Marcus Lattimore can’t wait for April 21 comeback


While the interesting moves the 49ers might make at running back this offseason involve veterans, they have another guy coming back who is ready to insert himself into the mix.

Second-year back Marcus Lattimore, coming off a red-shirt season of sorts, said he was close to 100 percent.

“The left knee, it feels like nothing ever happened,” Lattimore told Pete Iacobelli of the Associated Press. “The right knee, it feels great. Both feel balanced. I’ve got my speed and I rarely get any soreness [after workouts].”

That’s great news for the 49ers, who were able to get the highly successful South Carolina back in the fourth round last year, after a pair of gruesome knee injuries ended his college career, and kept him off the field his rookie year.

He’s hoping to be back on the field and ready to go when the 49ers resume offseason conditioning on April 21.

“I can’t go out there and be Superman the first day,” he said. “Once I get back in the groove and take a few hits, I’ll be OK.”

The hits won’t come until the preseason, unless the 49ers are breaking some rules.

But if Lattimore’s well, he’s talented enough to give the 49ers some options in the backfield, after Frank Gore took 75 percent of the snaps a year ago. And at his bargain rate, he gives them that chance for years to come.

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  1. His first year in the NFL, must’ve been a minor hell for him, wanting to play, but unable to do so. The last thing a player wants to do during the season, is watch games from the sidelines, without even a chance to touch the turf.

    Emancipation day is nearly here Marcus, just go easy until the docs say otherwise. Don’t be in a hurry to emulate RGIII’s mistakes.

  2. Loved watching him in college, and I was super stoked when my niners picked him up. Out of all the recent draft picks, he is the one I am most excited to see. Hope he’s made a full recovery.

  3. Clowney should have been going “hard” like him, right Steve Spurrier? It sure helped him out with that draft day tumble after looking like a special back during his South Carolina career.

  4. he was excellent in college, but overhyped.. no top end speed to break away for long runs.. I hate to say it, but I think his successor Mike Davis is a better all around back

  5. If this dude gets his knees straight, and the O-line stays healthy, Frank could play until he’s 40 not having to take all the heavy load and staying fresh for the whole season.

  6. rooting for him. but also somewhat wincing whenever he runs, as I just think of all those scars on his knees, and hope that he doesn’t have another horrific injury. they are pretty traumatic and 1 more would probably do it for him. hope someone just takes the 15 yard penalty instead of going low

  7. I have seen a lot of his games, a stud back. I hope the knee is good before he starts to get contact. The West gets stronger

  8. @thelastwordyaheard -“… overhyped… no top end speed to break away for long runs.. “??? Are you talking about Lattimore? Or the NFL’s alltime rushing leader HOF RB Emmitt Smith? Yeah.

    Top-end speed does not a great RB make. Healthy knees do though, and that is the ONLY thing that will keep this guy from being great-to-HOF-great.

  9. I’m rooting for this kid. He was great at South Carolina and has had buzzards luck with his injuries.

    Good luck Marcus!

  10. This kid is going to be something special if his health holds out. Being given the full year to recover and then being able to go through an entire offseason conditioning program should really help him to be successful. It also doesn’t hurt that with three backs he won’t have to worry about handling 25-30 carries a game.

  11. Can’t wait to see what the kid can do; question is – who gets cut/traded/relegated to ST?

    Gore (love him) has a little gas left in the tank; Hunter, while effective – i don’t think he’s built to be a lead back; James – for the love of god the 49ers seem to be underutilizing this explosive talent, Boobie Dixon – Soul of ST, but i think he’s walking…

    Good problems to have i suppose, but can’t play em all, and would sure be a waste to sit 4 starting caliber backs.

  12. I remember watching him in college and it was the closest thing to Adrian Peterson at Oklahoma before the horrific injury happened. I thought it was done for him after that.

    Reading his story, listening to college teammates and coaches talk about how hard he was working to get back to his dream I thought I will cheer for this guy to have success in the NFL. Didn’t expect the 49ers to draft him but I think Frank Gore would be the perfect guy to learn from.

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