Jaworski: Manziel won’t last three games playing like he did at A&M


Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski is doubling down on his claims that Johnny Manziel is not a good NFL prospect.

After previously saying that he doesn’t think Manziel should be taken in the first three rounds of the NFL draft, Jaworski said today on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Manziel simply doesn’t have the right style to last in the NFL.

“He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs,” Jaworski said. “In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style. He’ll get hurt. He took a lot of vicious hits at A&M in two years, and those hits that have that cumulative effect will knock him out of games in the NFL.”

Jaworski said Manziel has developed such a habit of escaping the pocket that an NFL team might not be able to coach it out of him. And Jaworski added that Manziel doesn’t read through his progressions, is careless with the ball and is inconsistent in his mechanics.

Although there have been some questions about whether Manziel has off-field issues that will keep him from succeeding in the NFL, Jaworski said he doesn’t base his judgment on that. Jaworski just thinks that on the field, Manziel does not play the game the way a successful NFL quarterback needs to play it.

95 responses to “Jaworski: Manziel won’t last three games playing like he did at A&M

  1. This is the annual Jaws says something out there, then pimps his stance for a week. Then takes it back once he sees more tape.

  2. It’s true. Great talent and great heart, but he’s going to have to change his game to last in the NFL. Remember when RGIII was going to take over the NFL after a nice rookie season? Yeah…

  3. Jaworski is right. glad he has the ballz to say it. unlike the other ESPN droid that are toting the company line so they have something to talk about and hype up.

    I hope some team takes him top 5 so he is a collosal bust.

  4. I tend to agree with Jaws. Look at the way Michael Vick has been beaten up during his career. NFL players are a lot faster and stronger than college.

  5. big difference between college football and the NFL.
    johnny mangina won’t last in the NFL, especially if he goes to a team like the browns.

  6. Lets not forget that this guy gets paid to say stuff that attracts listeners/viewers/page clicks. That is accomplished by brash statements like this one. He also said Colin Kaepernick would be a top 3 passer in the NFL.

  7. History has shown that mobile QB’s don’t last in the NFL, not without injury issues, missed games etc. Ask Mike Vick and RGIII, and Manziel is not nearly the prospect that either of those guys were/are.

    While I don’t think that Jaworski is necessarily the king of QB evaluators, he does make some valid points. While he does have some qualities sought after in a QB, teams should be wary of reaching for this young man in early rounds.

  8. Jaworski says “he is a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs.”

    Sounds like he is describing Kaepernick who Jaws thinks will end up being the best QB in league history. So this style is OK for Kaepernick but not Manziel?

    Somebody at ESPN better put a muzzle on this guy…he is making them look dumber and less credible every time he opens his mouth.

  9. I hate the comparison but basically Jaws just said JM won’t last three games because he plays like Russell Wilson . The ” extending plays ” qb isn’t going anywhere .

  10. Jaws’ main point is pretty spot on. No NFL quarterback has the durability to play like Manziel did at A&M and last a full season at the next level. Too many genetic freaks taking every opportunity to smash you against the turf repeatedly. Can Manziel adapt to the NFL game? Maybe. I guess we’ll find out.

  11. Jaws’ opinions mean as much to me as the stuff I wipe off the bottom of my shoe. Jaws was gushing over mobile QBs last year, and yeah, they have taken over the league. Jaws I lump in with analysts who make garbage pronouncements based not on watching games, but on stat lines.

  12. RG3 made it at least half a season before injuries derailed his career because his running style. So give Manziel a little more credit

  13. While I enjoy Jaworski as an entertainer he also said that Russell Wilson was too short to find passing lanes in the NFL. After two years with some of the best stats for a new QB and a Superbowl championship Wilson has proven that Jaws can be wrong.

  14. I agree.
    I think he’ll slide farther than Brady Quinn did and I think he’ll be shocked.
    But on the other hand I hope Houston or Jacksonville takes him because I’m fearful Cleveland will land him if they don’t.

  15. What’s dumb is thinking that Manziel will just automatically play as if he is in college.

    …As if the team he goes to won’t have coaches who have thought this through and who will teach him and gameplan with him.

  16. considering the teams that are likely to take him, he is more likely to get killed if he tries to be a pocket passer than if he uses those legs!

  17. Jaws is correct………

    Unlike NCAA football

    Everybody can run in The League and they will indeed break him if he tries the same style.

    See RGIII…..They broke him.

  18. Jaws flip flops. First he thinks the duck offense will never work in the NFL. Now, he thinks it is great. Remember Jaws when you came in all you did was long ball it to speedy receivers. Vermeil made you a SB QB. Time will tell on Johnny Football.

