Source: Cap will be higher than $132 million


Back when the owners were told that the salary cap would climb from $123 million in 2013 to $126.3 million in 2014, a source with knowledge of the cap calculation said it will be higher.

Now that reports have put the salary cap as high as $132 million for 2014, the same source has said, once again, it will be higher.

Per the source, the cap could be a “few million” higher than $132 million.  If this means $3 million more than reported, the cap could be as high as $135 million.  That would amount to an 9.75 percent increase over last year, the biggest spike by far since the 2011 labor deal was negotiated.

It’s unknown whether the increase in the cap, which is based on revenues but inevitably is negotiated by the NFL and the NFLPA, will result from efforts to borrow against future cap increases.  In past years, the quid pro quo for an increase in the cap has included an agreement by the NFLPA to permit cap penalties to be imposed on the Cowboys and Redskins for treating the uncapped year of 2010 too literally.

A cynic may wonder whether the spike in the cap for 2014 is aimed at helping NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith fend off a 2015 challenge from Sean Gilbert or, possibly, Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks.

Regardless, the cap could be increasing by similar amounts in the future.  Per the source, the 2014 bump is expected to become the trend in future years.

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  1. Is this Crystal Peak / Buffalo Bills HQ, somebody tell me who’s in charge there ? I need Parker, I have the money to secure the Byrd repeat Secure the Byrd.

  2. Makes sense – the union got worked so bad last time around that the league would love to make small sacrifices to keep him on board.

  3. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

  4. Works for the Steelers … all those critics who thought they were too aggressive with their cap management take note.

  5. We (raiders) had a projected 60mil, they added 4 more, we extended taiwan jones, -4.3mil, left us with about 60mil again, now we have a projected 2mil more, that’s. . .(calculating). . .62mil, to left spend now!! Wow

  6. those numbers mean nothing..why do they play games with the cap? figure over 1/2 what a player signs for is gone to taxes and then add end their agents cut… be lucky if a player sees 30% of what he signs for.

  7. This is good news if you are team like the 49ers or Seahawks with young QBs to pay and young stars on their rookie deals (Sherman, Aldon, etc).

  8. “All that extra salary cap still wont help the Cowboys.”

    You really don’t think that every extra dollar helps the Cowboys get under the cap? A few extra million could be the difference between keeping Demarcus Ware on a restructured deal and cutting him.

  9. the reason the raider shave all that room is (a) they sucked picking draft picks for a decade (b) no one on the roster is worth resigning and (c) they have made awesome trades like for carson.

    WHat are you going to do with all that money, give it to vick, decker, mack, hardy, melton and ed reed?

    lol…. there are no monsters out there. Teams let these guys go… to get a fitz, megatron, rogers, watt you need to draft well… and the raiders have no evidence they can do that.

  10. The Cowboys are 20 million over the cap even after these massive increases? AND they didn’t even make the playoffs?!?! Man, that whole staff needs to be fired; coach, GM, head of player evaluation, whoever is in charge of contracts and everything else involving spending over there…….

    Oh wait.

  11. Is it directly tied to the Thursday night TV revenue package? I would expect they could realize some benefit this year for that extra income from CBS.

    The players should be thrilled after two years with a relatively flat cap number. This is the growth they were promised, and hopefully will be the start of some significant growth for the salary cap over the next 3-4 years.

  12. LOL @ all the giddy Raiders fans. Everyone but them knows it doesn’t make any difference how much cap space they get because they will still somehow manage to screw it up.

  13. That’ll come in handy when each team has to employee a Political Correctness Specialist to police the N-word and any anti-gay talk.

  14. Has to increase if a team wants to keep its franchise QB. The per year minimum will be $16 million as that is the current 1 year franchise number. So in order to keep your franchise QB, you will have to sign him to a deal that averages at least $16 million per year or franchise for 1 year at $16 million

  15. It would be nice if they could announce the actual figure before teams and players have to start signing contracts.

  16. With several of the league “darlings” at or above the cap, Roger wants to make sure they don’t lose key players that they signed to bad contracts and let bad cap management keep them from being competitive. What a joke.

  17. It never made sense to me that the cap didn’t spike after the new deal was passed. Yea, Kraft said that there would never be a spike and that the new $$ would be spread such that it raised gradually. But the cap was completely stagnant for 3 years. And now it’s massively increasing? I’ve always felt the owners conspired to make d smith look bad by artificially keeping the cap lower than it should’ve been. Why is it increasing now? There’s been nothing new other than the trivial thurs night deal. Shady

  18. One of these days they’ll be talking about real money. If they paid all of them the rookie minimum most of them would be overpaid.

  19. It’s about time. They either had to raise the cap or collectively lower the going rate for every skill position in the league. There’s a problem with the system when teams have like 4 or 5 guys taking over 50% of the cap space…

  20. I believe it has more to do with the fact that according to the CBA the salary cap is supposed to be tied to league revenues and although the league’s revenue has increased dramatically over the past several years the cap has not. Actually, I believe this site was where that was first pointed out. Based on the fact the point was driven by the media and until election year the cap had barely moved doesn’t seem to me to benefit Smith at all, if anything, brings to question why it took so long to start getting the cap to move in tandem with the league revenues.

  21. maybe GB can extend BJ Raji? He has zero sacks over his last 39 games (including playoffs), has zero forced fumbles in his five-year career and graded out dead last against the run among 3-4 ends in PFF’s 2013 grades.

    just sayin

  22. “owners were told” Isn’t this thing really imposed by the owners and their financial management people in the first place because if the NFLPA was in control there would be no cap.

  23. Top QB’s for 2014 average salaries according to spotrac have Rodgers at 22 million, Ryan 20,750 Flacco 20,100 Brees 20 P Manning 19,200 Cutler 18,100 Romo 18 mill Stafford 17,666 E Manning 16,250 and Schaub 15,500. I see some Flacco critics speaking but at least he is a Super Bowl MVP Champion. Ryan, Cutler, Romo and Stafford have yet to win anything. Interesting to see Roethlisberger at 14,664 and Brady at 14,120 salaries with 5 SB wins between them. Teams will need to overpay and/or restructure deals if they want to keep a franchise QB.

  24. The cap increase basically becomes a ticket and concession fee increase passed on to the consumer/fan….thanks.

    I’ll stay at home and watch the game for free, when a 16 oz. bottle of Gatorade is $ 5.50 and rising, reality is out of touch.

  25. skins2357 says: Feb 25, 2014 2:21 PM

    To all you Raider fans talking about your cap space…. you do realize that the player has to want to play for your team right?
    We realize players want to get paid, and even with a cap bump across the board, not all teams will be able to keep all their players. The cap space is just a fact. McKenzie doesn’t have to spend all of it at once, but he has to spend a bunch of it, and there will be no shortage of players wanting to take it. And after starving through last season with at least 41M going to guys like Seymour, Palmer, McClain, Kelly, and Huff, who weren’t even on the roster, we can’t help but talk about it a little.

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