PFT One-on-one: Dennis Allen says McFadden’s injury history can’t be ignored

Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen joins Mike Florio to talk about the roster priorities for his team in the offseason. Allen says that he would love to have RB Darren McFadden back, but his injury history can’t be ignored.

4 responses to “PFT One-on-one: Dennis Allen says McFadden’s injury history can’t be ignored

  1. I hope he communicates with his team a lot better than he does with the media. Does not inspire confidence.

  2. For the most part I like what he has to say bringing back Veldheer, Houston, Woodson and Jennings would be a solid for us an provide a good nucleus to build around. Mcafadden is a difficult situation because when healthy he has all the tools to be a top back in this league, of course key words being when healthy which is never . So with that being said i think its time to move in another direction. I like what Jennings did last year and i think we should add another running back to contribute with him either through the draft or through free agency. This is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory and lucky for us it comes at a crucial time we cannot blow this draft and off season. I really hope they dont force a qb pick as i dont think any of these qb’s warrant a top 5 selection. Selecting this high we need someone who can makes his presence felt right away either by protecting our qb, putting pressure on their qb or by putting points on the scoreboard for us. LT Greg Robinson LB Khalil Mack or WR Sammy Watkins can do those things for us. Good luck D.A and and Reggie were trusting you.

    Go Raiders

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