PFT Live: Howie Roseman


The combine has drawn to a close, leaving the start of free agency as the next major milestone in the NFL offseason.

On Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, we’ll catch you up on everything you need to know from the final day of the combine as the defensive backs took the field on the final day. We’ll also start talking about next steps for all 32 teams, including the possible recipients of franchise tags around the league.

One of the general managers who will be taking those next steps is Howie Roseman of the Eagles and he’ll join the show to share his thoughts on the offseason thus far. We’ll also hear from Roseman about his impressions of coach Chip Kelly after their first season working together during the G.M.’s visit to the program.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Howie Roseman

  1. Once in a while you get to witness an outspoken GM but for the most part they all talk in circles with no definitive answer.

  2. all he is going to say is something similar to the following:
    1) there were lots of great talent.
    2) we were able to understand the mindset of each of the athletes here and finalize our draft board.
    3) our draft board does not move up or down a lot based on the outcome of just the combine because we have been evaluating film on these players for a while now.
    4) its been great working with chip. we have a better understanding of what he and the coaching staff is looking for this season vs previous season
    5) we are definitely better of this year than previous years.
    6) we want to grow talent rather than bring in high priced free agent.
    7) we definitely evaluate the free agent market but we make sure that we do not overreach.

  3. do yall really expect GM’s to tell you exactly what they’re gonna do with specific players? come on now.. it’s been this way for years. They’ll talk to us of course but clearly they aren’t gonna talk and let you in on moves to be made 0_0 .. where’s the strategy in that

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