Report: Teams think Revis could be available for trade

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Last year, Jason La Canfora of CBS broke the news that the Jets were shopping cornerback Darrelle Revis.  This year, La Canfora reports that other teams believe the team Revis currently plays for could be inclined to trade him.

Per La Canfora, teams already are inquiring about Revis, and some teams believe he’s ripe to be traded at the outset of the league year.

The reason for a move is obvious.  Despite the player’s skills, he doesn’t entirely fit with the system Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith will be running.  Also, Revis has a $16 million salary cap number this year.

Last week at the Scouting Combine, Pro Football Talk on NBCSN asked Buccaneers G.M. Jason Licht whether an effort has been made to knock down that high cap number.

“We haven’t discussed that,” Licht said.  “We’re in the midst of doing a lot of evaluating on our football team.  Right now Darrelle Revis is an asset to our football team.”

Revis may indeed be an asset.  An asset that can be flipped for other important assets who will better mesh with Lovie Smith’s intended defensive schemes.

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  1. No one’s saying he isn’t an asset Jason. Everybody is just concerned about the ongoing fuel and maintenance costs, the depreciation schedule, and the opportunity costs of not trading this asset. It’s an awfully expensive proposition and a sensitive timetable in case you hadn’t figured that much out yet. When is the first day you are supposed to report for this General Manager gig anyhow?

  2. I would trade him for a first round pick…he could blame the injury but there were several plays he just didn’t wrap up and tackle…unexceptable!!!!

  3. We (Raiders) have the cap, but Reggie has stated that he will not trade any draft picks for players, and looking at our current roster, we don’t have anyone much in value to trade away. . .bummer

  4. He’d be a great fit for the def challenged Colts. They’re a contender w/plenty of cap room. Unfortunately, they’re short on draft picks this yr.

  5. i really feel like the raiders could go for them, they have a need for some a veteran defensive playmaker, they have plenty of cap, a young 1st cb that could learn alot from him.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing revis/tyvon branch/charles woodson/dj hayden/tracy porter in the secondary. Surely would help hayden progress w\those other 3’s experience.

    And the raiders have to give the fans one small thing to feel ok about for once.

  6. Report: Bucs think teams would need to offer two first round picks for a Revis that’s now 100% healthy.

    The idea that Revis isn’t useful to a team that runs the Tampa Two is ridiculous. No team runs a base cover-2 more than a third of their sets anymore, and even if they do how does a strong cover corner hurt?

    Heck, back when Dungy was still the coach the Bucs made an effort to get Deion Sanders of all people. Trust me, Revis will be a Buc next year.

  7. If Darrelle Revis is worth 16 million a year I can only imagine what Richard Sherman thinks hes worth.

  8. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. However, I don’t know many teams who are going to want to play 16 million for a guy who makes the game 10 on 10

  9. Weird this can’t be true he’s 100% healthy and is best player in football…maybe it was the amount of times he was torched last year or the fact that he’s coming close to wanting that new contract AGAIN or maybe it’s just that he isn’t in Rex’s D any longer and isn’t as good as we all thought he was or most likely its all of those things .
    I’m sure the biggest reason is the fact that no DB is worth 16 million .

  10. The Bucs just hired a defensive coach. Do you really think they are shopping one our best defensive players? Unless the offer is too good to pass up no way it happens. We are around 11 mill under the cap without the new cap limit..smoke screen

  11. then again, maybe lord lovie is just too enamored with his system.

    whatever happened to coaching what ya have…

    (just thinking of rich rod’s tenure at u of m)

  12. For you folks saying it’s a “bad contract,” how so? The Bucs are nowhere near against the cap. It’s not your money. In no way does it affect the team’s spending ability. There is no guaranteed money. It is a GREAT contract.

  13. There are some players in the NFL that would command a 1st round pick in a trade. Revis is no longer one of them.

  14. You can have 16 mil Revis for a couple years if you are not paying the qB. Still a high risk amount for a corner though.

  15. Not shot they trade him. Whatever they get for him will not be better than him, I agree that a 3rd sounds about right since the cap hit is $16 million a year. Beyond that the secondary is still abysmal outside of him and the cap is hardly an issue.

    In fact the way the contract is set up it’s essentially a series of 1 year contracts, so whenever he’s cut its not a long term cap hit.

  16. Any one who can get a first round pick for a corner who is going to make 16 mil a year is a genius….

    what does that make idzik because he got a first and a third 🙂

  17. Lions could really use Revis. Resign Suh, then use the savings to sign a fa WR, trade a 2nd for Revis and with the 10th pick draft Clinton Dix

  18. Revis is destined to bounce from one bad team with cap space to the next. This is what happens to guys that get greedy. I hope Sherman is smarter than this.

  19. “Experts” ripped Idzik for trading his best player last year.
    How’s that trade looking now?
    DOY at 1/4 the price of Mevis and another pick to boot.
    When is Idzik going to start getting his due?

  20. Revis, Rhodes and Smith. Sure!

    Good luck with that Rodgers, at least your team still has a defense to lean on…. oh, wait.

  21. He shuts down ur best wr
    He makes plays
    What more do u want from him

    Are u mad at revis for taking the money they gave him
    Would u turn down a salary raise from ur job didnt think so

    Since they have no qb to pay 16 mil to. Then it might as well go to him

  22. professorcolumbus says:
    Feb 25, 2014 8:34 PM
    For you folks saying it’s a “bad contract,” how so? The Bucs are nowhere near against the cap. It’s not your money. In no way does it affect the team’s spending ability. There is no guaranteed money. It is a GREAT contract.

    $16 Mil is guaranteed this year….
    After this year there are no guarantees.

    Also, for people saying “he doesn’t fit the system”…
    1. Bucs ALWAYS had a shutdown corner in Donnie Abraham and then Brian Kelly. Both were pro bowl caliber corners.

    2. The “system” has evolved as well using more man coverage, no one knows exactly what Lovie plans to do for 2014.

  23. 16 mil is not gauranteed this year until a certain date.

    Revis is worthy of 2 first round picks. He has the ultimate prove it contract too.

    But saying he doesn’t fit Lovies system is a lie. Lovie has already said he intends to shape the secondary around Revis.

    This is only teams making inquiries. The Bucs are not shopping him.

    Personally, I would consider a top 5 pick in the first and in the second this year.

  24. even with the 16 mil cap number, the Vikings would be wise to at least kick the tires on trading a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him. Considering the high cap number, no one will give them a 1st rounder (at least not one in the top 2/3 of the 1st round).

    He would provide an instant boost to their defense, allowing them to focus on other areas of need on their roster in the upcoming draft. They could then let the market set the value for CB’s for a long term extension. Paired with Rhodes and Harrison Smith, they could have a pretty solid defensive backfield. They could then use the draft to stock up on lineman (both offense and defense), linebackers, etc.

  25. still can’t understand why the Bucs traded for Revis in the first place. before the ignorant Bucs fans tell us all about how great he is, lets put things in line for the ignorant. why does a team with no QB or any chance of making the playoffs aquire a 16 million dollar cornerback. not only the money but a first and third round pick. ok i understand ,if you make 50 grand a year in tampa, you equip your 2004 corolla with 22,000 dollar tires. the front office knows that if you throw a few bones to the animals ,they will chew and shut-up.

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