Dorsey declines to address whether Fisher is ready to move to the left side


Our 19 coach and G.M. interviews at the Scouting Combine included a visit with the man who helped turn around a 14-loss team in 2013.

Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey talked about the franchise’s impressive rebound, which resulted in an unexpected playoff appearance. The effort to improve the roster included using the first overall pick in the draft on tackle Eric Fisher.

As you’ll see and hear in the video below, Dorsey raved about Fisher’s performance as a rookie, and regarding Fisher’s ability to get to the point where the game slowed down. But Dorsey slowed to a stop when asked about whether Fisher is ready to flip from the right side to the left, in the event left tackle Branden Albert leaves via free agency.

“I mean that’s a hypothetical,” Dorsey said. “I wouldn’t address that right now.”

It’s a hypothetical because Albert hasn’t left the team, yet.  Asked whether the Chiefs hope to bring Albert back, Dorsey said discussions are ongoing.

Last year, the Chiefs used the franchise tag to keep Albert. After flirting with the possibility of trading him, the Chiefs decided to keep Albert. To keep him for another year under the franchise tag, it’ll cost the Chiefs $11.79 million.

Which means that the question of whether Fisher is ready to play left tackle may soon go from being hypothetical to irrelevant, since he’ll be playing left tackle whether he’s ready or not.

10 responses to “Dorsey declines to address whether Fisher is ready to move to the left side

  1. Translation: “When we decide whether or not we’re going to resign Branden Albert , that’s when we’ll decide whether or not Fisher will be our left tackle in 2014.”

  2. Albert is not coming back. Donald Stephenson played well in Albert’s spot and over on right side quite a bit this year.

  3. I think they really screwed up in not trading him last year. They lost that value now and paid him a lot of money and he wasn’t a good fit or justified fit for the team. And Dorsey doesn’t want to admit it, but he knows that this has been enough headaches already and he just got another one during that tough interview. Great GMs don’t get nervous or flustered with questions because they have confidence that they made the right decisions and have plans for more right decisions in the future. But Dorsey isn’t sure about himself or what to do, plus they have a bad cap situation for the next couple years already. I think the Chiefs are more likely to regress than improve at this point.

  4. Here’s the deal. Albert isn’t worth what hes asking for so hes out. Yes Fisher is moving to the Left side because you dont take a RT number 1 in the draft if for no other reason. Is he ready? I say yes having watched every Chiefs game last year but thats what OTA’s mini-camp and training camp are for. To find out what you have at certain spots. Chiefs are hoping he is ready because thats best case scenario

  5. I remember in the early 2000’s a top 10 pick named Jordan Gross was getting panned for his performance at left tackle. His coaches switched him back and forth between the left and right sides a few times and fans gave him a hard time. He retired a few days ago and I think his career turned out ok. I think we should give rookies a couple years in the league before we start judging them too much.

  6. your final comment simply is not true. there is still a decent chance that Stephenson gets the nod at LT this year. he has a nice kick step and filled in for albert when albert missed 4 games last year. they didn’t move fisher over, they had Stephenson come in, he did it his rookie year too. Stephenson was a Raw 3rd rd pick who is ready to start.

  7. Just like Dorsey and Reid took credit for the “turnaround”, they’ll be taking blame when this team goes 6-10 at best this year.

  8. yeah, 6-10 and still finish ahead of your team. Say it with me Joey “we’re 32!!” Too bad your raiders are looking at yet another 4-12 season, at best.

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