Phil Simms: I’m not sure there’s a franchise quarterback in this draft

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Ron Jaworski grabbed some headlines this week with his unimpressed review of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s fitness for duty in the NFL.

Now another former NFC East quarterback turned television personality is also weighing in on Manziel and the other quarterbacks believed to be possibilities to be drafted near the top of the first round. Phil Simms doesn’t sound like he’s any higher on Manziel than Jaworski, but went a bit further by putting down the entire group of quarterbacks.

During an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio, Simms said he’s “not sold” that there are any franchise quarterbacks in this year’s draft. Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Blake Bortles of Central Florida are expected to join Manziel as options for teams looking for just such a quarterback.

Simms dinged Bridgewater as having middle of the pack arm strength and said he never saw Bortles as a top five pick when watching him on film. The whole group got taken down a peg when Simms said he thought Jets quarterback Geno Smith, a second-round pick last year who struggled as team’s starter, would be the best quarterback in this year’s class.

There will be plenty of other opinions proffered in the coming months about all the quarterbacks in this year’s draft and we’ll be sharing plenty of them with you on these pages. And none of them will matter at all in May if teams fall in love with the players that Simms and Jaworski find lacking.

51 responses to “Phil Simms: I’m not sure there’s a franchise quarterback in this draft

  1. Rarely is there but people will hammer him for this comment. Those people being Louisville, A&M, and UCF fans. The rest of us don’t see an Andrew Luck here.

  2. Same things were said about Tom Brady (6th Round) and Joe Montana (3rd Round) that are being said about Teddy Bridgewater…Average Arm Strength and not Athletic enough. How many Super Bowls between those 2.

  3. People said Ryan Leaf, Jeff George, JaMarcus Russell, and Akili Smith would be franchise QBs too. Predicting whether a player will be a success or a bust before they’ve played a down in the NFL is really pointless.

  4. If I was looking to pick a quarterback… I’d pick Teddy Bridgewater (even though I have never seen him play, seen footage, met the guy, and know anything about him).

  5. There’s already a ton of teams that don’t have a franchise QB or something close to it, and many that think they have it are often paying top dollar and not getting good value anyhow, and others that aren’t top dollar QBs just aren’t good enough. To get one of the premier QB prospects in this draft is clearly a much better chance for a valuable franchise QB than what a ton of these teams have as alternative options.

    I see multiple franchise QBs in this draft. And I see even more teams than that number who desperately need a major improvement to their QB position.

  6. Simms lost all credibility w me when he was chirping about Chip Kelly’s offense being in the bottom 5 in the NFL 5 weeks into the season this year. He’s a network puppy, nothing more at this point.

  7. It’s the 2009 draft redux. You have your “sure thing” in Stafford/Bridgewater. You have the guy “who doesn’t have enough experience” in Sanchez/Bortles. And you have your hard partier in Freeman/Manziel.

  8. One NFL exec a month ago said Ryan Nassib was better than any of these guys this year. Im just a Monday morning QB like almost everyone else here is, so instead of slamming guys like Jaws and Simms, i’ll assume that they know a lot more about being an NFL QB than I do.

    Its 2014….since 1998 there have been 4 great QB’s drafted (maybe 5 if Luck is the real deal)….its not too much of a stretch to believe that the guys this year are not TRUE franchise type guys, and are maybe not even on par with 2nd tier guys like Rivers, Ben, Eli, Romo, Ryan, etc.

  9. When the pundits say so, I am sure there is one. I got a feeling there is going to be somebody taken in the late rounds in this years draft would be a star.

  10. It’s the same thing every few years and for every big prospect with these ex-NFL player analysts. They gush and gush about the next big thing and build him up in to a can’t miss prospect. Then they all eventually back off and make outlandish statements either to cover their butts or to get their names in the press.

    Bottom line is Simms and Jaworski’s opinions ain’t worth crap.

  11. I agree, but Simms also said Andrew Luck had arm strength issues.

    Hes a blind squirrel, maybe he finds his nut this year…

  12. If Manziel falls to the #11 spot, there is NO way the Titans will draft him. That goes for every round after that, too. Seriously, if he’s available in the 7th round, not going to happen. One franchise head case a decade (See Vince Young) is more than plenty.

  13. If I were an analyst I would only make statements predicting certain players or groups of players would not become elite and I would probably be right most of the time.

  14. Im a Giants fan….and Eli is a 2nd tier guy when he’s playing well (last year he was about a 6th tier guy), same with Ben. SB’s aren’t the true measure of greatness anyway. Plunkett has 2 SB’s too.

  15. The upside is that you no longer have to sell your first born to sign a QB at the top of the draft. It’s become much cheaper to take a chance on a QB in the 1st round. No rookie QB will ever see the kind of money thrown away on J’Marcus Russell.

    I believe you should always take the best available football player in the first round, regardless of your need. Reaching for an iffy player at a position of need over selecting a blue chip at a position you don’t need is still stupid. You simply cannot have too many blue chip players.

  16. Lot of folks will eat words when Teddy is surgically carving up defenses by his 2nd year. He has plenty of arm strength to be great in the NFL, and he has all the other tools too. He will WORK himself to greatness.

  17. There’s really a lot of elite talent at the top this year who don’t happen to be quarterbacks. You’re essentially passing on known prospects to draft a QB with holes in his game (and all of them do). If you’re in the top ten, trade back and get another pick, then take one.

    Except you Minnesota. Can’t wait to see who you reach for to spearhead that 10 year dynasty you’re always chirping about.

  18. Manziel might not be the most conventional QB but half of what makes fans like to watch football is exciting players that make exciting plays.

    People are only down on him cause they thing he might get RG3ed in his first year.

  19. Plunkett was great? Maybe somebody needs to send the HOF the memo then. 164 tds, 198 picks, and a career rating of 67.5. Only 4 times in his career did he throw more td’s than picks….you are out of your mind.

  20. Friggn hilarious! All these chucklehead analysts were saying how great some of these QB prospects were a month ago. One dude mentions he doesn’t think there are any first round QB candidates, and the rest of the media grab their boards and join the wave.

  21. Ryan Nassib picked in the 4th round last year would be close to a #1 pick in this year’s draft.
    No doubt in my mind!


  22. you notice how some of the best to ever play at any sport are usually not very good at evaluating talent?

    case in point: michael jordan.

  23. The only two guys these two probably thought were franchise QBs coming in the draft were Peyton & Luck.

    Who is elite besides those two? Brady (6th), Rodgers (late 1st), Brees (2nd)

    Seriously – good coaching, a good team and competent play at QB can win Super Bowls

  24. The problem the overuse of the term Francise QB are you referring to an elite player? There presently are only three elite QBs in the league, Brady, Rogers and Peyton
    If your referring to a player who can lead your teams for years in a winning consistent manner that becomes more difficult
    None of these players are in the Elite class but this type of player many times emerge later
    Can these guys start day one and perform in playoff level
    No but who can
    I think you need to look long term my choice is Bortles

  25. “But the one thing I don’t see, I just don’t see big time NFL throws. I don’t care what anybody says. I’ve watched a lot of him. He never takes it and rips it in there.”
    -Phil Simms on Andrew Luck in 2011.

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