Rams “discussing” backup quarterback possibilities


The Rams have made it clear that Sam Bradford will be their starting quarterback next season as long as he’s fully recovered from the torn ACL that drew his 2013 season to an early end.

With that injury fresh in their minds, the identity of the backup quarterback is also sure to be of some interest in St. Louis. Kellen Clemens performed a bit better than expected when he took over for Bradford, but he’s a free agent and coach Jeff Fisher didn’t make any bold statements about wanting him back when he said the team was “discussing” the possibilities.

“Well, we’ve got Austin Davis,” Fisher said, via ESPN.com. “I was really happy with his progress. Still there’s a possibility that we would bring Kellen back. Kellen’s an outstanding locker room guy, and very competitive. And if that were the case we’d probably flip things to where Austin would be [No.] 2, Kellen would be 3.”

The Rams gave Davis a shot to beat out Clemens for the backup job last year, but wound up cutting him after camp and only brought him back after Bradford was lost for the season. Clemens would give them someone experienced as a starter in the offense while also opening up the possibility of drafting a new developmental prospect who could upgrade the overall talent at the position.

There are other options for the Rams to pursue, of course, but Bradford’s knee injury and likely need for a limited practice schedule heading into next season could make rolling with Davis a risky choice.

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  1. I know it’s hard to cut the cord on a player whom you selected with the #1 overall selection in the draft, but I think that if the Rams organization stopped and looked at their QB situation with a realistic set of eyes…Sam Bradford simply isn’t a high enough caliber QB to lead that team to a Super Bowl(especially now that he tore his ACL).

    The entire team in general probably wouldn’t qualify as a Super Bowl-caliber team, but everything starts with the QB position, and if the Rams were smart they would be looking long and hard at every available quarterback in the draft and free agency alike.

  2. I can see the Rams maybe eventually cutting the cord on Bradford, but I sure wouldn’t waste one of my 1st round picks on a QB this year. They can probably draft a decent guy in the 2nd or 3rd if they feel they have to.

  3. They would be smart to use that second pick for a QB because they got it not on their own crappy record, but the record of another team. They likely won’t be picking this high for a long time.

  4. I love Sam Bradford so anything I say is obviously biased…but having said that…I think next season is goign to be awesome for him and the Rams! Can’t wait!!!

  5. It could be a smoke screen. The Rams may be after one of the two top quarterbacks in the draft, namely Manziel or Bortles, and may not want to tip their hand.

  6. The Rams would be smart to get a decent developmental QB in round 2 or late in round 1. Given the extra 1st round pick they have, expect GM Snead to trade around and get extra picks. The Rams should plan on Bradford starting for a couple of years and develop the other QB Aaron Rodgers-style. I don’t think the Rams see QB Austin Davis as the QB of the future; I don’t see it either. The Rams need a viable QB choice on the roster when Bradford becomes eligible for free-agency.

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