Ron Jaworski: I wouldn’t take Manziel in first three rounds


Most of the discussion regarding Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s football future has centered on whether he will go in the first three picks.

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is taking a contrarian view. During an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, Jaworski was asked about the Eagles meeting with Manziel at the combine and said he liked the idea because it is a way of stockpiling information on a player you’re likely to play against at some point.

As for the idea of taking Manziel? Jaws isn’t so keen on that for the Eagles or anyone else in the league.

“I’m a big believer in Nick Foles, but who knows?” Jaworski said. “Manziel may fall. I’m not crazy about him, to be honest with you. I’ve only looked at five games. I wouldn’t take him in the first three rounds. That’s my opinion. It’s incomplete right now. But he has not done a whole lot to me.”

Jaworski has always taken strong opinions about quarterbacks and they don’t always follow the orthodoxy, so it’s probably fair to say that he doesn’t mind being an outlier on this front. Still, it would be perhaps the greatest shocker in the history of the draft if Manziel were available on even the second day of this year’s draft.

112 responses to “Ron Jaworski: I wouldn’t take Manziel in first three rounds

  1. I honestly thought he was going to say Manziel is too short…… I was thinking “man.. Jon Gruden is going to be upset with his wanna-be..”

  2. A very small QB who scrambles around all game and consistently throws the ball into double coverage. NFL defenses are way too fast for that type of recipe to be successful in the At the pro level. While he was a nice highlight real in college, I’m really shocked that any team thinks he’s worthy of a pick in the 1st 3 days. No chance he is a starting QB in the NFL.

  3. Having watched football since 1967-68 and being as big a college football fan as I am an NFL fan (and I’m a monster NFL fan. And being a student of the game, I think Jaworski is not only right but Manziel will get drafted much lower than people think but it will be somewhere within the first three rounds-not even the top ten…………………..

  4. Jaws also said Kaepernick was going to be the best QB of all-time. Not buying his brand. He’s a talking head who is paid to have bold opinions.

  5. It was only last fall that Johnny Football was still being declared the next Todd Marinovich/Ryan Leaf. What happened since then? His parents probably settled on an agent before/during the season (shocking, I know!) who told him to shut his mouth, straighten up, and just play to secure his draft stock. He is still the same headcase he has always been off the field.

  6. I like Jaws, but sometimes he says pathetic things.
    Apparently he did not watch the games against Bama, or the NYE bowl game. Some guys are just players, guys who win the big game. I can understand why Jaws has a hard time identifying winners sometime. Being he wasn’t one. Stick to identifying throwing motion issues Jaws, not wether a team would be better off picking a player who wins games.

  7. Get the pitchforks, a top analyst has stepped outside the mainstream circle-jerk, to give his contrarian assessment.

    I totally agree with him, only round 3 may be too high. His ability may be round 3, but his of the field antics make him safe, only at round 5.

    A 5’11” QB with a 4.68 forty, who runs first if he can’t throw a jump ball to a 6’5″ beast, has too many warts. His combine efforts should make him an afterthought. The GM who takes him rd 1, will be looking for a job, this time next year.

  8. Jaws knows that sand-lot football doesn’t work in the NFL. Can’t wait to see the look on Manziel’s face when he gets ran down from behind by a D-lineman.

  9. It’s not his size or athleticism. See Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. If this guy didn’t have clinical anger management issues and an overbearing father, he’d be a number 1 overall pick.

  10. Before 2013, Jaworski said Colin Kaepernick could be the best ever. Sorry if his evaluations have lost some pedigree.

  11. Pittsburgh is the City of Champions says:
    Feb 26, 2014 7:01 AM
    Jaworski also called Flacco the league’s best QB.

    Go Steelers!


    If you’re going to slam Jaws and/or Flacco, at least get the quote right. He’s said (many times, in fact) that Flacco has the strongest arm in the NFL, not necessarily the best QB.

  12. In 2011 Jaworski had Gabbert number 1.

    I have no idea if Manziel’s style will translate successfully in the NFL. But I’m pretty sure Jaworski doesn’t have a clue either.

  13. Ron Jaworski is famous for going on 97.5 in Philadelphia and ripping playersthat don’t wear Eagles green.

    He doesn’t have much credibility in my eyes, he’s the same one that said Colin Kaepernick could be the best ever.

