As Jags gain popularity in London, London seeks input from fans on hosting a franchise

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As the Jaguars prepare for their second of four annual home games in London, there’s good news as it relates to their non-American following.

Team president Mark Lamping told LIVE on Wednesday that the Jaguars have gone in only one year from the 31st most popular NFL team in England to the ninth.

The news comes at a time when is circulating to fans in England a lengthy survey that asks about, among other things, whether it’s a good idea to have an NFL team in London on a full-time basis and whether fans would be more or less likely to attend games in London if a franchise is moved.

The problem for folks in Jacksonville is that:  (1) if the NFL is determined to move a team to London; and (2) if the Jaguars develop a true following there, they become more likely to move to London.

In the interests of clarity, we hope that doesn’t happen.  We (or at least I) don’t believe that it’s feasible to have a team headquartered on a full-time basis in London.  The better approach would be to simply play eight games per year in London.

8 responses to “As Jags gain popularity in London, London seeks input from fans on hosting a franchise

  1. Well that’s not fair to suggest it’s not feasible to have a team in London. That’s only the case because the NFL hasn’t taken many steps to grow the game internationally like they should. London might not be ready for a team to move in by the end of the week, but if this week was the time you wanted to have a team in London then the NFL should have planned to promote that well in advance and they didn’t. London is ready for an NFL team when the NFL is ready to expand internationally and they have chosen to not be in a hurry, otherwise London is ready today and a great place for a team. They should have one there by now and this game should be far more popular around the globe. It takes leadership and effort to build that global brand, and the NFL hasn’t taken the initiative to develop that.

  2. London is a very cool city, why not give it a go. If it doesn’t work, just about every American city without one would do just about anything to have a franchise.

  3. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks the NFL is just going to plop a team in London and it’s going to be fine is smoking something really good and you apparently don’t travel lengthy trips often. I am in the midst of an 8 week stretch of flying every single week from Jacksonville to Charleston WV and coming back on the weekends. That isn’t anything compared to the flight from London to every NFL city in the US but I am freaking exhausted. That is a serious competitive disadvantage to the team over in London. That means basically every other week they are flying a 6 hour or sometimes as much as 10 or 12 hour flight to play away games. The altitude messes with your equilibrium, hydration, and your time clock. They will be traveling over who know how many time zones and they have to worry about recuperating properly each week with the dings that come with football. Flying that much and that far also affects that. None of the top tier players who really care about winning are going to put themselves through that. They would have to put at least a whole division over there to make it remotely feasible.

    And for those of you who think Jacksonville is going just because they haven’t been successful the past decade do not follow the team because if you did you would know that they have the proper personnel in place to turn things around-new owner, new GM and new coach. Shad Khan did not start investing in the current stadium upgrades and local entrepreneurs amongst several other things in order to pick up and move the team. Stop listening to the regurgitated garbage spewed by National media. They know very little about the jags and for the most part do not research anything. Although I have noticed a more positive trend..more and more media are actually starting to report facts instead of dredging up old inaccurate stories.

  4. I still don’t like the idea, but if I were a player, I’d be knocking the door down to play there.

  5. It’s unreasonable that London keeps getting mentioned for an NFL franchise. It is logistical nightmare for every single player and coach in the league…especially for those who have multiple trips in (or out) in a season. Let’s a;so dispose of the LA talk. They were interested when they had a franchise. They weren’t interested when they had two franchises. Perhaps the next relocation should be to Oklahoma City.

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