could be considered “bullying” but when he carries on the banter back and forth saying the same things that would tell me ok we’re cool, we’ve reached that place as mates when we can say pretty much anything. In this case Martin was sending the message that he was a great mate of these guys and really he did not feel that way at all. Had he said to them to stop and they did not, he goes through a progression until the situation is handled – team captains, o-line coach, OC, Head Coach, etc. When you make your feelings known to nobody but your lawyer mother how will anything change? Then when you walk out and let the team know via your lawyer how does that make your intentions look? Like this $$$$ Now I am not defending Incognito, Jerry or Pouncey outright but what I will say is unless Martin communicates to these individuals what is too far they are not psychic and will not know how someone is feeling. Now please re-read and consider what I am saying before calling me something I am not. I honestly feel bad for everyone in the whole situation and think that simple communication could have prevented this whole thing.

  7. The Locker Room was the driving force out but not the driving force back to work? The process is code for your agent and attorneys.

  8. Nobody likes a snitch.

    No organization is going to hire a guy who is willing to air that organization’s dirty laundry in public. Both Martin and Chris Kluwe are finding this out the hard way.

    If Martin gets another chance, it will likely be only because Roger Goodell gets on the phone with an owner in need of a new stadium and threatens him with pulling support for that stadium if he doesn’t sign Martin. Outside of that, Martin’s career is likely finished.

  9. I want to state that first I am a dolphin fan who has been sickened over the last 14 years as I have watched this franchise rocket to the bottom of the sports heap. Terrible drafting, coaches, free agents, general managers and now even the ownership have bankrupted any faith that I’ve had in this organization for some time. That being said, why would anyone want to a part of this organization if they had a chance to go somewhere else? Miami is a great place to live and the weather is amazing, but a pro football player can off season anywhere they want.
    That being said a player only has one career. Given the opportunity to escape a dissfunctional mess of an organization and maybe move onto a team that would give you a greater sense of satisfaction why wouldn’t you take it? Unless the money is so great that it’s worth giving up career goals for personal gain. Martin’s contract doesn’t put him in that category.
    We know the ownership is terrible. A billionaire republican who pitched a fit when the public wouldn’t bail him out with stadium improvements. Horrible coaching – when you only need to win 1 or your last 2 games to make the playoffs against weak divisional opponents and you get schooled. Not to mention what a POS his position coach turned out to be. His quarterback is suspect in not only talent but intelligence. Go back and watch Hard Knocks. Tannehill couldn’t even name the other 3 teams in the dolphins division. WHAT? Go back and watch the look on Matt Moore’s face. He also just said that he didn’t read the Wells report because it “was to long”. WHAT? You want to be the leader of this team and you can’t learn your division rivals or take the time to learn the details of the greatest scandal to ever hit your organization. Not to mention his wife left an assault rifle in a rental car.
    This is such a terrible organization now that people didn’t even want to be considered for the vacant GM position.
    I can’t imagine anyone who has an opportunity to pick up their cleats and take them to anyone else (except the Browns they really are awful -or the Jets always have to hate the Jets). I mean why would anyone want to play their if not for the money. After this many years they have solidified a solid reputation not just as a losing organization but also as a terrible run one. As a fan I’ve thrown in the towel on this team. I consider myself a nomad fan now. Just a fan of the sport. Just wanting to see a good game. At least I’m not one of the suckers paying money to sit in the stands of Joe Robbie Stadium. That is something I’ll never do again.

  10. He is under contract and has no excuse. He scapegoated the blame on Incognito and now he’s gone. Now we’ll see if this coward actually wants to play or is just trying to collect the paycheck without earning it.