  14. Potential knocks on Manziel
    – He’s short
    – He’s light
    – He’s a party boy
    – He’s not a pocket passer

    But Jaws comes up with “he has not done a whole lot to me”. Look at his record – beat Alabama, put up a truckload of points, ran the ball, huge comeback wins, Heisman trophy.

    I’m not sure I’d use a top 10 pick on him as I’d reserve those picks for almost certain locked in players. But anywhere from 10-60 he’d be worth a shot based on his college performance and skills. And I can understand a team taking a shot on him top 10 or even number 1 if they had a huge belief in him,

  15. Another ESPN “expert”. What’s his claim to fame-one Super Bowl appearance and his team got clocked. Go be an expert for Arena football!

  16. I rarely agree with Jaws but this is an exception. Manziel will never achieve success at the NFL level so I am hoping for too much to have the Vikings draft this clown and have Spielman go 0-2 in his first round “reaching” Qb draft busts?

  17. As many have said, this is the same guy who said Kap could be the best QB in history.

    Although then two have something in common; 0-1 in Superbowls.

  18. I actually have allot of respect for Jaws because he doesn’t go with the flow because everyone else does!

    With that being said, he is flat out wrong.

    You don’t have Manziel’s ACCURACY with a terriible oline he had, and not be one of the best in the draft for 2014. But, if Jaws comments allow a droppage to the Vikes at #8, I would be VERY grateful!!!!

    He may still be immature, but the guy makes plays with his arm and feet.

    Dude is the real deal.

  19. Translation: I’m a huge eagle’s homer and I’m trying to get Manziel to fall to them.

  20. ESPN is such a joke. You get one of your experts to say something outlandish then you can spend the day “debating” what they’ve said even though it’s exactly what you’ve been debating for the past two months (i.e. if Manziel should be a top pick).

  21. Manziel may be a bust, but after Jaws said that Kaepernick was going to be one of the greatest ever, I have a hard time taking anything he says seriously.

  22. I agree with Jaws, although I think he was looking for some shock value with a statement like that. I don’t think he is durable and would be a mistake for whoever takes him. Philly will not have to worry about him, because he will be selected long before they will draft. I like Foles anyway. I am not clear on why so many Philly fans are down on Foles. I am not an expert qb evaluator, but a 27-2 touchdown to interception ratio is pretty impressive to me.

  23. The guy may be a shade under 6′ tall (5′ 11.75″) and runs an official 4.68 forty (4.56 unofficially – faster than Russell Wilson’s and Colin Kaepernik’s unofficial time,) but he can definitely make every throw (even the jump ball to the 6′ 5″ receiver) in the game.

    He has exceptional escapability and lateral movement, which he uses to extend plays long enough for downfield coverage to break down so his receivers can get open.

    He also has uncanny instincts, on par with Brett Favre, which simply cannot be taught. He’s already been a “Rock Star” in college football and his family has money, so the stardom and wealth associated with the NFL shouldn’t be a problem for him to handle.

    I, for one, am looking forward to watching him play in the NFL, wherever he lands.

  24. shut up! this guy couldn’t even play properly in his time. He was worse than McNabb and Michael Vick together, even worse than Romo. he used to fumble by himself, nobody touched him and here it goes another fumble and another interceptions, he should be the last one to have an opinion.

  25. Get the pitchforks, a top analyst has stepped outside the mainstream circle-jerk, to give his contrarian assessment.

    I totally agree with him, only round 3 may be too high. His ability may be round 3, but his of the field antics make him safe, only at round 5.

    A 5’11″ QB with a 4.68 forty, who runs first if he can’t throw a jump ball to a 6’5″ beast, has too many warts. His combine efforts should make him an afterthought. The GM who takes him rd 1, will be looking for a job, this time next year.

  26. About every 10 years you see 3 great quarterbacks, the rest are good, average or they simply disappoint. Manziel may be able to make every throw in college but the NFL is a whole different game. Being from Texas i’d love to say he’s gonna be great but statistics say otherwise. Manziel will be just another qb in the nfl until someone better comes along and takes his job. I wouldn’t draft him with your pick but instead, I think Houston should take Clowney and consider a qb in the later rounds. Too much baggage and drama will come with Manziel and he seems to be the party type which is bad news especially after he underachieves.

  27. I think Manziel is overrated as well.

    He relies too much on his athletics and not as much on his thought process.

    Anyone can get hurt in the NFL at any given time, but QBs that do as such are more prone to get injured, like Vick, and RG3.

  28. Jaws was also impressed with Weeden last offseason and predicted that he would do a lot better this past year with Norv Turner as the OC.

