Derek Wolfe’s nervous system “started shutting down” during seizure

Getty Images

Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe missed the final five games of the regular season and the entire playoffs after suffering a seizure in late November, but he says he’s ready to start training again next week.

Wolfe shared the news with Lionel Bienvenu of ABC-7 in Denver as part of an interview about his condition. Wolfe said that he thought the spinal cord injury he suffered in preseason had healed completely, but that he tried to come back too quickly from it and it “screwed up my nervous system” as a result.

Wolfe said his nervous system “started shutting down” on the team bus to the airport for a trip to Kansas City and he was knocked out for the next 26 hours. He woke up in the ICU and told Bienvenu that he broke the hospital bed while nurses tried to hold him down when he came around with no idea where he was. Rest has been the only thing on Wolfe’s plate since then, but he says he’s ready to start working out after regaining 20 lost pounds.

“I’m going to come back bigger, faster, stronger. Ready to start training next week,” Wolfe said.

A healthy return from Wolfe would be a boost to the Broncos’ options on the defensive line, but you’d imagine he and the Broncos will be cautious with his return to full action.