  19. i don’t like running quarterbacks because they get hurt all the time…but russell wilson and kapernick so far have broken that rule…so i’d take Manziel just because my vikings need something interesting to happen. jaws does have a point though. i think he is wrong to say that manziel is not first round worthy though.

  20. Who is jaworski’s agent? That might answer some of the question about why he’s so down on the kid (ie., manziel was courted by jaws’ agent but turned them down, so jaws is doing his agent a solid by trying to bury him).

    Also, if he thinks it’s so obvious the kid can’t play, where was he with this commentary all last season?

  21. Not sayin he’s right or wrong because I don’t know but don’t say it can’t be done. He would have to admit a guy like Fran ( Frantic Fran ) Tarkenton was a pretty good HOF qb . He barely made 6ft @ 190lbs. and played well for the Vikes and the Giants. He did make it to three Super Bowls.

  22. I hate to say it but Jaws is right. The only type of player defenses love to kill more than a QB is a running QB.

  23. I agree with Jaws. I watched a lot of Texas A&M and he tends to spin away from defenders to get outside of the pocket. He’s just not going to be able to spin and get away in the NFL. The players are too fast and he will get hit. He’s going to take a beating if he does that, which will most likely result in injury. He’s an exciting college player, but I would stay away from him if I were an NFL team at the top of the draft.

  24. Ron Jaworski: “”I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever”

    Automatically dismiss his opinion as irrelevant.

  25. The only reason he will last longer than Tebow is because someone will be convinced that something they saw in film is possible. As long as it isn’t the Browns who makes the monumental mistake of drafting Tebow II in Fran Tarkinton’s body. He is more accurate than Tebow ever was, but I would rather have Terrelle Pryor than Manziel any day.

  26. Every QB takes crazy hits in the NFL. If he was a pocket passer with no legs, people would be saying “he won’t last three games because he is a statue.”

    Steve Young was a running QB and he lasted a long time. It’s more about being smart at the end of the play and minimizing those big hits than it is about whether you can run or not.

    Some guys are good at avoiding those big, injurious hits, and some guys aren’t. The ones that aren’t get hurt, regardless of their running ability.

  27. “He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs,” Jaworski said. “In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style.

    And how is this different than a description of C.Kaepernick?? You know, the guy Jaworski claims could be one of the greatest ever.

  28. It doesn’t take an ESPN analyst to see that.

    I have been saying that for a while, Manziel is going to be dancing around back there like a chicken with his head cut off, and instead of evading someone like Sam who is smaller slower DL. Its guys like Jared Allen, CM3. and P Willis. Who are larger and faster, then what he has seen.

    Its going to be comparing apples and oranges from what he has been use to.

  29. Think about it this way: Clowney ran a faster 40 than Manziel–and Clowney’s got 6 inches in height and close to 50 lbs. on Manziel.

    These defensive guys are no joke. See also: Haloti Ngata.

    Remember RG3 saying that the practice squad guys were tougher than NFL defenses? We see how that worked out. And RG3 has 15 lbs. on Manziel.

    I also find it hard to believe that Manziel is supposed to be a consensus #1, when pretty much none of these same pundits believed Cam Newton was a #1. Newton is a tank compared to Manziel, and was a better collegiate QB (undefeated, national title, Heisman, with limited weapons at Auburn).

    This is bogus.

  30. “He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs.” Critics said the same thing about Randall Cunningham, who took a certain former All-Pro quaterback’s job in Philadelphia. I wonder if Jaws has a deep-seeded resentment against scrambling QBs based on what happened to him in Philadelphia.

  31. JM is a improvisional QB that’s exciting and can when games, however, as RG3 can attest too, he won’t last long in the NFL particularly if he has a phsique of a jockey.

  32. People are using RG3 as an argument for their side when RG-3-and-out didn’t even know how to pull a baseball slide.

    And given the injury numbers from last year, guys bigger than Manziel don’t appear to be any more durable than smaller guys.

  33. Not a Manziel fan; but at the same time, watching 173 hours of non-stop tape doesn’t necessarily insulate some folks from reaching the wrong conclusions

  34. I’m an Eagle fan but I am also a realist. Jaws has been sounding like a grade A hater the past few years. Manziel is a future NFL star. You can not teach his work ethic or passion for the game. The kid has PURE heart on that football field. His frame might be small but he plays like he is 6’5 220. He keeps his eyes down field whenever he scrambles unlike a bunch of the traditional “mobile” qbs. People need to stop comparing this kid to Tebow, Colt McCoy, etc. As long as he works on getting out of bounds and sliding, I see this kid having a successful career in the league.

  35. Who is Ron Jaworski? Really?

    He was a 17 season QB in the NFL and held the record for most consecutive starts (116) and it was the record when he retired. Only 4 more QB’s have bested that mark (Farve, both Manning brothers, and Rivers). He held the Eagles career TD record until McNabb beat him. He is in the Eagles Hall of Fame.

