Jason Peters, Eagles agree to extension through 2018


The Eagles weren’t at any risk of losing Jason Peters as a free agent this offseason, but they’ve  gone ahead and signed him to an extension all the same.

The team announced Wednesday that they have reached an agreement with Peters on a four-year extension. With one year left on his current deal, Peters is now signed through 2018.

“There aren’t many people cut from the same cloth as Jason Peters,” head coach Chip Kelly said in a statement. “To be able to bounce back from two Achilles injuries and return to an All-Pro level speaks not only to his incredible athleticism, but proves just how hard he works at his game. Having him at left tackle provides a lot of comfort to our quarterback and to our entire offense. He’s a guy that many players look up to in our locker room.

Peters’ agent Vincent Taylor told Adam Schefter of ESPN that the team has signed Peters the deal is worth $41.3 million with $19.55 million of that total guaranteed.

There’s no further word on structure, but it could be a sign of the way that teams are going to use the rise in the salary cap that’s expected this season. Peters was locked up for $9.65 million this season and the team would have had a variety of options of how to keep him, but this choice suggests they’re comfortable with the amount of cap space they’ll have now and in the future. Peters’ deal could also be an omen for a robust free agent market for tackles.

It also suggests that last year’s first-round pick Lane Johnson is going to be on the right side of the offensive line for the near future. Johnson was seen as a potential replacement for Peters on the left side when he was selected, but that spot should be occupied for quite a while longer now that Peters is signed through 2018.

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  1. I love it! he may have been injured and has been bit by the injury bug a bit but i like his determination to play and his production is very good! Loveee it!

  2. May be the most overrated tackle in football. I’m not saying he’s bad, but this guy is still making pro bowls and all pro teams based on what he did in Buffalo. Good just not as good as what people say.

  3. Quite obvious Lane Johnson was not the answer for LT.

    As usual it is all about the guaranteed money. The last year is often a cap casualty…

  4. Great move. He’s one of the top 2-3 players on the team and the person who wrote he’s living off his success in Buffalo needs to stop watching the NFL and go watch girls softball or something.

  5. There isn’t another left tackle I want today, but not so sure that’s the case in 2 years time…guess they have 3 years for Lane Johnson to learn the position. Peters is 32 now…

  6. i think this deal is more about jason peters than lane johnson. peters returned from serious injury, including a big setback during the first recovery, and played at a solid level. this is really about peters being the eagles left tackle for 2-3 more years.

    on the other hand, i think todd herremans is at risk. he is showing his age.

  7. $19.55 million guaranteed makes it sound like this is functionally a 2 year deal to me. Seems like a good move. Peters should have 2 more good years left in him and Lane Johnson will have had 3 years to develop at RT before having to make the switch over to LT. By then they should know if he is up to the task.

  8. This helps set the stage for signing other plans. Having him locked up longterm helps with projecting what we can do to resign guys and maybe pick 1 or 2 up in free agency. It’d be nice to pick up a vetran safety and linebacker

  9. Watching and understanding what you are watching are two different things. Good just not great. Watch and understand. Don’t watch and be an eagle homer. Philly loves to thrust greatness on players when they are just ok because they have such little success in their town. See dominick brown and claude giroux for examples. You can also look at the retiring of mcnaab’s number or iverson ‘ s number as examples of wanting greatness without actually winning anything. Good not great. Hell , mike lieberthal is on the phillie’s wall of fame. That sets the bar even lower in philly.

  10. He is what 32? Not bad I guess if the back end let’s them get out of the contract. I would still put Tyron Smith ahead of him as far as left tackles go..

  11. i give this guy a slight edge over duane brown and joe thomas for his athleticism. really fun to watch, and hope he’s able to hold up for a few more years.

  12. I never wanted buffalo to get rid of him but now we have Eric wood, a pretty good center, and Cordy Glenn, an up and coming LT. Just glad our defensive players never have to go through him to get to the qb

  13. If Peters got $10 million a year, I don’t know what Dallas is going to do with Tyron Smith. I’m not saying Smith is better; he is, but that’s not my point.

    Peters is 32. Smith is 23. So what’s the market for Smith? $15 million a year? More?

  14. Given the fact he took a big haircut when he was injured, the team owed him this. He’ll probably have a longer career with a rushing offense than he would have in a pass happy scheme.

  15. He was solid this past year, and by all accounts, he is expected to be better next year, another year removed from the achilles injury. He might not be the best left tackle in the NFL, but there might be 1 or 2 better, but I think all the Philly fans saw how badly they suffered in 2012 when he was injured. Also, I am not sure if Johnson will be the answer in a few years, but time will tell. It will be nice with the big guy protecting Foles’ blind side.

  16. Peters was flat out dominant by the second half of the season, and Johnson was an awesome run-blocker. While Johnson’s pass-blocking needs work this was only his third year playing tackle at any level. I have no doubt he’ll be a fine left tackle when the time comes. Here’s to that time not coming any time soon though.

  17. Great signing! For the rest of the nfc east at least. Instead of him trying hard this year for a new contract he will be able to coast, and probably take a few games off for some injury I’m sure.

  18. Even for PFT, some of these comments are outrageous claiming he’s washed up, earning contracts off his play in Buffalo, and will now “coast” after earning this new extension. Anyone that saw how hard he worked to come back from not 1 achilles, but 2 after a setback, knows this is well deserves. He’s currently a top 3 LT.

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