Maurice Jones-Drew may be thinking about homecoming


The 49ers are loaded in the backfield right now, but it’s possible that one big-time back could be looking to join them.

Via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis posted a photo of himself and Jaguars running Maurice Jones-Drew onto Instagram, with the caption “Me and Maurice Jones Drew discussing the FUTURE a few nights ago. #San Francisco.’’

While that’s not “hastagtampering,” it is an interesting idea. The 49ers have an expensive veteran in Frank Gore ($6.45 million in salary) in front of several young prospects, and there were suggestions earlier this offseason that Gore could be a salary cap casualty.

But General Manager Trent Baalke took great pains at the Scouting Combine to say that didn’t necessarily have to be the case.

“The simple answer is there’s no reason it can’t be,” Baalke replied when asked if Gore’s numbers were compatible with the cap. “We’re in good shape from the cap’s standpoint, so the decision on that [is] there’s really no decision to be made. We can move forward exactly as is, if that’s what we choose to do.”

Gore handled 75 percent of last year’s offensive snaps, but they have redshirt Marcus Lattimore and Kendall Hunter in reserve, along with LaMichael James.

If they choose to move away from the 30-year-old Gore, the 28-year-old Jones-Drew would likely love to join forces with Davis.

He’s from the Bay Area, and after languishing in mediocrity or worse in Jacksonville, would likely welcome a chance to join a contender.

But that would require several moving parts, and probably moving one high-priced back out. And if the 49ers want to beat Gore’s salary down to a more palatable number, having guys volunteering to take his place probably won’t hurt.

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  1. Yes, Gore is getting up in years and has a lot of mileage, wear and tear on him – but the ‘Niners are sooo deeep at RB behind Gore — with Hunter, James and hopefully healthy and healed up Lattimore.

    I just can’t see this happening.

  2. Loaded is a bit of overstatement I’d say. Lamichael James asnt stayed healthy or ran the ball well when he has been healthy. Kendall hunter is a nice scatback but nothing special and gore, although he has been one of my fav players for a while now, he looks beatin up and definitely on the decline. Marcus lattimore is still a question mark although he should be fine after a years worth of rehab. I’d definitely look into mjd if I were the 9ers.

  3. “Soooo deep at running back”?????? with who? kendall hunter hasn’t proven to be more than a 3rd down back, and can’t be counted on to carry the load. lamichael james has shown exactly zero ability to be a work horse as well. and as much as i loved watching him in college, and i’m hoping he returns healthy and has a long career, can you really depend on a guy who blew out both knees in back to back years, and hasn’t played a down in almost two years? the niners have a well above average backfield with gore in the mix, but if he were to leave and not be replaced by someone like jones drew, i don’t think anyone would be afraid of that team’s ground attack.

  4. Say what you want about Gore…high salary, getting up there in age etc but I would much rather have him then MJD. Gore is very experienced against the stout run D’s of the NFC west and I don’t think MJd would thrive against those same defenses IMO.

  5. Marcus Lattimore will prove to be the most productive running back the 49ers have had since Roger Craig. I say that as a former Bay Area resident who is not a South Carolina fan, but someone who watches the SEC closer than any other conference. That kid’s going to be amazing.

  6. “The simple answer is there’s no reason it can’t be,” Baalke replied when asked if Gore’s numbers were compatible with the cap…”

    In other words, Gore will be asked to take a pay cut or get cut…

  7. I’m sure MoJo would love to go to the 49er’s, but why on earth would they want him? He’s a downgrade from Gore and would likely only get in the way of the other young up-and-coming RB’s development…

  8. MJD might end up staying in the AFC to the Texans! Arian Foster has become injury prone for the past two years now, and know telling how he going to proform after having surgery done to his back.

  9. Ever since we got Gore I never liked him, he always runs up the middle just to get 1-2 yards per carry, ok sometimes he break though to get a big gain but that’s sometimes, if he carry the ball 20+times he should have almost 200+ in a game, so I really don’t know why we kept him this long. With our front line and put MJD back there he would do great things for us, he is like an Adrian Peterson or better. I say that we can make a swap Gore for MJD, come on if Davis is talking to him to come to San Fran, Davis don’t have much faith in Gore and neither do I.

  10. No thanks. Gore is our guy for atleast another year while splitting reps with the future in lattimore. I wouldn’t mind James being cut but the draft great for low rd guys that can produce and don’t need another big salary on the team. #keepboldin&whitnerfirst.

  11. Please trade Lattimore to the Giants. We’ll give you anything, including a genuine Eli Manning Super Bowl helmet! Really.

  12. Media again taking something for what’s it’s not. No way in hell mjd will be with the niners. It was a stupid instagram caption and Vernon Davis has no say in who get signed.

  13. The worst mistake the Harbalke team ever made was drafting AJ Jenkins before Alshon Jeffery in the 2012 draft. This would be the second worse mistake we ever made.

  14. The real question is what would MJD play for? If the swap between him and Gore netted an additional 4.5 mill cap space, I think you have to consider it. MJD is a tough non-fumbler who can run through small holes up the middle.. unfortunately for him Jax doesn’t create any of those…. MJD, a high rent free agent CB and a late first round Wr vs Gore +1st rnd CB and 2nd rd WR. I like Gore but I like the first lineup better.

  15. i think hunter, dixon and james are nearing the end of their contracts. maybe mjd replaces those three.

  16. As a ninerfan you give frank what he wants the rock! MJDs from the eastbay he can play for the raiders we dont need him, Lamichael sucks though i would cut him honestly.

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