  29. “antiphillysports says:
    Feb 26, 2014 8:20 AM
    I wonder what Jaws said about Colin Kaepernick?”
    Are you comparing Mazeil and Kaepernick? Just think about it a minute …. OK, that’s enough. 6’5″ vs 5’11”, 95 mph fast ball vs. 30 yard jump ball to Evans, 4.53 vs. 4.68 forty time, Super Bowl QB vs. too drunk to participate at the Manning Camp.

    You may step down.

  30. I am a huge Texas A&M fan but clear headed enough to know that Johnny Football’s style of football rarely translates to the NFL and for a bad team to risk a high 1st round is suicidal. Especially for a young man that appears to have baggage.

  31. They don’t call this guy ‘Jaws’ for no reason. He’s been popping off for years now. He’s the ‘Jean Dixon’ of football. Once in a Blue Moon he’s right and then he looks you in the eye and says, “See!” If you throw enough Jaws up against a wall, some will eventually stick.

  32. Kaepernick will only be in his third year of playing next season. Maybe he will be the best ever. Time will tell.

  33. Jaworski’s analysis of QBs always stinks of favoring criteria that makes his career look better, while diminishing the importance of things he didn’t do well.

    It always feels like what Jaworski is REALLY trying to do is make his own career look better to himself and others by comparing QBs now to what Jaworski both was and wanted to be as a QB himself.

    It’s like the “revisionist history of QB analytics.”

  34. What does “I wouldn’t take him until round X” mean anyway?
    If you think the guy is no good, why draft him at all?
    He thinks there are 70 or so players that are better need/talent fits then Manzeill?
    There are five teams begging for a QB, and at least 5 others that at best have their fingers crossed with the guy they got (like TB, TN, Jets).

    I’d like to see how many QB’s he says should go before him. He is pretty much calling him a back-up plan QB.

  35. Guarantee the Raiders draft Johnny Autograph,and the franchise gets set back another 5 years

  36. Manziel is amazing athletically, but I question if his level of maturity would be a problem if he went to a loose team like Oakland. And they have a terrible recent history in identifying and developing QB talent. I’d prefer they stay away from drafting a QB completely. The Flynn fiasco, jerking Pryor around, drafting and cutting Wilson in the 4th round, etc…

  37. Yes. And Kaepernick is a HOF QB as leads the 49ers #31 passing offense….

    Shut up, Jaws. You’re getting to be too much about ‘shock’ and not much about ‘analysis.’

  38. To call Manzeil a 4th round pick is ridicules however to call him a top 10 pick is risky. I don’t think there is one QB in this draft worth a top 10 pick and that’s not to say a few of them might end up with great careers. Look what ended up happening last year. EJ Manuel 16th, followed by Geno Smith 2nd round. One never knows , do they.

  39. Jaworski also had “the worst segment in the history of television” bashing Aaron Rodgers before the 2005 draft. we all know how that ended up.

  40. Everyone wants to talk how bad the Oline was, yet they forget he played behind a guy who is argued to be one of the best OTs in the nation.

    He also had a WR that is expected to go in the top 20 as well.

    Its not like Manziel had ZERO talent around him. So quit trying to make it sound like he was the only guy worth a hoot out there.

  41. I see Johnny having “Favre-like” ability and outcomes. I think we’ll see a turnover-filled season for the team that drafts him with flashes of big-play brilliance and strings of risky/poor decision-making with offensive woes.

    If he had a larger physical-stature and other parameters that are ideal for his position, I’d say he would have potential to morph into a great player in the league, but he doesn’t. So, at this point my best guess is for the above to occur with things being up-in-the-air for how his career will viewed once its over.

  42. If Joe Montana, or Terry Bradshaw, or some other former QB who has actually won Super Bowls & been considered among the greatest of all time, had said nasty things about Manziel, I’d take it seriously.

    But we’re not talking about one of those people; we’re talking about Ron Jaworski, who was no better than average at best, & who, since retiring, has spouted clueless wank about plenty of other QBs.

    OTOH, that’s the fun part of pro sports: everyone’s a psychic with an infallible crystal ball, at least until the season starts.

  43. I think Jaws’ employer (ESPN) knows the score when it comes to his “expertise.” They officially denounced his authority as an NFL analyst when they decided to take his silly, contradicting comments out of MNF.

    Great decision by the way. MNF much more watchable without him. I used to cringe at some of the things this guy would say.

