Malcolm Smith is a motivational figure at the Combine


All 335 players invited to the Scouting Combine have one thing in common: They’re a step closer to the NFL right now than Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith was at the same stage in his football career.

Smith, the Seahawks linebacker who was a seventh-round draft pick out of USC three years ago, wasn’t even invited to the Scouting Combine. And Giants defensive backs coach Peter Giunta made sure every player knew that at the end of the defensive backs’ drills.

“It is a privilege to play in the National Football League, to coach in the National Football League, to work in the National Football League,” Giunta told the players. “It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there. The Super Bowl MVP? He wasn’t invited to come here. They didn’t think he was good enough. They took him in the seventh round. He’s the Super Bowl MVP. It doesn’t matter how you get there, it’s what you do once you get there.”

What Smith did once he got to the NFL can serve as an inspiration both to the players at the Combine, and to the players who weren’t invited.

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  1. Malcom Smith deserved it as much as anybody else. Nothing reps the Seahawks D more than a 7th round pick winning the MVP Award. Go Hawks!

  2. He was not invited to the combine not because he lacked skill – he was not invited because he was found to have a rare digestive disorder, which affected his ability to eat and maintain playing weight. Because of this condition, he was underweight to a degree that attending the combine didn’t make any sense.

    After he had surgery to help correct this defect (known as achalasia), he was able to get his weight back up to closer to where it needed to be, and was eventually drafted in the seventh round.

  3. Malcom Smith is indeed a motivational figure and he did deserve the MVP because he was focused, all over the field and making plays.

    Whether or not another defensive player on the Seahawks should or could have won the MVP may be a bit debatable, since the whole defense smothered the Broncos, but that doesn’t take anything away from Smith’s play.

  4. The far more common story we hear is about a “workout wonder” from the Combine who drastically increased his draft value, ended up with a lot more money, and washed out of the league long before his first contract was scheduled to end.

    So it’s nice that the kids at the Combine are being told that just because they are there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a better chance at succeeding than someone who currently isn’t there.

  5. A true example of what Pete Carroll teaches and strives to nurture in his players. Hate Carroll all you want, but the guy has a positive message and he’s gotten the best out of Malcom Smith.

  6. The Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman has also recently tweeted out similar encouragement to players who weren’t invited to the Combine to not lose hope. His Duracell commercial rocks. Class act.

  7. Everyone thought we’d go down along with Brandon Browner,…….then along came Byron Maxwell, and the smirks vanished. Same deal with Malcolm. Same thing with most of our second stringers. They’re as good, or better, than the starters. When people put their prejudices aside, they’ll realize that our “Most Valuable”, are the coaches, from Pete on down. They are the ones who bring out the best in all of our players.

    But Malcolm, if your Mom doesn’t want the truck, I’ll take it.

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