PGA golfer chimes in on Michael Sam

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Jack Burkman apparently has some company.

PGA tour golfer Steve Elkington has chimed in on the Michael Sam situation on Twitter.  Or maybe Elkington’s Twitter account was hacked.  Or maybe his brain was.

Initially, Elkington blurted out on Twitter that “ESPN covering Michael Sam as a gay athlete is embarrassing.”  Some could have viewed Elkington’s tweet as an argument that Sam’s sexuality shouldn’t matter, and that even as the first openly-gay incoming NFL player, the media shouldn’t focus on an athlete’s sexual orientation, since it’s such a personal topic.  Others could have viewed Elkington as a mere bigot.

His follow-up tweet suggests the latter.

“ESPN reporting Michael Sam is leading the handbag throw at NFL combine,” Elkington tweeted.  “No one else expected to throw today.”

Steve, Archie Bunker called.  He said you should tone it down a little.Elkington has since tried to clean up the mess, explaining on Twitter “I’m for Sam I’m against ESPN telling me he’s gay.”  Elkington still hasn’t elaborated on or explained the reasons for his disagreement with ESPN pointing out that Michael Sam is the first openly-gay incoming NFL player.
The “handbag” remark suggests that Elkington falls into the “think about the kids” camp, which seems to believe that the mere mention of the existence of homosexuality operates as a giant recruiting poster.  Regardless, Elkington has opened the door to be labeled as out-of-touch, homophobic, and/or the real embarrassment.

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  1. Yup, freedom of speech allright. But that doesn’t equal freedom from consequences, like most bigots seem to think.

  2. Without even getting into what he said, I always find it extremely cowardly to go with deleting the tweet. It’s not like it saves him, he has 60,000 followers. Odds are extremely high someone will take a pic or remember verbatim what was said. So why delete it? It’s cowardly to me. We’re all gonna find out anyways, have some courage and stand behind what you say rather than go delete because you think that means it goes away.

  3. When a guy is a projected mid round pick before he posts terrible combine numbers – given his “tweener” size, there shouldn’t be any buzz at all. I don’t see any other mid round pick getting consistent air time on NFL Network either. Lets keep politics and everything ‘PC” out of our sports. You can’t work the “hero” angle on this either. Real heroes are those athletes like the Walter Payton Award finalists – prople that give back to their communities.

  4. Freedom of speech-stop the witch hunt already. The media can’t wait for someone to say something wrong so they can ruin their life. Listen – people have different opinions on all types of issues-stop with the editorializing every time someone says something about Sam that you disagree with. This is America.

  5. Regardless of how we all feel about Elkington sharing his opinion on this matter, one thing is certain:

    That statement is going to cost him a lot of money, and his reputation as a bigot is sealed.

  6. When you have to go out and sweat in the sun on a golf course with your boy Friday carrying your bags for four hours a weekend, you don’t have time for softies who play football in the trenches.

  7. I for one am tired of hearing that he’s gay. I’m tired of hearing that he’s the first football player to be openly gay. Are we going to have an article every time he does something on the field like make a tackle, force a fumble, recover a fumble, score a touchdown, play in the nickel, and record a sack, just so we can all acknowledge the fact that he’s the first openly gay guy to do all that? If so, that would be pretty annoying. And just for the record, I would be uncomfortable showering with straight guys as well as gay ones. Is it possible to realize that everyone is different and move on, or do we have to be force fed nothing about stuff that doesn’t matter?

  8. Collins played hoops the other night, for the first time since coming out.

    He played as he has, his whole career, with emphasis on hustle, and fundamentals.

    Sporscenter has never “spot shadowed,” anyone else that has set a basic screen.

    I don’t want to see Sam, making 2 tackles in his 1st game and need break down on it, or video of him shedding a block in slowmotion.

    Its foolish.

  9. He’s right. Most people don’t care about him being gay. Same as most don’t care about Tebow’s political beliefs. The more ESPN pushes and pushes, Sam won’t be worth the hassle for a team, much like Tebow, who is now out of the league.

  10. I personally don’t care about his sexual orientation, it’s a free country, he should be allowed to pursue his own definition of happiness unimpeded as long as he doesn’t infringe on someone else’s right to do the same.

    However, I think the irony in this saga, is that Michael Sam may fall even further in the draft, not because he came out as gay, but because this has created such a media/political circus, many teams may decide they just don’t want this “Hard Knocks” type of media distraction around their football team…

  11. Now you can have an opinion at NBC as long as it agrees with mine. Can’t turn on NBC, ESPN or NFL Network without hearing about Sam or Clowney. It has gotten a little overboard.

    The problem Sam is going to have is not being accepted as a person but as a football player. The problem with NBC it’s going to be because of his person if he fails not his football.

    NFL is turning into cartoon. When did social politics start running the NFL.

  12. He was probably trying to make a joke. Pro athletes (I’ll include golfers in this category to make my point) think they are funny and interesting because they are good at a sport. Most of them are neither funny or interesting to listen to.

  13. This is the same guy that tweeted “Helicopter crashes into Scottish pub… Locals report no beer was spilled.” in reference to a crash that killed 9 people. He’s obviously lacking some tact.

  14. If Mike Sam was a bad ass pro golfer like Steve, he could look forward to spending the next 30 years travelling from town to town sharing motel rooms with his long time caddy Ernie. Working with him perfecting his strokes.

  15. I have no problem with someone stating whatever they believe. It’s when you start with the jokes (handbag toss, really?) that you cross the line.
    Have some respect, even if you don’t agree, wtf is wrong with people?

  16. I get that everyone is “tired” of this stuff, but remember two things: 1) there is NO football stories 2) This IS a historical story. It’s awesome that everyone has the attitude of “so” but there hasn’t been an openly gay football player in 45+ years of the NFL/AFL, etc. having the first to come out is a story so deal with it. If this isn’t “news” enough then turn to Channel 8 to see a car crash or a cat wearing pajamas, maybe that will be more “news” for you.

  17. Elkington is Australian; and is funny as hell if you’ve heard any of his interviews on Jim Rome – he should be given a chance to explain his comments before he is condemned – my guess is between the Aussie machismo and trying to be funny he stepped in it

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