Oddly enough, Barry Switzer doesn’t like Johnny Manziel’s style


While others engage in a self-created storyline about the relative worth of draft prospects, sometimes it’s worthwhile to go to the horse’s, well, mouth.

Former Oklahoma and Cowboys coach Barry Switzer was a guest on CBS Sports 920 AM in St. Louis Wednesday, and referred to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel as “an arrogant little prick.”

“I’ve said that and I’ll say it again,” Switzer continued, via FOX Sports Southwest. “He’s a privileged kid. He’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed his teammates, his program, he’s embarrassed his coach.”

Granted, if anyone knows an arrogant prick when he sees one, it ought to be Switzer.

But he also had to admit that for all the personal shortcomings, he liked the way Manziel plays.

“I will give the guy credit for the best that I’ve seen,” Switzer said. “I have never seen a quarterback in college football take control of the game like he does and put of the numbers he does.

“He’s the most dynamic college quarterback I have seen in a long long time. I don’t know if I’ve seen one better.”

Switzer went onto compare Manziel to Michael Jordan (also a noted authority on arrogant pricks) later in the interview.

Truth be told, Switzer’s not plowing much new ground here. Anyone who has watched Manziel in college knows there’s more than a marketing machine behind the “Johnny Football” image that he’s so carefully trying to bury.

But that sometimes comes with the territory, and you can bet a team is going to buy in — and yes, it will be in the first round.

34 responses to “Oddly enough, Barry Switzer doesn’t like Johnny Manziel’s style

  1. “I will give the guy credit for the best that I’ve seen,” Switzer said. “I have never seen a quarterback in college football take control of the game like he does and put of the numbers he does.

    It actually seems like Switzer DOES like his style – confusing headline, but great line about Switzer knowing an arrogant prick when he sees one.

  2. Get off the guys back. Ya like to talk about letting Michael Sam play, let Manziel play do the talking also. Young dude who was/is living his life. Just because a lot of you guys and especially media clowns don’t do anything with your lives, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t.

  3. Switzer was the last coach to get a Super Bowl out’ve the Cowboys. I say, Jerry … rehire that man.,


  4. As a “Bootlegger’s Boy,” Switzer has no time for privileged self-entitled types. I’m not sure this is as surprising as it might seem to some.

  5. So, somebody at CBS Sports 920 AM in St. Louis woke up one morning and thought “I have a great idea…let’s interview Barry Switzer!”

    I kind of agree with Barry though…watched JM woofing at an opponent in the last minutes of a game he was winning by miles. Seems like there’s a lot of maturing needed.

  6. What ridiculous behavior are we talking about? Being 20/21 in college, going to parties and legally to casinos?

    Ahh, to be 21 again.

  7. Generally speaking, people who excel in their line of work tend to be arrogant. Not making an excuse, just pointing out an observation I’ve (and many others) made. It doesn’t really matter; the guy isn’t going to flame out in the NFL just because he’s arrogant if he’s good enough. If Ryan Leaf could hack it on the field, dude might still be playing or recently retired.

    I don’t get why people are hung up on evaluating Manziel as a person – you’re drafting a football player, not a role model. On top of that, it’s not like people can’t change – not that he needs to, I don’t think he’s a bad dude. He’s got a chip on his shoulder but he’s not hurting anyone like a Justin Bieber. Give him a break.

  8. There is one player and one player only in this draft who will immediately produce ticket sales. Man, I hope he doesn’t go to Cleveland.

    Houston or Jax for Manziel.

  9. does anybody else feel like hes gonna come off the board way later than expected?
    His lackluster 40 time and sub 6′ measurement brought new attention to his major flaws.
    like I think theres a good chance he slides out the top ten a la matt leinart or brady quinn

  10. Barry Switzer is an idiot!

    Maybe Manziel is guilty of partying too much, even taking money for his autograph…but, a lot of college athletes have done much worse…look at guys like Jameis Winston and Prince Shembo, who have been accused of sexual assault.

  11. Manziel is talented, but he lacks strong pocket passing ability. I don’t think he’s a first round talent, more of a round 2-3 type of guy. I think Bridgewater is the only QB thats going to have success in his rookie season.

  12. JM is a flashier Michael Vick. He is small and will be running for his life soon enough. His personality is not a lot of people’s cup of tea but that will be his new team’s problem.

  13. Headline should be that Switzer doesn’t like Manziel’s money or personality. I was thinking “style” meant playing style. Whatever….i guess it worked….got me to read the article.

  14. switzer has the gall to call anyone an embarrassment after the things his players did while he was coaching? what has the guy done off the field that is so questionable? get busted for multiple DUI’S? beating his woman? have multiple kids by different women?busted for drugs? theanswers to all those would be a NO! his big issue seemed to be he drank under age. something no college kid or player has ever done. well that and he likes to hang with famouss like Lebron and his parents have money, 2 things that are just terrible. maybe he should just say he is gay and everyone will overlook his faults and demand that he be drafted and guaranteed a job in the NFL.

  15. Even Jerry Jones could have coached that HoF laden Cowboys team to a SuperBowl win. At least that’s what Jerry said after firing Jimmy Johnson. And hey, Barry, you’re no Jimmy Johnson.

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