    I think he might know a little something about football. Every legs first QB has been hurt and had to learn to adapt their game or leave it. Randall Cunningham was the 80’s and 90’s version of Vick. He kept getting hurt. He had to learn to become a pocket passer and then had a long career.

    Then there is this little tidbit. The average shelf life of an NFL RB is about 3 years. They usually retire in their early 30’s or at least are on the verge of being a secondary back. Why? Because they get pounded on all the time. When you play QB, you are supposed to throw the ball. You are not a RB. Who wants to expose their franchise QB to that kind of pounding?

  36. I love Jaws as an Eagles fan, but if the Jaguars don’t take Manziel with the 2nd overall pick they are crazy.

  37. Jaworski is right. A lot of fans think that the option system is the future of the NFL (it was the future of the NFL every time someone came along with it over history). Reality is, the NFL has to sift through what the colleges are putting out. That style of offense is successful in the NCAA right now, so that is what QBs are coming out. It works good until your QBs playing percentage starts going down every year. Even if Manziel is effective, he has the NFL career span of a RB. What is the average RB? Like 2.5 years? That is what we will see from these option QBs. Oh, and they can’t throw the ball or read Defenses.

  38. Manziel has NO IDEA what’s in store for him at the next level, the speed of the game is such a dramatic difference. He will not be able to get away like he did in college.

    He is not known for reading defenses, he is not known to go through all his progressions either, he just takes off running at the first sign of trouble.

    He is a project, he needs time in the weight room and a good QB coach.

  39. There is only one legitimate issue with Manziel: his size given his playing style. So there is a risk. Beyond that, however, he is lightning in a bottle. He can lead and he can throw, much better than I initially thought. He’s a gamer, and will win in the NFL. As for you chubby bratwust boys, i.e. Packer fans, I agree — I hope the Vikings do take him.

  40. The differences between Russell Wilson and Johnny Football(intangibles, maturity, leadership, humility etc etc etc…) are IMHO the things you need to be ultimately successful in the NFL in ANY body, let alone the little ones they are running around with.

    The comparisons start and stop with height to me. RW is amazing in so many ways that you can’t even see as a fan…but the coaches and teamates sure know.

  41. Apparently we need another 20 years of the running qb’s short carriers to convince the bloggers on this site that it just wont work in the NFL…….

  42. “Randall Cunningham was the 80′s and 90′s version of Vick. He kept getting hurt. He had to learn to become a pocket passer and then had a long career. ” This isn’t true. Cunningham did not get hurt until Buddy Ryan got fired and the new head coach insisted that Randall become a pocket passer. He blew out his knee standing in the pocket.

  43. The problem is many people think Russell Wilson is a “running” qb just because he can run. So he wins a sb and faulty logic wins out.

    Russell Wilson is a very fast and elusive PASSING qb. Football enthusiasts and knowledgeable fans already know this…it will take few more years of casual exposure for the rest to get it.

    I don’t think run-first qbs CAN make it in the NFL. If you can’t pass you are worthless.

  44. Look this guy (Jaworski) was never even a good QB in the league. Last year he deemed Kaepernick “The Greatest Ever”, just another ESPN clown that says outlandish crap to get headlines. Manziel will have his growing pains but even Michael Vick made it work 3 years. Now he can’t get on the field without injury.

  45. Every time I see a highlight of JM running around with the ball held in his hand extended away from his body I imagine some super fast tough LB like Bowman or Luke or Wagner just blowing him up. God forbid Kam Chancellor gets a shot whiles he’s doing that.

    I know he doesn’t fumble much but the NFL is a different speed.

  46. Jaws studies the film,has played the position then opens his mouth,making him 99.9 percent more qualified to express his opinion than most..He is correct

  47. Jaws is a funny guy….he should have studied more tape when he was playing the game…..perhaps he wouldn’t have sucked so bad….

  48. I don’t think the kid has the discipline to succeed at an elite level in the NFL. He’s got raw talent,..nobody’s disputing that fact. With the new defensive paradigm taking place in today’s NFL, he’s gonna get hammered. D’s have been game planning around mobile QB’s for a few years now. Expect to see Manziel to throw more picks than TD’s.

  49. Manziel is too immature, and doesn’t have enough class. He needs to do more driving at reckless speeds, sitting out games because “he doesn’t feel well”, playing at about 1/3rd of his potential, and constantly blaming his failings on everything else except his own deeds. Like a real first round draft pick and franchise player, Jadeveon Clowney.

  50. I think he’s too small, too slow and too erratic to play consistently in the NFL. As much as I dislike Jaws, he think he hit this one on the head. Mr. Football will be deflated rather quickly.

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