  44. “Still, it would be perhaps the greatest shocker in the history of the draft if Manziel were available on even the second day of this year’s draft.”

    Seriously? A midget QB with a questionable arm lasting until the 2nd round would be the greatest shock in draft history?

    The shock would be if some team was dumb enough to draft him in the 1st round.

  45. Jaws is one of the more annoying personalities in the NFL, ruins every broadcast he’s on. And this is a silly comment.

    Having said that, though, it’s nearly impossible to predict how a QB will do in the NFL… remember the great debate over who would be better, Manning or Leaf? Countless “can’t miss” guys have flamed out. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny Football is a Pro Bowler and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out of the league in a couple of years.

  46. Another off season, another bunch of hilarious opinions concerning rookies that haven’t played a game in the NFL. All you Johnny Manziel nade pumps need to relax or he will end up like Tebow or worse like RG 3 and Out! Let the kid prove himself before you lift him up and compare him to Drew Brees….smh

  47. Once Jaworski said that Kaepernick would end up being the best QB in league history I quit listening or reading anything he has to say. He simply has no clue.

  48. Sounds like Pittsburgh should draft him. He’s a perfect fit for a make it up as you go, run around, school yard offense.

  49. Think Jaws is wrong on this one.

    Manziel would be ideal to run Chip Kelly’s offense. He would bring the threat of the QB running which he can do much better than Foles by far.

    Some of what makes Jonny football special are intangibles such as being a fierce competitor and leader on the field.

  50. Who cars about Jaws? All you have to do is pay attention to what Mel Kiper Jr says. What he predicts, the exact opposite will come true.

  51. I like how Manziel points to the seahawks to show what a shorter qb can do. But Wilson was first round character, first round thrower, first round skill that had 5th round heght and ended up a bargain at the 3rd round.
    What is this guys round based on his character? Anyone who is still ignoring that component in quarterbacks is insane.

  52. I think Jaws is spot on too, realfootballfan. I am praying to God that my Browns don’t draft him. I don’t care who drafts him as long as it is not the Cleveland Browns. I actually want Bridgewater or Garappolo in the 2nd. It isn’t his character, but I don’t believe his skills translate. yes he is short and Russell Wilson is short, but I am short as well and I don’t see me playing QB at the NFL level. He will flame out, and any team that drafts him high will set their team back years. He won’t be JaMarcus Russell and quit, but he will be Rudy, and with all of the desire he just won’t be able to translate it to on-field success.

  53. Go watch the last Superbowl and tell me how a shorter scrambling quarterback can win a championship.

    You can have a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady but if you don’t have a defense, you wont win a damn thing.

    This guy has every tool necessary to win a superbowl so long as you give him a credible defense.

    I could say this same thing for virtually 75% of current NFL qb’s.

  54. “Game of inches”. Last week Johnny guaranteed he’d measure up at 6 feet on the dot. MISSED BY THAT MUCH … Johnny needed to come an inch taller and to run at least a 4.5 flat forty to be considered.

    He failed to do both. I think his stock plummeted in the eyes of GMs. Johnny knows it too. Haven’t heard a peep out of him since the 6 feet promise.

  55. Jaworski is quite prone to hyperbole.

    The “Polish Rifle” also hedges his comments by saying he only watched 5 games. Making a BOLD headline-grabbing statement only to qualify it with something like that is weak. It’s vintage “Jaws.”

  56. I wouldn’t draft him if I owned/ran a team. You could hit the jackpot, but more than likely you are going to get a flash in the pan. Lots of hype but I don’t see him excelling at the next level. There have been plenty of Manziels over time, that amounted to squat in the pros. Tim Tebow comes to mind.

  57. Hey now, leave Jaws alone about CK, you do not know the future. I do and he ends up winning 10 Superbowls. All of them against the Vikings.

  58. vusnu says: Feb 26, 2014 7:50 AM

    Ron Jaworski: “Chip Kelly’s offense will never work in the NFL.”

    All gimmick-based offenses ultimately fail.

    Even the “no-huddle” offense that propelled the Bills to 4 superbowls (no wins) fizzled out.

    There was the Run and Shoot offense…that didn’t last too long.

    Remember how the Wildcat offense was going to take the league by storm?

    The NFL is a game of adjustments, and with how technology is these days, adjustments can happen pretty quickly. Everybody has seen that offense now. Now teams have tape and can prepare for it. Let’s see how good it is in the next couple of years before we call Chip Kelly’s recent work a success or not.

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