  11. What always seems to get lost on all these tough guys who like to post stuff anonymously is that we all know that locker room stuff happens. Richie Incognito is a special type of world class ass. Ever been around a really drunk obnoxious guy when you were sober? Remember how unreasonable they were? When you tried to reason with them it just became worse and worse? The only thing you can really do is just leave. Now imagine the drunk guy with a whole crowd of enablers cheering him on. Buying him shots. Slapping him on the back. that would be an unbearable situation to not only find yourself in but to be forced to deal with everyday. Is Martin a bad player? Yes. Does he stand up for himself? No. Those two reasons alone he shouldn’t have been on the team. But when your offensive line is that offensive none of them should have been. You could make the argument that none of them are good enough to be there except Pouncey. But his support of Aaron Hernandez combined with his role in the abuse of not just Martin but team employees should put a giant black mark next to his name. Martin found himself not just on a terrible team, not just on a terrible unit but also amongst terrible people. I don’t blame him a bit for wanting out.

  12. Holding out hope that the “process” does not allow crybabies in the NFL. But with GODell the commish who knows what this league will look like tomorrow.
    I will continue to sell my 4 season seats to every game until this clown is replaced.
    I am enjoying turning my 4K into 10K every season.

  13. You know you are looking at a nice settlement when the company’s own investigators say you were innocent.

    Martin will get paid.

  14. Jonathon Martin just get the hell out of the dolphins, and go and do your thing. It’s boring now listening to you, and you are a big fat looser.
    Go and find a girls team that will take you, that’s where you belong.

  15. i have to harken back to what people like ditka, madden and millen said.

    why couldnt martin just say no… or push back.

    or tell people to go to hell. and back it up.

    that would have gotten the desired result from the coaching standpoint. and then he would have played better. cause we all know he sucks mow.

    martin has an oversized ego and a huge insecurity complex. and he is in the wrong business. he should be out there protesting sb1070. also, cause, we all know he sucks.

  16. Nobody wants a quitter especially this limited talented player.

    As far as the owner meeting with this player, it’s apparent Steven Ross is a weak gutless multi millionaire failure as a NFL owner sprewing the same BS since he’s own the Dolphins.

    If Ross is the businessman he’s reputed to be he will sell the Miami franchise ASAP otherwise the league will evict his sorry arse.

  17. And if the process doesn’t work out in his favor he will then cry to a lawyer that the Dolphins owner and his lawyers bullied him into leaving the team.

    Keep his rights, put him on the practice squad and have him line up as the only player on defense and then run the ball right at him for the entire practice time.

    Then the process will work itself out.

  18. Mr. Ross has screw up the dolphins, now he is trying to start political correctness in the locker room and on the field. he also allow 2 years pay for the OL coach he fired, so what about the head trainer, did he get a golden parachute? Bill

  19. One of the previous commenters mentioned it and it’s true: Incognito is no longer an excuse for Martin. No matter how anyone (NFL players included) feels about Richie, we can all agree the guy has issues.

    Now, Martin has choices to make and his whole life to live. No more mulligans, Jonny.

  20. First him and now Sam. Two mediocre football players laying the groundwork to for alternative pay when their NFL careers flop. And what do they use? The out-of-control, liberal media driven PC culture.

  21. The only way I’m watching either of these two on dancing with the stars is if they are dancing with each other.

  22. How about he just gives his bonus money back for his release, then we can all move on. Honestly, I looked at my texts with my friends and we have said stuff to one another over text that is almost as bad as Incognito/Martin that was obviously in jest. Everyone has said except Martin that the two of them were friends so objectively these texts should be looked at in the pretext of a friendship. According to the report, Martin never behaved or said anything to make a rational person think otherwise.

    The locker room is a subculture, it’s not a typical workplace. In a typical workplace, your boss doesn’t scream at you to motivate you or go on a 10 min rant during practice or halftime of a game, because usually there are no practices or games in the workplace. Sports are a different animal.

    I’m not saying Incognito, is blameless obviously he is a dumb jock and if he said some of those things to me and wasn’t an extremely close friend I would tell him man to man to stop, but again Martin never did that he just went AWOL. The bottom line is that Martin is mentally unstable and while it’s a shame that he felt bullied, he did not act like a reasonable person would in this situation.

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